The Inverted Dragon’s Scale The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 383-384

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Chapter 383: Presumptuous request!

Military power is important or is imperial power more important, this was the topic of debate at tonight's Still water dew gathering.

Li Muyang had just arrived home, but Lu Qingming already knew of the debate topic. Even if they said that there was no member of the Lu family invited to the Still water dew gathering, Li Muyang still found it impossible to believe.

Of course, presumably Song Tao or the Second Prince Chu Jiang, who directly threw out this debate topic, did not plan to conceal it.  

Moreover, Li Muyang felt that there must be a deep significance for Chu Jiang to publicly throw out such a controversial topic? Did he want to warn the opponent or to see how the wind blows?  

It was also possible for it to be both.

Now Lu Qingming was not asleep in the middle of the night, but told a person to come over to invite him over to answer this question. What was the meaning of all this? Could his opinion and choice affect the political direction of the Kingdom?  

Li Muyang walked over to Lu Qingming and bowed respectfully with hands held in front. "Military and imperial power, are both for the citizens. Soldiers are stationed in the frontier to defend the country and protect the citizens. The imperial power was situated in the center to enlighten all people, so that the people have food and clothing, happiness and good health. Without the military, there would be invasion of foreign races, we would lose our borders, and our territory slowly taken away. The people would be in misery. Without imperial power, there would be confused fighting between the warlords, bandits riot, and endless fights. The people would be in poverty."

Li Muyang asked in reply: "Military and imperial power complement one another, they are one. What is more important? What is less important?"

Lu Qingming nodded thoughtfully, "Yes. Muyang is an understanding person."

"Other people don't understand?"

"Others certainly understand." Lu Qingming said with a smile, invited Li Muyang inside the pavilion, and presented him with a cup of wine. "Have a cup of wine to warm the body."

"Thank you Uncle Lu." Li Muyang received the cup and drank the wine in one gulp.  

Lu Qingming refilled Li Muyang's cup, smiled and said, "those that can climb to that position, which one is not an extremely bright person? After years of being in the official circle, what would they not understand? They just don't want to understand. Whether it is military or imperial power, or any other power, the most important thing is to see who is wielding this power and in whose hands is the power in——In your hands, it is naturally not important. In the hands of those on your side, it is naturally important."

Li Muyang knitted his brows. "Uncle Lu, what is the second Prince intention of throwing out such a question?"

"Firstly, to find out the how the wind blows. Still water dew is an a.s.sembly of the younger generation of the aristocratic family of Tiandu. To a certain extent, they can replace his clan. The Second Prince asked this question to see the way the wind is blowing, to see everyone's manner towards the West Wind Chu clan."

"Secondly, to test the water. Still water dew is an informal gathering of n.o.bles, but the happenings of the gathering will soon be pa.s.sed out through the mouths of the youngsters. At this hour, presumably the families that have received the news are already beginning to discuss this matter."

"Thirdly, a warning. The Second Prince Chu Jiang has spoken clearly. Is imperial power more important or is military more important? This was obviously an attack on the Lu family for holding tightly onto the military power and won't let go. It is like a huge sword raise high up and lunge down at the top of the Lu family's head. If the Lu family is smart enough, it is time to lay down the weapons and surrender, and hand over all the military power in hand."

Lu Qingming gulped down the cup of wine in one before he continued in a heavy voice. "This afternoon the Emperor summoned the Office of Military and Political Affairs and a number of old ministers to Yangxin Palace Hall. It is said the old man of the Song family who rarely steps into the city also attended the meeting. All servants in the hall were asked to leave and only Senior Chamberlain Li Fu was allowed to stay—After the meeting Second Prince Chu Jiang rushed to the Still water dew gathering and threw out such that question."

Li Muyang couldn't help but begin to worry about the Lu family. So many people wanted to get rid of the Lu family, including the Emperor of this huge Kingdom. Could the Lu family withstand such an onslaught?

"If the Lu family cannot withstand this, should I take my parents and sister to escape first——is this too ungrateful?"

Li Muyang never thought that he would be involved in this sort of political struggle, and even more did not think that this kind of matter would endanger the lives of his parents and families.

Li Muyang felt very distressed. He was just an ordinary Starry Sky student, why was his life so difficult?

"Uncle Lu, are they going to act soon?"

"Maybe." Lu Qingming's expression was hesitant when he nodded.

"The Lu family——can withstand?" Li Muyang asked softly. "They have the rights, if they acted, would the Lu family be more pa.s.sive?"

"It is always a battle with no victory." Lu Qingming did not try to conceal anything from Li Muyang, saying frankly. "It is just a case of losing more or less."

"How much is a big loss?"

