The Immortal Ruins Chapter 81 Purchasing The Combat Suit

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Jiang Shaoliu was showing great progress with the stick. He also made constant changes according to his height and figure, which was so imposing that the air was greatly impacted.

All his muscles trembled while sweat could be seen on his forehead.

"It's a good idea to show the great power of the stick with the breathing technique, but it's a bad idea to use this stick." After finis.h.i.+ng his practice, Jiang Shaoliu put down the iron bar, wiped the sweat away and began to ponder.

This stick was too heavy, and it would consume too much true qi when he did any martial arts with this stick.

He had been using the matching breathing technique for the Powerful Cudgel for the past 2 hours.

He practiced the styles combined with the true qi and the power of his muscles for the first half hour, his three life rings almost stopped running completely and there was only a small amount of true qi flowing inside his meridians and into his whole body, which was not very useful at all.

"Maybe the true qi could hold longer if I was using a lighter stick since there wouldn't be so much energy being consumed like this." Jiang Shaoliu pondered: "This is mainly because the matching breathing technique is not strong enough."

The true qi converted from his breathing would definitely be enough if he was using the Great Sage`s Formula. Unfortunately, the matching breathing technique he was using just could not harness enough true qi to work with such a powerful stick.

"It's hard to balance the power and the endurance." Jiang Shaoliu was a little worried.

The monkey king finally stopped snoring in the pool and there was a gurgling sound in the water.

The monkey king rubbed his eyes, climbed up, washed his face and came to Jiang Shaoliu. He was looking at him and giggling.

The lights were on in the villa, which was almost as bright as it was during the day. Jiang Shaoliu looked at the monkey king and smiled: "So, you woke up?"

The monkey king pointed at the stick, gestured and fanned beside his ear with his palms, saying: "Hear, wake up, sound."

Scratching his head, Jiang Shaoliu felt somewhat embarra.s.sed and said: "I've only practiced one stick style and that woke you up just now?"

The monkey king bent down, rolled his eyes and looked at the iron bar, he was now breathing heavily.

"This is the stick from Yin Manshu made from the special material, which is harder than alloy, it's really heavy." Jiang Shaoliu reached out and picked up the stick, pa.s.sed it to the monkey king and said: "I forgot to show it to you when we were focusing on the equipment for Xiao Bai during the day."

As the monkey king looked at the stick, he got a strange look, blinked and giggled: "The stick style, practice."

"All right." Jiang Shaoliu held the iron bar with both hands, which now showed different momentum while his eyes became suddenly sharp.

As he swept, it caused a strong wind, then he twisted his arm and turned while the stick twisted with his body.


The air exploded in front of the stick.

But Jiang Shaoliu kept up his strength with the stick as he changed steps, it seemed as if the stick was vital since it was sometimes striking and sometimes felt as if it was pressing, now it became heavier and heavier when he struck.

After several minutes, some sweat started to show on his body, and his chest was rising slowly while his muscles were stretched tight.

"Just breathe…" The monkey king seemed puzzled, he lifted his arm and waved: "No, not like that."

Jiang Shaoliu stopped, looked at the monkey king and said hopelessly: "I know I shouldn't be foolish and only use my muscles for power, but this might be the only matching breathing technique, I have no idea what to do now."

The monkey king reached out one finger, poked his head and said: "Great Sage`s Formula, use this, it's powerful."

Frowning, Jiang Shaoliu waved his hands and said: "No, my king, I've searched the net, it says that there must be matching breathing techniques for different kung fu styles, or else, you will be easily possessed. The Great Sage`s Formula is powerful but it can only be matched with the Ape Fist and the Demon Fist."

The monkey king shook his head fiercely, gave him a thumbs up and felt proud: "The Great Sage`s Formula is good, try."

"Really?" Jiang Shaoliu doubted, but he didn't dare try.

There were some examples from the net, saying that there could be some bad results where warriors were possessed by demons after some masters mismatched kung fu styles with the wrong breathing techniques, some of them had disordered true qi, causing broken meridians or even broken life rings.

"It's all right." The monkey king gave the thumbs up with both of his thumbs in front of Jiang Shaoliu: "Stick style is good, just try every way."

This helped convince him since the monkey king wouldn't hurt him. It must be the truth if he said so.

"Let me try." Jiang Shaoliu felt determined, he breathed slowly and began to use the Great Sage`s Formula.

A huge wave of hot air was exhaled from his mouth and his nostrils while the true qi became active, until such a moment when it was running through the meridians of his whole body, it was much stronger than the matching breathing technique that came with the powerful stick.

"Let's try a simple one first." Jiang Shaoliu muttered to himself, he didn't use his full strength and only struck out once.


The air burst in front of the stick, causing so much of an explosion around the stick that it shook in the air. The stick was a little hot and it was easier to use it now.

"It's as good as you said." Jiang Shaoliu said happily.

