The Great Thief Chapter 555

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Chapter 555: The Treasure Chest On The Cliff
Like any other competition, there were some players who had done well. Veteran players like Deadly Gold Underpants and Unforgettable Maple had amazing performances and the new teams were flourishing.
Fat Monkey, Half a Smoke, Vegetarian Mosquito, Windy and the other talented club reserves were also showing promise.
In terms of professions, Hunters were becoming more and more valued.
Vast Silence and Vegetarian Mosquito were among those players, along with Hot Twitch and other veterans. These players come into the spotlight by making use of classic strategies.
However, that was ultimately their flaw as well. As expected, Peerless City were defeated by Ruling Sword.
The champions, Peerless City, lost at the hands of Ruling Sword.
If it wasn’t for the fact that the champions were decided by the number of points, Peerless City definitely wouldn’t have emerged victorious.
Ruling Sword had only lost those two points because of Lu Li’s absence, and had ended up in second place. They were followed by Gale Legion in third place, while Seventh Heaven had lost their position in the top three and was now in fourth place.
The 500,000 dollar prize and the ticket sales from the matches totalled several hundred thousand dollars of income.
This money would mainly be used to manage the guild with the leftovers being distributed among the players. Lu Li had missed out on a few games which reduced his portion, but he was also an important part of the games he had played in which increased this. In the end, his

portion was still about the same as everyone else’s.
It was a total of $700,000.
They had so easily made an amount that he couldn’t even have imagined in his past life.
Although they didn’t take the championship, everyone was quite satisfied. The Magic Cup was small and could only have around 100 guilds participating. Many of these guilds had been long-established, so for such a new guild to take such a position made them many times better than Peerless City.
There was only one person who wasn’t happy.
Fat Monkey!
In this competition, Fat Monkey was named the second-best newbie and best newbie Mage. From the perspective of a newcomer, this should have been a satisfactory result.
However, this was his problem – without Fat Monkey, could Ruling Sword have achieved the same result?
Lu Li’s response was simple. Without Fat Monkey, they probably wouldn’t have even entered the final four. This was affirmed through his portion of money.
As for whether Fat Monkey would actually listen to him, Lu Li didn’t have the energy to bother with that.
Lu Li didn’t join the post-competition interviews either. He realized that he didn’t really like doing that kind of thing, and also found all sorts of reasons to reject endorsement offers.
This was the benefit of being his own boss. If he was an ordinary player that rejected offers like this so boldly, he would have been fired long ago.
He planned to find a skill book that was an areof-effect attack. Dawn’s Thieves didn’t

didn’t usually have areof-effect attacks; they were professions with high damage and high mobility. Areof-effect attacks didn’t really fit the archetype.
As such, these kinds of skills were rare, but they did exist and Lu Li knew a few ways to obtain them.
He hadn’t thought about this before because the skill he had in mind was garbage. It had really low damage and a squishy Thief couldn’t fight a group of monsters anyway.
Now, Lu Li had decided to get this skill book so he could upgrade the Book of Ur.
The low damage didn’t matter as he planned to time his attacks for when the monsters were close to dying. If he was able to rush into a group of monsters that were low and take the last hit, he would receive the EXP and the opportunity to upgrade his equipment.
The first place he travelled to was Thousand Needles.
This place used to be a river, but it had dried up after topographical and weather changes, gradually forming a unique landscape.
Thousand Needles was mostly dominated by Taurens. They were split into two separate factions – the friendly Cliff Walkers and the combative Grimtotems. Regardless of how they were normally, they were unfriendly to Alliance players.
Lu Li couldn’t even be directly transported to the location; he had to go through Rattan City.
Lu Li’s direction was clear and he didn’t need to search around. His target was the Silver Treasure Chest that was above a steep unclimbable cliff. There was a great probability for

probability for this chest to drop a Thief and Druid areof-effect attack skill book.
If he was lucky, there was even the possibility of finding a Gold Paladin weapon.
That particular weapon didn’t have the best stats and probably couldn’t compare with any Dark Gold weapon, but it looked really cool. There were many tycoons who would be interested in flashing this weapon around; the record sale price for it was over one million.
When Lu Li entered the map, he was cautious.
In a place like this, danger was self-explanatory. He had to scale a cliff that was guarded by level 50 Grimtotem Shamans and Warriors that would attack regardless of whether he was an Alliance or Horde player.
In his previous life, those that wanted to open the chest needed to send quite a few players to help. Some players were needed to pull the Grimtotem away while the others would attempt the scale the cliff.
It was only until players had learned to fly or were able to defeat level 50 mobs that they would finally be able to open this chest alone.
Actually, flying didn’t completely mitigate the risks either. Thousand Needles were the Wyverns’ paradise and they had nests all along these high cliffs.
There was once a group of egg robbers that tried to steal eggs from these nests, but it was said that their fates were miserable.
The Centaurs regarded the Wywern as sacred creatures and burned the thieves who stole the eggs alive. Some of the thieves even took out some took out some meat to cook while they were in the fire. Fortunately, when they had lost all their HP, they would just return to the Revive Point. Otherwise, they would have been eaten by the Centaurs.
Lu Li hoped that he wouldn’t attract the attention of the Centaurs or the Wyvern. Ideally, he wouldn’t even alert the Grimtotem Shamans.
Conservative actions could make you rich; he was really only here to steal some items.
There were monsters here in the Thousand Needles, but they were sparse. Even when everyone was the right level, no one would come here to farm. This situation was convenient for Lu Li as he was able to walk right through this level 42-45 area to his destination.
After finding a hiding place, Lu Li squatted there and waited.
Wyverns whistled through the sky from time to time and the Grimtotem Warriors looked depressed. They occasionally threw their javelins into the sky in an attempt to attack the flying dragons.
However, those attacks were quite weak. Some of the dragons would fly off with a grunt while others would even reduce their altitude.
Lu Li quietly watched as the Grimtotem tribemembers attacked again. No one else knew, but that there were always a few Wyverns that died in Thousand Needles every day.
Most of the times, it was at the hands of a Centaur.
As a result, the Tauren and Centaurs had a long hatred for each other. How could the Centaurs allow them to mess with such holy beasts?

The Great Thief Chapter 555

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