"All eliminated in one sweep, uprooted."  

"How much is a little loss?"

"All eliminated in one sweep, the torso severed."  

"There’s no other way?" "

"There is." Lu Qingming said. "As they wish, hand back all military power, Father go to Yangxin palace hall to apologise, and the Lu family retreat back to the Wind city."

Li Muyang knew that the Lu family started at the Wind city. After a generation of efforts, fighting on the battlefield, and blood-soaked struggles, they eventually grew to one of the most influential and most powerful family in the entire kingdom.  

The Lu Clan's ancestral home was still in the Wind City, and the Tiandu's Lu family often send people back to visit. If the Lu Clan returned to the Wind city, thousands of years of efforts would come to nothing, and the sacrifice of countless ancestors would be meaningless.

This was indeed a difficult choice. Even the head of the Lu family Lu Xingkong, he most likely would not so easily let go of the power in his hands.  

Besides, if they surrender their military power, they would lose the ability to defend themselves. At that time they would be like meat on somebody's chopping board, being trampled on. 。

Li Muyang had discussed this topic with Old grandfather Lu Xingkong before, so this time he no longer did the foolish thing of trying to persuade them to let go of their power. If the Lu family surrendered their power, then would he need to protect the great Lu family and the people under their command?

If you win you are the king, if you lose you are nothing. This was a tragic proverb.

"The Lu family will have a way to fight back right?"

"Of course." Lu Qingming said, nodding. "Even if you know something is impossible, you still need to try. You have to let people know the value of your existence, then they will really value you, care about you, and fear of you."

Li Muyang nodded, everyone understand this principle. But now everybody was eyeing on the Lu family this piece of fatty meat, what kind of thing should the Lu family do to make those people really fear of them?  


These words suddenly surface onto Li Muyang's mind.

He became a little nervous, could the Lu family be thinking of keeping the military and defying orders from the Emperor and overthrow the West wind Chu clan?

If the Lu family were successful, who will be the emperor at that time?

If the Lu family failed, then——he needed to think of a plan to take his family to escape.

He looked up at the Lu Qingming's face, wanting to find some clues from Lu Qingming's eyes. But Lu Qingming kept a peaceful look on his face, without revealing any flaws.  

When Lu Qingyu finished his cup of wine in one gulp again, Li Muyang could not help but urge, "Uncle Lu, drink less."

After the journey back to Tiandu together, Li Muyang became very fond of this elder who protected his soldiers and took care of him. Li Muyang had always felt that his expression was very strange when he looked at him, but he thought it might be because he saved his life.

Moreover, Li Muyang knew that Lu Qiji was his daughter. He might be observing him and then telling him to marry his daughter——This was not impossible.

Lu Qingming looked absorbedly at Li Muyang, and it was only after a long while that he let out a sigh, "Don't worry. Frontier soldiers drink when they're happy because there is no entertainment in the area except for drinking and fighting. Besides, the weather is cold, if we do not drink some wine to warm the body, ordinary soldiers can not withstand the chill of winter night. I often accompany them to drink a few cups, so I have acquired a good wine tolerance."

"Was it tough at the frontier?"

"Miserable." Lu Qingming grinned. Such a serious matter was said in such a relaxed tone but Li Muyang did not feel relaxed at all, instead was more able to appreciate his emotions at that moment.  

As the Master of the Lu clan, the Lu family's only successor to power, if he were selfish he could have lived more comfortably or even choose the path of a civilian government official and stay in Tiandu like the younger generation of some n.o.ble families. Presumably, the Grandfather of the Lu family also could not say anything.

But he chose his father, his grandfather, and the path of countless ancestors of the Lu family.

He learned martial arts and enlisted into the army, and was often stationed in the West wind border and had to face those fierce and mighty soldiers of the enemy country.

He had to endure the coldest winds, drink the strongest wine, and kill the fiercest enemy——

Li Muyang sincerely looked to Lu Qingming, saying loudly: "Uncle Lu, what is there that I can help you to do? You know, I can do something——"

"It is Father's birthday the day after tomorrow."

"Huh?" Li Muyang was puzzled. What is the connection between these two matters? Or does he want him to kill somebody at the Grandfather of the Lu family's birthday party?

"I have a favor, can——" Lu Qingming hesitated embarra.s.sedly.  

"Uncle Lu, the Lu and Li are like families, the Lu family has taken care of my family. If there is something then just let me know. I, Li Muyang will not cower back." Li Muyang stated in a loud and clear voice. He thought it was a difficult and dangerous request, so Liu Qingming was hesitant to ask.

Lu Qingming looked at Li Muyang's eyes and said, "Can——would you please give my father a birthday present?"