There was no lag at all as the true qi ran inside his meridians as he struck out, it was such a perfect match. With his muscles he could feel the power of the stick fully.

"Is it really like the monkey king said, that not only the stick style but also the knife, sword, and gun styles can match the Great Sage`s Formula as well?" As Jiang Shaoliu thought about this, he didn't slow down his practice, and he became smoother.

Now this time, it didn't feel so hard, and he was not sweaty at all, besides, he could feel that all his viscera, bones and muscles, as well as his blood and skin, were strengthened when they absorbed the nutrition from the true qi as he ran the Great Sage`s Formula.

"This iron bar is so great and has so many functions." As he thought about this, Jiang Shaoliu felt joyful.

That monkey king sat on the ground, giggled, pointed at Jiang Shaoliu and said to his ear: "Foolish, weight and practice."

"So…" Seeing the iron bar in his hand, Jiang Shaoliu realized it.

It was not the magic power of the iron bar, but that it was so heavy, which gave it a better effect since it was just like weight bearing practice.

Jiang Shaoliu grinned, he put the iron bar back on the shock-reducing rubber and jumped over to the monkey king: "Let me practice later, we'll go and fight with the Yungang League soon, I need to change into a new combat suit now."

As he said this, Jiang Shaoliu raised his arm and clicked on the exchange list from Gangxing Group.

In the list of individual equipment, the sniper gun and single rocket launcher ranked the highest and below that were some disposable consumables, the lowest items were the combat suits.

"Let me pick the most expensive one." He went to the bottom of the list, clicked and chose the most popular one.

It was a camouflage suit including a helmet, war boots, a tactical belt, a tactical vest, an ultrhigh strength alloy Sabre, and three special effect hemostatic capsules as well as a pair of tactical gloves and a windbreaker.

"The combat suit is made of alloy fiber with three layers of reinforcement, it is solid and durable with strong defensive abilities. It can be purchased separately. The helmet and boots are built with high-strength shock-absorbing rubber, which is extremely breathable and does not affect the ultimate speed of the three-ring masters. They can be purchased separately…."

As he saw these, he liked them so much.

The groove on the alloy belt could be adjusted and it could bear 20 tons according to the manual. Though the stick from Yin Manshu was heavy, it was less than 20 tons, and it would be ok to wear it on the belt.

"The alloy saber and windbreaker are also good. I can use them in dangerous areas." Jiang Shaoliu finished reading the manual. Then he stared at the price and exhaled a breath of air.

The discount price: 80,000 contribution points.

"That's so cheap, I never expected that." Jiang Shaoliu said to himself with joy.

Earlier, it cost him 800,000 points for the powerful stick art after the discount, he had thought that the combat suit might cost more, but it was 10 times cheaper than he had expected.

"I will buy it right now, and get a couple more so that I can give them to Liu Guang and Mr. Chen." He selected the quant.i.ty and clicked the purchase b.u.t.ton.

System information: Your products will be delivered within 2 working days, please confirm your address and contact information, keep your line open and our staff will contact you in time.

"Address: Block 11 of Qingyun Shuyuan, city center of Yungang, receiver: Jiang Shaoliiu, smart.w.a.tch number…" after filling out the information, he clicked the b.u.t.ton to confirm and giggled: "I never expected that Yin Manshu would sell such a good combat suit at such a low price, I guess she's not such a stingy person."

The monkey king glanced at Jiang Shaoliu, reached out his hands and pinched, put them down and yawned, then jumped into the pool and fell asleep again.

Jiang Shaoliu turned back, looked toward the gym and saw that Jiang Xiaoyun was still practicing. There was a lot of white fog rising around the gym, which showed no sign of her waking up.

"I will go to the Yungang League as soon as I get the combat suit." Jiang Shaoliu picked up the iron bar and tried it in one hand: "You're so heavy and rough on the surface, black and not s.h.i.+ny, I guess I'll just call you black stick."

After naming the stick he felt so happy. Then, he ran the Great Sage`s Formula to practice the Powerful Cudgel again.

In the northern area of Yungang city, Yin Manshu was wearing pajamas and sitting on the carpet with crossed legs. She looked at her smart.w.a.tch and began to frown.

"It's ok for Jiang Shaoliu to buy the stick style, but why did he buy so many combat suits? Does he really think he has enough contribution points?" Yin Manshu muttered to herself and shook her head: "Those combat suits are not that good, but since he wants to get them…"

After thinking for a while, she sent a compulsory message: "Come to my office tomorrow morning, I have a task for you, Zhang Shunli."

She cut the line, entered the Gangxing Equipment storehouse, checked for a while and stared.

Two special combat suits were displayed on both sides on the smart.w.a.tch screen, they were high quality and they were covered by a halo.

The Immortal Ruins Chapter 81 Purchasing The Combat Suit

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