The History of Woman Suffrage Volume IV Part 161

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BOARDS, difficulty of getting women on, 462; see each State chapter under _Office Holding_, beginning 465; in Great Britain, 368, 1023.

--Lady Managers World's Fair, indebted to Miss Anthony, 211; same, 232; Act of Congress creating, 233; 609.

CALIFORNIA, xv; Legis. refuses suff. amd't, xx; Miss Shaw's acc't. of visit of Miss Anthony and herself in '95, 253; work for suff. amend., 273; honor to Miss Anthony, 274; gift to Miss Anthony, 390.

See State Chapter.

CALLS, for nat'l. suff. conv. of '84, 15; for first Int'l. Council, 125; for conv. of '89, 143; for conv. of '91, 175; for conv. of '94, 221; for first Wom. Rights Conv., 288.

CAMPAIGNS, for wom. suff. amdts. See Amendment Campaigns.

CANADA, Dominion of, chapter on, 1034.

CATHOLICS, in politics, 149; att.i.tude of clergy, 366; wom. suff. in Summer Sch. at Detroit, 447; coeducation, 464; college for women, 575; on Boston Sch. Bd., 706.

CHIVALRY, specimens of, 16; absurdity of, 17; men and women need each other, 36, 44, 45, 49, 59; Miss Willard on, 141; Chivalry of Reform, Mrs. Howe on, 170; injustice of, 188; in Kas., 199; mistakes of, 209; in South, 241; fear of, 382; 968.

CHURCH, influence on wom. suff., xxiv; wom. suff. foundation of Christianity, 16; relation to it, 20; prayer vs. votes, 22; same, 37; 41; res. on creeds and dogmas, 58; discussion by Mrs. Stanton, Miss Anthony and others, 59 et seq.; influence of religion over woman, 60; its connect. with wom. suff., 75; woman's influence in church, 96; for equality of rights, Bishop Newman, 112; 121; value of wom. suff. to, 149; Mrs. Stanton's demand for its recog. of woman's equality, 165; upholds man's heads.h.i.+p, 176; opp. to equality of woman, 177; voice of G.o.d has soprano and ba.s.s, 200; M. E. refuses to ordain women, 206; women might vote at ch. elections, 212; Miss Shaw on mission of, 229; Miss Anthony's plea for relig. liberty, 264; sympathy with wom. suff., 270; woman's services to, 279; woman's position in 292; 359; 464; 497; 708; 711; 718; 962-3; 974; missionary work of women, 1057 et seq.

CLUBHOUSES, WOMEN'S, Wimodaughsis, 184, 188; in Grand Rapids, 322-3; in Calif., 508; in Indpls., 627; in Mich., 771; in Phila., 901; 1043.

CLUBS, WOMEN'S, _see_ last paragraph in various State chapters.

In Col., 302; 356; in Mich., welcome Nat'l suff. conv., 324; political, 150; in N. Y., 872; first women's clubs on record, 1042-3; Gen'l Federation of, 1050; Musical, Nat'l. Fed. of, 1056.

COLLEGES. _See_ Universities.

COLORADO, xxi; xxix; appear. of delegates, 222; Gov. Waite on wom. suff. in, 232; women in Legis., 239; 252; visit of Miss Anthony and Miss Shaw in '95, 253; effect of wom. suff., 268; same, 282; distinguished testimony for, 302-3, 383, 390; legis. res. in favor of, 327; Mrs. Welch at conv. of '99, 327; wom. suff. in, 356; gift and trib. to Miss Anthony on 80th birthday, 400.

_See_ State Chapter; also Statistics and Testimony.

COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, Lady Managers, _see_ Boards; invites Suff. a.s.s'n. to World's Fair, 184; a.s.s'n. arranges for booth, 185, discusses res. to open gates on Sunday, 185, to prohibit liquor selling, 186; effect of the Fair on women, 211; 221; Congress of Women all for suff., 232; report of Nat'l. Suff. a.s.s'n. Com., 232; 609.

COMMERCIAL SCHOOLS, Fed. of, adopts wom. suff. res. and pet.i.ts., 447.

COMMISSIONS, of women demanded for Philippines, 331-2, 343; U. S. Labor, Miss Laughlin on, 361; for Paris expos., Mrs. Palmer on, 367.

COMMITTEES, of American Suffrage a.s.sociation, on arrangements for convs., _see_ Chapter XXII; executive of, 409; on union with Nat'l. a.s.s'n., 164, 431.

--of National Suffrage a.s.sociation on Int'l Council, 124; on union with Am. a.s.s'n., 164; on Columbian Expos., 232. _See_ also 1098-9.

On Miss Anthony's 80th birthday celebration, 395.

--Congressional, on wom. suff., 31.

_See_ Reports.

CONGRESS, power to extend suff., 7 et seq.; work of Nat'l Suff. a.s.s'n. with, 11; committee reports, discussions and speeches, 12; House debate on Wom. Suff. Com. 31; wom. suff. sp. of Sen. Palmer, 62; first discussion of 16th amend. in Senate, 85; other debates on wom. suff. in Senate, 85; Blair's sp. in '87, 86 et seq.; should submit amend., 93; sp. of Brown, 93 et seq.; Dolph favors wom. suff., 100; discussion of women on juries, 104; Vest opposes wom. suff., 105; h.o.a.r in favor, 109; vote in Senate, 110; 112; authority to enfranchise women, 118; duty to submit suff. amend., 163; favorable sentiment, 181; way to manage a bill in, 218; needs watching, 365; work of Nat'l. a.s.s'n. for 16th amend., 367; appeals to for 16th amend. to enfranch. women, 445; for rights of women in new possessions, 446; amusing debate on admis. of Wy., 998 et seq.