"Huh?" Li Muyang's eyes widened. What kind of request is that?

"Please." Lu Qingming said loudly and looked extremely serious.

Li Muyang was completely dumbfounded.  

The rich and overbearing Lu family——was asking for a gift from a poor ordinary student?

Chapter 384: Unsightly!

Li Muyang went blank for a long while, before he nodded heavily to Lu Qingming, saying: "Uncle Lu, it's grandfather’s birthday. As a junior I should express my respect. There is no need to ask. You're too polite. Otherwise, it would seem I don't understand the rules of etiquette."

He was thinking to himself: in this great world the number of people that want to give a present to the Grandfather of the Lu family Lu Xingkong are as many as the stars. However, most people are not allowed to even enter the Lu family's door.  

He was currently living in the Lu residence, and adding to this Uncle Lu had directly asked him, so he must give him a presentable gift.

But, what sort of present would be presentable to someone like Lu Xingkong?

Fortunately, he knew that the black dragon had a secret cave not far from Tiandu. Perhaps he could find a piece of treasure suitable for him.

Li Muyang was calculating in his mind, but he had plenty of confidence. A man without money is no man at all. For Li Muyang the invisible wealthy man, money was nothing.

Lu Qingming gave a wry smile. "Muyang, Uncle Lu is not trying to profit from you, nor am I after your belongings, it's just that——"  

Some words were hard to say, and some things were still a secret. Lu Qingming's heart was throbbing with pain, he pointed to the courtyard full of snow. "Even if you just write a word, paint a picture, snap off a plum blossom and send it over——I think my father will be very happy."

Li Muyang smiled. "Uncle Lu, you don’t have to explain. You and I have traveled together, met at bamboo sea, and traveled thousands of miles to come to Tiandu. How would I not know what kind of person you are, you should also know what sort of person I am——You see me as a nephew, and Grandfather Lu also treats me as a grandchild. The Li family is indebted to the Lu family, the two families are like one. My birthday congratulations to Grandpa Lu is from the bottom of my heart, I really should not explain too much, otherwise, it will seem inelegant and insincere."

Lu Qingming also felt some difficulty to continue on this topic, and every time he mentioned this matter, he felt a stinging pain in his heart.

So, he nodded and said, "Good. Good. No more talking, no more talking. As you have said, it is inelegant to talk about those things. Come on, let’s have a drink."

"I propose a toast to Uncle Lu." Li Muyang raised his cup, smiling, "No matter what, I will advance and retreat with the Lu family."

Whether it was because of morality or personal feelings, Li Muyang was willing to help the Lu family, if the Lu family really could not withstand or were in danger.

But his parents and family had to be sent away early.

They were ordinary people and could do nothing to help the battle. Their presence in Tiandu would only distract Li Muyang.

However, send them to where?  

Lu Qingming did not raise his cup to toast with Li Muyang, instead looked at Li Muyang with a serious look on his face. "There is another matter I want to talk to you about."

"Uncle Lu please say it."

"When my father’s birthday is over, you must leave immediately." Lu Qingming said solemnly. "You should return to Starry Sky Academy to continue your study, as you said, the rapid ascension of strength is the most important thing. Only when one's strength is strong enough can one truly protect your family from harm. As for your parents and s.h.i.+nian will be sent to Wind City. The Wind City Lord is Lu family's direct descendant Lu Wuyong. And hundred miles from Wind city is the Jade gate, and the General stationed at Jade gate is General Zhang Fengshan who is also a General that the Lu family had promoted to a high military officer, he can be trusted——If anything happens to Wind city, Zhang Fengshan can immediately send troops to the rescue."

"Uncle Lu, how can I escape by myself when the Lu family is in danger?" "

"As long as you're fine." Lu Qingming smiled. "The Lu family owes you too much, this time we really can not drag you into the mire."

"No." Li Muyang refused. "I agree to send my parents and my sister to Wind city, but I will never leave. As long as the Lu family is still in danger, and Uncle Lu and Aunt Yu are not safe, I will not escape by myself."


"I have decided, Uncle Lu no need to persuade me anymore. One must conduct oneself and the one they act with a clear conscience. If I leave now my conscience will feel uneasy. Even when I return to Starry Sky Academy, I most likely would not have the mind to cultivate. If anything happens to the Lu family, then I would regret it for a lifetime——"


"Uncle Lu, listen to me this time." Li Muyang said stubbornly. "Because of my selfishness, I really want to send my parents and sister to safety first. However, because of conscience, I also really hope to be in the same boat with the Lu family and cross the danger together."

Lu Qingming looked at the nearby Li Muyang, looking at his son, and did not say a word for a long while.

