The Hermit Volume 1 Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 Revival (Part II)

"Isn't it better to be a human-kind? Old Yun said.

"Chief, shall we seal up the breath of death in his body? It may help him to break through 3rd or even 4rd stage and made him become the most powerful warrior among the younger generation. "Old Lei looked at Cher's father this time.

"Father, why don't we seal it?" This time Cher listened to Old Lei's words and looked at his father.

"Let's seal it," Cher's father said. "If anything happens to him, we'll destroy him."

When Old Lei heard this, he nodded his head and went to the unconscious young man lying on the ground. He hit at his several acupuncture points continuously. The black airflow began to flow in the direction of Old Lei's fingers, and even the airflow, which had not yet dissipated, moved with his fingers and, like the hair, slowly crept back into this young man's body. Then all the black airflow in his skin was clearly and visibly gathering in his chest. Gradually, His face began to turn white from black, and then turned pale, without a hint of blood, which looked very terrible.

For half an hour, Old Lei had been slapping the acupuncture points of the unconscious youth. At this point, all the black airflow all condense in the young boy's chest. Then Old Lei hit the young man's chest again and again. The black airflow that gathered in the young man's chest began to shrink until it turned to the size of an egg. The airflow then slowed to a stop in his belly. Next, Old Lei clicked fingers a dozen of times on his lower belly, and each click was followed by a black dot appeared on his lower belly. At last, the black dots on his belly formed a circular pattern, and the pattern disappeared into his belly. Then the egg-sized black airflow disappeared as well.

When Old Lei finished, he cross-legged and rested for a few breaths, opened his eyes and wiped the sweat from his head, then looked at Cher's father. He said, "I put a fatal seal on his belly, the person who has not a higher stage than me can't untie it forcibly. In the future he could only depend on his own nature and opportunity if he wants to use these forces.

"I need to go back to retreat for a few days." After he said so, he stood up and went outside.

Naked and pale as death, the young man lay on the ground. When Cher saw something she shouldn't have seen, she blushed and went out.

"Old Yun, do you think he still have chance to live?" Cher's father was looking at the pale young man lying on the ground, who has no trace of vitality on his face. At this time, Cher's father looked at Old Yun with a hint of doubt.

"He used to rely on these breath of death to keep him alive, now the breath of death is all hidden in his body, so he showed a particularly weak side. Now I just try to heal him with Holy Light. It might take him a little longer to recover." Old Yun thought and said.

"Then I'll trouble you." "Cher's father said.

Cloud old did not speak, this time his palm revealed a white airstream. As he was about to flap at his body, the young man seemed to sense something, and suddenly opened his eyes. A dense red light went straight to the roof, and then his blood-red eyes grew fainter.

Seeing this strange scene, Old Yun suddenly retracted his white air stream, and with Cher's father, looked at the young man in surprise.

"Where am~, this ~."

The young man looked at the roof with confused eyes, then turned his head and saw Old Yun and Cher's father. He spoke in a very weak voice, and then he noticed something strange about his body. He wanted to sit up and look at his body, but he was shocked that he could not use any strength. He thought, "What the h.e.l.l is going on here? Didn't I die on the battlefield?"

"Don't be afraid. I am the Chief of the family Mee. I didn't mean to hurt you." Cher's father looked at the young man and said.

"Family Mee? When he heard her father's words, he repeated it to himself and said, "I thought I have already died in the war."

When Cher's father and Old Yun heard what he said, they both thought of the war between the evil-kind and the red nation to the west of the mountain a month ago. They wondered, "Was he from the red nation?"

"Father, may I come in? At this moment, a loud man's voice sounded outside.

"What's the matter?" Said the chief of the family Mee in the house this time.

"My younger third sister said there was a young man in your room who needed a dress, and he was about my size. She asked me to send me a dress that I usually wear." The young man outside looked a little like the chief of family Mee in the room, his eyes were fixed and bright, with his hair disheveled and he was dressed in a blue suit.

"Well then, come on in. "Said the chief.

When the young man opened the door and entered the room, he saw the naked young man lying on the ground. His eyes began to change.

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The Hermit Volume 1 Chapter 58

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