The Immortal Ruins Chapter 57 The Coming Red Ball

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On the second platform of the eastern side of the mountain.

Liu Guang and Chen Anguo were engaged in a fierce battle, supporting each other unsteadily.

There were more than forty military masters around them, exhausted and stained with blood. The rest were sitting on the ground, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat, too exhausted to stand.

"Liu Guang, Lieutenant Chen," the skinny soldier came over, wiping the blood off his face, "how're you holding up?"

Liu Guang forced a smile and looked around.

The earth was covered in blood. Broken and mangled corpses lay everywhere, and those still alive were in no shape to resist, captured and pinned to the ground by military masters.

Gui Gui was being held down by a strong soldier, his eyes closed, his arms and legs sprawled limply around him. He'd been unconscious for a while now.

Tai, Tiger and Leopard suffered multiple bone fractures and lay weakly on the ground, trembling and grunting quietly.

The lady in purple and her team leaders were all dead, piled up together with the other bodies.

The strong-armed soldier patted someone on the shoulder and said in a weary voice, "Bag 'em and cremate 'em," before going toward the skinny soldier and Liu Guang.

"Sir." Chen Anguo slowly raised his hand to salute, then sat down with Liu Guang, too tired to stand. "I'm too weak," he shook his head, "I'll only slow you down. Just leave us here, we'll…"

Before he finished, someone nearby pointed at the sky and cried out, "Look! What's that?"

Jiang Shaoliu looked at the sky above the eastern peak of the mountain with surprise.

Yin Mashu slowly stood up from the ground and followed his gaze.

Lin Yuetao stopped fighting Bai Long and Chi Xiao. They all looked up at the sky.

Everyone on the streets of Yungang City watched the floating mountain hanging precariously above them with fear.

A red glow surrounded the floating rock as it descended towards the earth.

The ma.s.sive rock itself, the pavilions, the terraces and courtyards, as well as the stones and trees were all becoming red. Mult.i.tudinous giant figures moved to and fro on the surface of the floating mountain, their indistinct roars reaching Yungang as a dull, rolling thunder.

"What in the world is happening?!"

Panic broke out on the streets; pedestrians scrambled to take shelter in the buildings.

Cars roared past red traffic lights from all directions, creating a scene of utter chaos on the roads. Drivers crawled out of crashed vehicles and got out of the open as best they could.

"Daddy, is the mountain going to fall on us?" a little girl pointed at the sky, tightly grasping her father's arm. "Why are people running, do they live here?"

The young father forced himself to stop shaking and kissed the daughter's head in tears. "Don't worry honey, I will protect you even if the mountain drops on our heads!"

Then he picked her up and ran towards the nearby shopping mall.

One old, grey-haired grandpa in a wheelchair, pushed by his wife, shook his head wildly and said indistinctly, "Leave me, run home and save yourself…"

A brave young boy stood on the roof of his house and watched the sky through his telescope. The view suddenly became blindingly bright.

He stepped away from the telescope and rubbed his eyes before looking up again in amazement.

Billions of golden streaks of light were falling down from the sky, just like the golden rain before. But this time, the light rain only fell on the floating mountain, diminis.h.i.+ng its red glow.

The ma.s.sive forms on the mountain roared and howled madly, terrifying the people of the city with their otherworldly cacophony.

The spiritually weak fell to their knees and covered their heads with their arms in desperation. The entire city was in chaos.

After being washed by the golden rain, the mountain recovered its original color. The golden light flowed across the giant, floating rock and gathered below it like wide golden barrier, thin but very solid-looking.

The descending mountain seemed to be shaken to its core as it crashed into the golden barrier, causing huge shockwaves to spread across its surface like ripples in a pond.

The floating mountain hung still in the air, held up by the golden barrier. The roaming forms on it seemed even wilder in their agitated movements, but their voices couldn't be heard since they too were blocked by the barrier.

"So, is that barrier here to protect us?" Jiang Shaoliu observed it curiously. The strange sounds faded away, and things became calm again.

Standing beside Jiang Shaoliiu, Yin Manshu's silver light had disappeared and there was a thick layer of frost building up on her eyebrows.

"Hey, you…" Jiang Shaoliu turned back to speak, but his words got stuck in his mouth as his attention was once again pulled to the floating mountain.

The giant figures were gathering at the bottom of the mountain in the sky, as if discussing something. Soon, they began glittering with bright red light. They began cl.u.s.tering together, forming a huge orb of red light that promptly began repeatedly striking the golden barrier below like a flaming meteor.

Ruo Feng was speechless. He slowly pointed his smart watch up to the flame-red orb in the sky, zoomed in as far as it could.

The viewers.h.i.+p held its collective breath.

The red orb was quenched in the golden light like a red-hot piece of iron introduced to a barrelful of water. The red light faded gradually, but more and more red orbs crashed into the golden barrier, and some managed to break through.

A bright red orb was growing larger and larger on the livestream feed.

"It seems pretty slow, but it's actually faster than a jet." Ruo Feng's hands began shaking slightly. "It's, uh… It looks like it's coming right at me."

"He's streaming even at the cost of his life! Ruo Feng, are the best streamer in Yungang!"

"We really appreciate your hard work! We admire you so much, so try not to die, y'hear?"

"Keep steady, Ruo Feng! We will always be with you."

"Do you think that red thing is coming for the rare fruit on Liang Duan Mountain? What's gonna happen to Jiang Shaoliu and the others? Point the camera at them, please!"

Jiang Shaoliu's two life rings were rotating wildly and his true qi was gus.h.i.+ng through his body.

Yin Manshuu lost her fighting spirit. The light disappeared completely from her body and eyes, her face corpse-pale.

The ball of red was closing in fast, roaring through the air like a meteor. Two indistinct figures could be seen inside it.

The impact was imminent.

Jiang Shaoliu roared "Take cover!" and s.n.a.t.c.hed up Yin Manshu in his arms, leaping off the edge of the third platform to hide under the cliffs.

Lin Yuetao, Bai Long and Chi Xiao rushed out at the same time, following closely.


The red orb smashed into the peak of the mountain, shaking it to its core and blanketing the entire mountain with a hail of rubble and dust. A large pit formed in the ground.

Jiang Shaoliu had one hand jammed into the sheer rock and one tightly gripping Yin Manshu as the two lay flat on the steep, rocky slope. A ma.s.sive surge of wind emanating from the crash site almost blew them clean off the mountain.

Lin Yuetao and the others copied Jiang Shaoliu and each stuck a hand into the rocks to anchor themselves in place.

Ruo Feng's hair was blown back by the wind even on the western half of the mountain. He was fully metalized and protected his smart watch with great care.

Bits of rubble fell on him like rain, ripping holes in his combat suit and exposing his glowing skin. He closed his eyes and faced the rocks and wind head-on, still aiming his smart watch at the eastern peak of the mountain as best he could.

The Immortal Ruins Chapter 57 The Coming Red Ball

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