After accompanying Lu Qingming to drink two cups of wine, and talked for a while, Li Muyang bid good bye and left.

She waited until Li Muyang went far. Draped in a snow fox fur coat, Gongsun Yu appeared behind Lu Qingming.

She and her husband stood alongside each other, looking at the clear footprints in the yard that lined the back of the garden, as though a Li Muyang would jump out from every foot print.  

"Husband is fulfilling his filial piety, as your wife I understand. But don't you worry that your father will be disturbed by the gift of Muyang?" Gongsun Yu said grudgingly. "If it weren't for him, my child Muyang——how would my child Muyang suffer so much pain? How would he be blamed for so many crimes? How would——how would us parents not be able to reunite with him?"

Lu Qingming's face revealed a painful expression, as he said in an ashamed tone of voice: "Xiao Yu, I understand your feelings, I also know you hate my father. My Lu family owes you, there's nothing I can explain. But——it is my father's 60th birthday, I want to make him happy. Also the Lu family is going through a difficult time, life or death and rise or fall are unknown——I do not want him to have any regret. I also don't want to leave with any regret."

Gongsun Yu gently sighed, and after a long while, said aloud: "If he knew it would be like this, then he should not have acted that way?"

"This is the will of the heavens." Lu Qingming firmly grasped his wife's hand, saying in a low voice——

Bang bang bang——

There came several loud knocks at the door. No, it should be said several kicks to the door.

Someone who could do something like this, there was only Li Muyang's little sister Li s.h.i.+nian.

As expected, before Li Muyang could say 'please come in', Li s.h.i.+nian had kicked the door open.

When she saw the helpless expression in Li Muyang's eyes, she immediately went back out again and closed the room door, standing in the doorway and softly asked: "Big brother, can I come in?"

"Come in," Li Muyang sighed. When will this girl be able to learn to knock on the door first before entering someone else’s room?

Li s.h.i.+nian once again pushed the door in and grinned "Big brother, you're awake?"

"I got up earlier." Li Muyang set aside the brush in his hand before he continued, "but it’s strange that you woke up so early. Come on, what’s the matter with you getting up so early?"

"I did it for you." Li s.h.i.+nian said, grinning. "Brother, do you remember what I said to you last night?"

"I don’t remember." Li Muyang shook his head.

"I told Sister Xiaoxin last night that I will tell you to bring the 'Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow' painting to her early in the morning——Last night when we were parting Sister Xiaoxin also specifically mentioned this matter. Hurry wash up and bring the 'Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow' painting to her."

"Haven't you gave her that painting already?"

"I did but there was not a single thing on the painting, it was nothing but a blank sheet of paper. Do you think I could tell Sister Xiaoxin that the painting you are holding is the 'Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow'? In that case, is that not telling others that Li Mu is Li Muyang and Li Muyang is Li Mu."

"You have taken the painting, I have to re-draw another one." Li Muyang explained.

"That is of course. Hurry draw now. Once you finish immediately bring it over, do not make Sister Xiaoxin wait long."

Worried that Li Muyang would delay, she headed straight over to Li Muyang’s desk. "I will set up the paper for you and will grind ink for you, you can start now."

"Don’t worry, I will draw——" As Li Muyang was speaking, he hurriedly used his body to block Li s.h.i.+nian.

"Huh?" Li s.h.i.+nian narrowed her eyes. "Li Muyang, what are you doing? What are you hiding? Oh, heavens, you’re not looking at those erotic books again, are you? You still haven't gotten rid of those bad old habits before."

"What bad habits did I have before——wasn't it you who wanted to read those books?"

"Yuck yuck——I am as clear as ice and clean as jade, I would never touch those books." Li s.h.i.+nian lightly bit her thin lips, as she stared at Li Muyang. "Are you going to take it out, or do you want me to s.n.a.t.c.h it off you?"

"I really don’t have those books."

"Its not those books? Don't tell me you brought back something more unsightly from Starry Sky Academy?" Li s.h.i.+nian curiously stretched out her little hand. "Quickly let me see."

While Li Muyang was stunned for words, Li s.h.i.+nian suddenly rushed up behind Li Muyang, and quickly lifted up a paper full of writing that Li Muyang was covering up. A fragrant 'Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow' painting was right in sight. And, it was the painting that Li s.h.i.+nian wanted to give to Cui Xiaoxin last night.  

Li s.h.i.+nian grinned. "I was worried that someone would feel unconfident to go. So it was all prepared——Were you that impatient? No wonder you hurried back home last night?"

Li Muyang's face suddenly went red in a 'swoosh', trying to explain, "I was worried that I would forget how to draw the painting, so——I practiced several times."

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 383-384

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