The Immortal Ruins Chapter 49 Charge On The Second Cliff

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The second platform around Liang Duan Mountain.

Lin Yuetao whipped his staff through the air, striking the lion's ma.s.sive head.

Hundreds of silver hair dropped off its mane to the ground, restored to their original brownish yellow.

The struck skin broke.


The skin restored itself almost instantly, with such energy that the staff bounced away.

Lin Yuetao took this chance to retreat and landed steadily on the first cliff after a backflip.

Bai Long, Chi Xiao and Yin Manshu were soon forced back by the silver monsters as well, and gathered near Lin Yuetao.

"This is a tough one," Lin Yuetao laughed excitedly. "Well, it sure is a good workout!"

Bai Long stared at the nine silver monsters on the slope above and growled, "I can't do anything to them, they're skin's too d.a.m.n hard!"

Chi Xiao licked the lips, an ill-humored look in his eye. "It's not going to be easy dealing with them."

"Our reinforcement will be here soon. We'll move once the rocket launchers are finished with them." Yin Manshu put away her silver thread and put on a pair of soft golden gloves. "We can conserve our energy and move to the other side of the cliff."

Masters of the four factions were climbing over the sides of the platform all over the place, but they were blocked by the droves of monsters and were making slow progress.

The nine monsters stopped at the edge of the second platform and did not give chase. They looked down and then roared wildly to the sky, as if gloating over the humans.

Hundreds of bronze-ringed monsters joined in the cacophony, rus.h.i.+ng to stand behind the nine powerful monsters.

"Let's not keep them waiting!" Lin Yuetao charged, his staff rotating around him like a propeller, flinging bronze-ringed monsters every which way.

The other three followed suit, and took the fight back up the slopes.

The foot of Liang Duan Mountain.

Jiang Shaoliu looked up.

There weren't so many masters on the cliffs above him, and they were all bounty hunters with no more than two bronze life rings, as all the masters from the four major factions had climbed to the first platform and were busy fighting the monsters there.

The beacon of ethereal light was gradually fading on the mountaintop. There wasn't much time left before the rare fruit would be fully ripe.

"I have enough time to collect the remaining rare fruits on the way. There're only seven left now." Jiang Shaoliu hooked his fingers and grabbed onto the cliff face.

For him, it wasn't any harder than sticking his fingers in soft sand.

Alternatingly driving his fingers into the sheer rock, he swiftly ascended the cliffs like an agile mountain goat.

"The forty third fruit now." There was a black, fragrant rare fruit inside a 2-meter deep crack on the cliff wall, growing out of the solid stone.

Jiang Shaoliu squeezed himself in there and plucked out the rare fruit. After a quick glance at it, he threw it into his mouth and moved on.

Standing on an opposite cliff, Ruo Feng stared at him in surprise. "Pah, I thought you were going to join the fight! How can you eat now?"

He found another rare fruit, as big as a child's head, like a glittering gla.s.s ball.

"Mmm, smells delicious!" Jiang Shaoliu savored the aroma for a moment before eliminating the fruit with a few quick bites.

His stomach felt much better now, but he could still eat more.

A flock of giant eagles swooped down from high in the clouds, with ear-splitting screeches.

With a grunt, Jiang Shaoliu tore out bits of rock from the cliff and threw them at the vicious birds.

Knock thud crack…

One by one, the great beasts spun out of control, spiraling down into the valley below.

Forty forth, forty fifth, forty sixth…

He felt almost stuffed by the time he got to the fiftieth heavenly fruit.

"Alright, last one." Jiang Shaoliu looked around.

There was a grey fruit growing about a hundred meters away to his left, almost invisible against the dull grey rocks around it.

"It takes more than eyes to track prey," Jiang Shaoliu chuckled and wiggled his nose.

There was a hot discussion in the livestream.

"Let's vote on how many rare fruits Jiang Shaoliu can find. Send your numbers to my Weibo, the URL is…"

"Self-serving a.s.s, people are busy fighting and he's eating his fill. Screw this chump."

"You'd do it to if you could! I'm his loyal fan and I think you are just jealous."

Jiang Shaoliu plucked the rare fruit and sniffed it.

