The Inverted Dragon’s Scale The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: Up to something bad!

Chu Xun swept a glance at Lin Canghai, without saying a word.

"What? You want to deny it again? Li Muyang was not afraid to die, you are afraid to carry out the bet, kowtow and apologise?"

"The matter between him and I, what does it have to do with you? What are you in for?" In any case, Chu Xun was a member of the Royal family of West Wind. His father was an idle prince, but he was still a prince that is below one person and above millions. The little prince that would inherit his father's t.i.tle in the future was about to kowtow and apologise to a savage of the gra.s.slands, if this spreads out, it would definitely damage his reputation.

Moreover, he would lose face. He was now being watched by countless Starry Sky students. If he was to kowtow to Tie Muxin now, then when he returned to Starry Sky Academy, he would most likely become the joke among Starry Sky students. His cousins at the academy also wouldn't spare him.

"Complaint comes when there is injustice." Lin Canghai sneered. "Who was it that keeps telling him to honour the bet?"

Lin Canghai deliberately raised his voice, shouting loudly, "Li Muyang honoured the bet, jumped into the Weak water for us Starry Sky students to find a way to enter the illusions——but someone went against his words. Everyone, don't you think this kind of person should be despised by everyone?"

"Yes. The one to enter the water has enter the water, the one to kowtow should kowtow——"

"Chu Xun, don't make me ridicule you——"

"A man's words are worth thousands of gold, do you want to be a despicable person?"——

The fortune's wheel is ever turning, now the onlookers were beginning to condemn Chu Xun for violating an agreement.

Tie Muxin's eyes were still firmly fixed on the river, waiting for Li Muyang to float up to the surface.

But up until now Li Muyang had not emerged, and there was not even a bubble on the surface.

Tie Muxin was extremely worried, and hearing Chu Xun refusing to carry out the bet, the vicious tendencies in his heart were ignited. Anger was rising rapidly to its peak.

Tie Muxin thought that Li Muyang jumped into the water, mainly because he did not want him to lose to Chu Xun, or kowtow to Chu Xun——Tie Muxin placed all the blame onto himself.

Li Muyang valued friends.h.i.+p, so he also must value loyalty.

The men from the gra.s.slands are so upright!

His eyes were blood-red, his face was full of killing intent, staring coldly at Chu Xun, hissing: "If you don't honour the bet, I Tie Muxin will fight you to the last drop of my blood, fight you to the bitter end until I die——"

Tie Muxin's hands were clenched into fists, a pale yellow mist wrapping around his body.

The red soil underfoot was bulging and sinking, twisting and changing shape into various bizarre appearances.

They could tell that, as long as Chu Xun dare say the word 'no', Tie Muxin would punch out and risk his life to fight him.

If the two of them were to fight at this place at this time, the result would be that both sides would suffer.

Tie Muxin was embracing's Li Muyang determination to face death, but Chu Xun did not want to end his precious life in this barren land.

"Who said that I would not honour the bet?" Chu Xun snarled.

"A man of n.o.ble character honours a bet." Chu Xun began to pave the steps for his next act. "愿


Chu Xun dropped to his knees, heavily knocking his head against the ground in the direction of Tie Muxin three times.

"And apologise." Tie Muxin uttered. "

Chu Xun gave a fist and palm salute at Tie Muxin. "I apologise for my words and conduct."

Only then did Tie Muxin feel a little better, his fists loosening, the yellow mist that was wrapping around his body also dissipated instantly, and the red soil was also restored to normal.

When Lin Canghai saw that Chu Xun was earnestly kowtow and apologising to Tie Muxin, he could not help bursting out laughing, "Chu Xun, dare to gamble again? If I get into the Weak water, you'll give Tie Muxin three more kowtows?"

"I can bet with you too." Qiandu echoed.

The Chu Xun's complexion was gloomy like water.

For a proud and arrogant fellow like him, to publicly kowtow and acknowledge his mistake were already a challenge. And now these guys were trying to get his feet on the dirt?

"I only bet on Li Muyang." Chu Xun said, clenching his teeth. "What does your life have do with me anyway? I don't care one bit."

"What a pity." Lin Canghai sighed. He turned, glancing around and asking, "Anyone want to bet?"

No one uttered a word, everyone remained silent.

Lin Canghai was already dissatisfied with the people that did not have the guts to go into the water and were constantly encouraging others to explore and find a way for them, so he said that to deliberately humiliate them all. Although his appearance was delicate and pretty, like a beautiful girl, but beneath the surface he was extremely strong.

"Ah, quickly look——" Someone exclaimed.

Everyone's attention was drawn towards the direction of the speaker's finger was pointing to, and found that a head was popping out of the river.

"Oh, someone's floating up, someone's floating up from the Weak water——""

"It's Li Muyang, it's that Li Muyang who just jumped into the water——"

"Isn't it said that even goose feather does not float? It seems that the Weak water is not as powerful as rumour says——"

Li Muyang's head popped out of the water. "Cla.s.smates, I'm here——"

These were useless words, since everyone could see him already.

Li Muyang swam back and forth across the Weak water, swimming backstroke, then b.u.t.terfly stroke, and occasionally diving deep down and appearing hundred feet away, like a dolphin.

"Tie Muxin, has Chu Xun apologised and kowtow to you?" Li Muyang shouted.

"Kowtowed. Apologised." Tie Muxin's eyes were red, tears almost streaming down his face. He thought that Li Muyang had died, but now that he saw that he was completely fine and was coming in and out of the water, he felt too happy.

Chu Xun's eyes like knives, slas.h.i.+ng across the Weak water where Li Muyang was.

He knew that Li Muyang had tricked him.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d knew that from the start that he would not be in any danger, so he encouraged Tie Muxin to bet——How could he not have died? Why is he still alive?

"d.a.m.n it." Chu Xun squeezed hard at his sword hilt, his veins bulging and his face was ghostly pale.

"Brothers, come down." Li Muyang said, waving. "There is no difference between the Weak water and other rivers, except that the water is a bit chilly and there feels like something is following me trying to bite me."

No one jumped into the water.

They were not idiots; just now Wu Chou was instantly drowned in the Weak water.

Li Muyang must have a special method of crossing the water, so he avoided being swallowed by the Weak water.

They don't want to joke about with their own lives.

"This jerk is up to something bad." Everyone thought in their heart.

Lin Canghai with a furious look on his face said: "Since people do not believe you, I will believe you——"

Lin Canghai leaped up, heading straight into the Weak water, and then there was no trace of him.

Qiandu also did the same; her body soared into the air, lightly descended into the water like a feather, and instantaneously disappeared under everyone's gaze.

"Three idiots." Everyone scolded in their minds.

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 275

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