_See_ Amendments and Debates.

CONGRESSES OF WOMEN, World's Fair, 232, 609; in San Fr., 253, 479, 481; Atlanta expos., 263; London in '99, 352-3; in Los Angeles, 495; in Ore., 892-3.

CONSt.i.tUTION, NATIONAL, more rigid than in other countries, xv, gives women right to vote, Chapter I; first appearance of "male," 2; attempt of women to vote under 14th amend., 3 et seq.; amend. for Federal Suff. for women, 7; authority over suff., 8 et seq.; provides for amending, 100; vote on wom. suff. amend., 110; rights of women under, 115; Mrs. Stanton on its violation in case of women, 138; fails to protect black men, 153; Mrs. Blake's argument for wom. suff. under its provisions, 374-5.

CONSt.i.tUTIONS, STATE, all framed by men; different peculiarities, xv et seq.; all barred women from suff., 2; Utah and Wy. included wom. suff. in first, 949, 1003.

_See_ State chapters under _Suffrage_.

CONSt.i.tUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. _See_ Conventions.

CONSt.i.tUTIONAL LAW. _See_ Law.

CONTRACTS. _See Laws_ in each State chapter.

CONVENTIONS, American Suff., from '84 to '88, 406-428; early convs. in Phila., 423.

--National Suffrage a.s.s'n., first one ever called, xiii; earliest ones, 14; res. for Int'l. Suff. Conv., 25; changed att.i.tude of press toward, 57; first suff. meeting held in Washt'n., 70; conv. for '88, 137; complimented by Washt'n. _Star_, 173; convs. before the war, 205; alternate ones taken out of Washt'n., Miss Anthony's protest, 218; the other side, 219; descript. of '94, 221; Miss Anthony's method of presiding, 238; descript. of '95, 236; of '97, 271.

See Chapters II-XXI.

CONVENTIONS, work for wom. suff. in political and other conventions, Chap. XXIII.

_See_ State chapters.

CONVENTIONS, Nat'l. Political, first appeal of women for suff., 435; appeals in 1900, 440 et seq.

--Republican, record of, 435-7, 440; for 1900, 443-4.

--Democratic, record of, 437, 440; for 1900, 444.

--Populist, record of, 437-8, 441; for 1900, 444.

--Prohibition, record of, 438; for 1900, 444.

--Other Parties, record of, xviii, 438-9; for 1900, 444.

_See_ also Democrats, Populists, Republicans, Parties and p. 556.

Women delegates to nat'l. convs., 319, 438-9; work of Miss Anthony and others, 439 et seq.; no hope for disfranch. cla.s.s, 444; sentiment among delegates, 444-5.

For work in State political convs., _see_ various State chapters.

CONVENTIONS, State Const.i.tutional, attempts to secure wom. suff. amdts., 432-3; 453; in Ala., 468; N. D., 544; S. D., 552; Del., 563; Ky., 669; La., 680; Ma.s.s., 720; Miss., 786; Mont., 797; N. H., 815; N. J., 830; N. M., 835; N. Y., 203, 847; Utah, 944; Vt., 958; Wash., 969; Wy., 995.

COUNCILS OF WOMEN, National and International, first Int'l., 124 et seq.; permanent Councils formed, 137, 143; Nat'l. in '91, 175; Miss Shaw's report of London Int'l., 352; Miss Anthony's report of same, suff. pervaded all, Amer. wom. showed effects of liberty, 353; Nat'l. Council, trib. to Miss Anthony on 80th birthday, 396; Int'l., same, 397; Nat'l. Council, founding and work, 1044-5; Int'l., same, 1044-5.

CREEDS. _See_ Church.

CRIMINALS, at ballot box, xxvi, 37.

CUBA, Nat'l. a.s.s'n. demands rights for its women, 325, 330; appeals to Congress for same, 446.

CURTESY. _See Laws_ in each State chapter.

DEBATES, in Congress, on Wom. Suff. Com., 31 et seq.; those of former years, 85; first and only debate on 16th Amend, to enfranchise women, 87 et seq.; on admission of Wy., 998 et seq.

--in National Suffrage Conventions, on dogmas and creeds, 59 et seq.; on taking wom. suff. into church, 75; on migratory convs., 218; on Woman's Bible, 263.

DECISIONS. _See_ Supreme Court.

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, applied to women, 102.

DELEGATES, 15; nat'l. conv. made delegate body, 77; foreign to Int'l. Council, 135; dels. to 40th anniv., 288; to conv. of 1900, 350; to Paris Expos., 367; to polit. convs., 319, 438-9; in Col., 521; in Kas., 646; in Mont., 801; _see_ also Utah Chap.; to nat'l. suff. convs. from '84 to 1900, 1101.

--Fraternal, to conv. of '96, 256; to Wom. Press a.s.s'n., 291; to Int'l. Council of '99, 342; to suff. conv. of '99, 323; to suff. conv. of 1900, 366.

DEMOCRACY, disbelief in, xxvi, 179, 277; wom. suff. asked in name of, 372; U. S. not a, 374.

DEMOCRATS, enfranch. workingmen, xvii; 143; in Calif., 488-9; in Col., 516; in S. Dak., 555; in Ida., 590-2; in Ills., 605-6; in Ind., 617; in Kas., 647, 650-3; in Ma.s.s., 724; in Mich., 755; in N. Y., 847-9, 872; in Utah, 953 et seq.; in Wash., 971; in Congress on Wy., 978.

The History of Woman Suffrage Volume IV Part 161

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