The Hermit Volume 1 Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Mentality (Part II)


At that moment, a man who looked a little delicate, but had already pa.s.sed 30 years of age, went straight into the room. He looked at the Zhan Mee respectfully and shouted. After then he said: "My Fourth Brother said that third younger sister brought back an evil-human, was he the man she was bringing?"

He saw the Fourth Xue sitting in a chair. At this moment, a cold airflow rose from him while he was staring at Fourth Xue like a snake.

At this time, Zhan Mee recovered the strength of the coercion force released before, he looked to his eldest son and said: "Why did you come here?"

The delicate middle-aged man recovered the cold airflow he had released, he said. "This morning, I heard the news in the city that Third Zhao had captured an evil-human and put him in the arena. I wanted to see what skills the evil-human had, but then I heard that he had been bought by the third sister and would not allow anyone in our family to control him. When I came back, I heard the fourth brother said that you asked the third sister to bring him back, and now I am curious to see what is special about this evil-human."

As he said this, his gloomy eyes looked again towards the Fourth Xue. Fourth Xue looked at him at this moment, only to feel that the middle-aged man's gaze was somewhat cold. He did not feel anything else.

Fourth Xue did not speak to this delicate middle-aged man. He thought to himself. "I was taken as a commodity and bought by the third lady of this family." Thinking of this, he looked at Zhan Mee and said. "I see, since I was bought by you, I am here to thank you for choosing me. But I don't want to be a slave in your family."

"What did you say?"

At this moment, the delicate middle-aged man exuded a gloomy and cold airflow again, and he interrupted the Fourth Xue. As he spoke, he launched an attack to the Fourth Xue by using cold airflow. Zhen Mee found that his big brother was so domineering even in front of the father. He was full of dissatisfaction. But he didn't dare to say anything.

Zhan Mee and Old Yun did not stop this delicate middle-aged man's action. At this time, a cold airflow hit the body of the Fourth Xue. Unexpectedly, Fourth Xue did not move at all. He still looked at Zhan Mee and said. "How much did you pay for me? I'll pay back the money. Now I have something else to ask you. I just wonder if you could answer my question?" He completely ignored the words and actions of this delicate middle-aged man.

Everyone was greatly surprised after they saw this bleak airflow hit the Fourth Xue, but he unexpectedly did not reflect at all. The delicate middle-aged man found that Fourth Xue did not take himself seriously at all. He was burning with anger. In his hand, he actually condenses a blue flying sword with airflow, and quietly attacks the Fourth Xue.


Fourth Xue moved slightly, found this flying sword would hit him. Then a golden light shattered the flying sword. Zhan Mee looked at the delicate middle-aged man angry but without infuriation. He said, "That's enough, you go out. Zhen, you also got to do something else."

"Yes," Zhen said, and walked out. This delicate middle-aged man looked at his father to be angry. "Hum!" He turned and walked out. His eyes were darkening.

Fourth Xue watched the scene as if it had nothing to do with him. He looked at Zhan Mee and waited for his answer.

Old Yun watched, and he felt very strange. He did not understand how this young man could be so calm, he also did not understand why this young man was not afraid, is he really a reincarnation of the evil-king? He could not have imagined that the Fourth Xue was a man of great family, the son of a chief. He could not have imagined that how much sarcasm and bullying he had experienced, and that this intrigue and threat had done little for him.

Zhan Mee felt the same way. He looked at Fourth Xue with some appreciation on his face and said. "I will answer you what I know."

"What about the war in dragon city? His first thought was the dragon city war. He asked and worried.

Zhan Mee thought for a moment and said, "The evil-kind has been defeated. Now there is a fight lord in the dragon city. There should be no more fighting this year."

"Oh. How far is the dragon city from here, Nuha City?" Continued the Fourth Xue.

"Far away." Zhan Mee answered briefly.

"How far? Asked the Fourth Xue.

"You have to climb over the vast mountains controlled by the evil-kind."

"Isn't this the land of the red nation?" At this time, Yuxiao was greatly shocked and thought, "Am I in another country now?"

"No, it isn't." Zhan Mee simply answered.

His thoughts were confirmed, and he could hardly be calm down, but there was no sign of panic in his eyes. He fell silent for a moment and then asked. "How much did you pay for me?"

"More than 600,000 gold coins." Zhan Mee Replied.

Hearing this, Yuxiao showed his surprise. He added with a wry smile. "I never thought I was worth so much."

Zhan Mee and Old Yun were shocked that more than 600,000 gold coins just surprised him a little and he recovered his peace of mind in such a short time. And they thought. "This guy's got a great mentality, isn't he a human-kind? That is more than 600,000 gold coins, do you think it is the copper coin? We don't depend so much on money, but over 600,000 gold coins would have brought in several warriors to serve our family, and over 600,000 gold coins would have been worth our family's expenses for a few years.

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The Hermit Volume 1 Chapter 60

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