It was a little fragrant, but not too much.

"Alright, that's fifty. If this isn't enough, I guess I'll have to eat the one at the top of the mountain." Jiang Shaoliu's eyes lit up as he swallowed the greyish fruit.

His stomach was full.

The bronze stomach ring began violently shaking and rotating.

His stomach juices were quickly drained away as the stomach ring's color began to s.h.i.+ft.

Bronze, silver, gold…

These three colors alternated rapidly, the broken iron bar in his mind struggling to free itself and the golden hoop gleaming with activity.

After several seconds, the stomach ring settled down again.

"My stomach…" Jiang Shaoliu poked his belly awkwardly. "It's empty again?"

He thought those rare fruits would last him at least an entire day, but they were digested away in a flash and vanished.

However, he wasn't particularly hungry, so he could probably not eat for a while.

"Time to move." Jiang Shaoliu headed for the first platform, some ways above him.

The battle there had become quite fierce, with hills of monster bodies piling up and cascading down the cliffs, alongside debris and large rocks.

The monsters were still putting up a fight.

"So loud!" As he approaching the edge of the platform, Jiang Shaoliu jumped up and landed steadily on top of the stone platform.

There were a dozen or so monsters roaring wildly in front of him, their backs to him as they rushed in the opposite direction.

Jiang Shaoliu carefully looked around. He wasn't in a hurry, being still unnoticed.

The livestream viewers were becoming impatient.

"What a sc.u.mbag, he's only just watching while everyone else is fighiting."

"Unbelievable. He's eating and enjoying the show instead of helping!"

"Stupid monsters, just look around, there's someone behind you, just kill him!!!!"

"He's doing the right thing. My mom always said not to engage in strenuous physical activity right after a heavy meal."

Ruo Feng was trying hard to climb high enough to keep Jiang Shaoliu in view. "There are too many monsters and things are getting out of control. I'll have to use my real skills to keep this show on the road."

Blood streamed in rivers down the cliffs as machineguns sprayed the mountainside with bullets, tearing bronzed beasts to shreds. Gore and limbs flew everywhere around the four great masters of Yungang.

Numerous monsters retreated from the first platform, leaving a wide gap open.

The masters of the different factions gathered together, with fifty or sixty rocket launcher operators formed up in the middle of the group, protected from all sides by those masters with cold weapons.

Lin Yuetao, Bai Long, Chi Xiao and Yin Manshu were standing in the front, looking up at the second platform.

All the bronzed monsters with three life rings cast covetous eyes on the tall cliffs separating the first and the second platforms, nostrils steaming as if preparing to charge at any moment.

One monster, retreating around the first platform, b.u.mped into something fleshy behind it.

It had thought it was the furthest one, and looked back in confusion.

It's eyes met Jiang Shaoliu's.

The human and the monster stared at each other for a drawn out moment.


Jiang Shaoliu's fist was suddenly in the beast's jaw, sending it flying backwards, leaving behind a trail of broken fangs.

A hundred heads turned towards him.


The light phenomena that covered the peaks of the mountain suddenly began contracting rapidly, until it only illuminated the tops of the cliffs.

Everyone on the first platform could smell the fragrance of the rare fruit now.

"Let's go, the fruit is almost ripe now!" Lin Yuetao roared above the din of battle and charged deep into the swarms of beasts. "Push forward!"

Chi Xiao, Bai Long and Yin Manshu exchanged a quick glance before charging after him.

Wherever they went, limbs flew and blood flowed in rivers.

The large formation of masters slowly followed through the gap they opened.

The gunmen in the middle expended the last of their ammunition, blasting away wildly at anything that moved, but the monsters merely kept their heads down and charged again and again into the densely packed humans.

The formation was almost shattered several times, but dozens of fierce silvered masters kept pus.h.i.+ng back the onslaught. The wounded monsters were trampled by their wild comrades as they charged madly at the humans.

Then, a flas.h.i.+ng human figure dove off a high bluff into sea of giant beasts and rushed through it towards the second platform, as fast as any of the four greatest masters.

The Immortal Ruins Chapter 49 Charge On The Second Cliff

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