The Hermit Volume 1 Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 Mentality (Part I)

He walked into the room and saw the naked young man. Although this man was lying on the ground, his pale face showed that he was very weak at the moment, but he felt a chill from this young man, which made him feel uncomfortable.


The young man who was wearing a blue suit came in and he did not hold back his doubts. He began to look at the chief of family Mee, then calmly said, "I felt a chill in him, which made me a little uncomfortable. Was he a man of evil-kind?"

"You'd better let him dressed first."

The chief did not directly answer his question. This time, he looked at Cher's elder brother and said.


Cher's elder brother responded and picked up the young man who was laying on the ground. Then he helped the young man into his white brocade suit, and helped him into a chair.

"Thanks." The young man looked at Cher's brother and said gratefully.

"Don't thank me, but you should thank my third sister. Are you the evil-human that my third sister bought from the slave market?" Suddenly, Cher's brother understood, and he looked at the young man and asked him this question.

"The slave market? The evil-human?"

The young man's eyes were filled with doubt. He could not understand what he was saying, only to repeat two strange words.


At this time, the chief of family Mee looked at this young man who was wearing a blue suit. The young man named Zhen Mee stood by with understanding and did not go on.

"This is the city of Nuha. You may not have heard of it, but you will be familiar in the future. We can also say that it is the city of sin. In addition to the original inhabitants, the quality of life in this place is judged by family or individual strength. Our family's strength in Nuha is not bad. My name is Zhan Mee, and you may call me chief. Of course, you do not belong to our family, because you were bought from the slave market, so you are a slave of our family. As to how you entered the slave market, we do not want to ask, nor we don't want to know. What I'm telling you now is that as a slave, you have no right to speak in what we tell you, you have to obey unconditionally." The chief of family Mee, Zhan Mee, looked at this young man who was totally confused.

The more the young man listened to his explanation, the more confused he became. He thought, "What the h.e.l.l is going on here? What is the city of Nuha, the city of sin? Why did the slaves have no right to speak? Why should a slave do what he is subject to? He thought of this and suddenly said. "I am not called a slave. My name is Yuxiao, the Fourth brother of Xue."

Zhan Mee, the chief of the family Mee saw that he did not understand what he was saying, he continued, "No matter your name is Fourth Xue, Fifth Xue or whatever, since you were bought by us from the slave market, you are a commodity. I can call you piggy, doggy, kitty or any other name. You can't have any complaints, because you're a piece of our personal belongings. We can beat you, we can insult you, we can kill you, we can make you eat pig's food, dog's food and even s.h.i.+t and you can't even fight back. That's a slave, and you're a slave with no name, no dignity."

Fourth Xue finally understood what the chief said. But Zhen Mee, was confused while he was standing on the side. He didn't know why his father would say such a thing. In his mind, his father was always a dignified, calm and wise man. How could he say such a thing today?

"Why should I be a slave to your family?" At this time, Fourth Xue looked calmly at the middle-aged man in front of him, his eyes gleamed.

"I said that because you were bought from the slave market." The Zhan Mee this time released a trace of coercion force. He said, looking calmly at him.

"The slave market, why am I in the slave market, what does the slave market mean?" Fourth Xue asked. He was puzzled and could not understand at all.

"As I have said, I have no interest in knowing how you entered the slave market. The slave market is the place where slaves are traded. Now that you're in the slave market you're a slave, you don't have any names or any code names, you're a commodity. If you meet your master, he will buy you. If you don't meet your master, you'll rot in the slave market and be left alone." At this point, Zhan Mee saw that he was still unmoved, raised a little bit of coercion force, which had already reached the 3rd stage.

Even Zhen Mee, who was standing next to the chief, felt a bit of pressure. But he was already a warrior in the middle of the 3rd stage, and this primary coercion force had no real impact on him. However, this young man Fourth Xue is not the same. He does not look like a warrior who breaks through the 3rd stage at all, or even the 2nd stage. But he was unmoved by this coercion force.

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The Hermit Volume 1 Chapter 59

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