The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory Part 92

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LETTERS ON MATRIMONIAL HAPPINESS. Written by a Lady of Distinction to her Relation shortly after her Marriage. Second Edition, 5s. 6d. neatly bound.


PHILLIPS'S COMPANION for the ORCHARD; an Historical and Botanical Account of Fruits known in Great Britain, with Directions for their Culture. By HENRY PHILLIPS, F. H. S. New Edition, enlarged with much additional information, as well as Historical, Etymological, and Botanical, Anecdotes, and comprising the most approved Methods of Retarding and Ripening of Fruits, so as to ensure, in all seasons, the enjoyment of those vegetable delicacies; new and curious Particulars of the Pine Apple, &c. 8vo. 7s.

"We know of no class of readers which is not much obliged to Mr.

Phillips for this very useful and very entertaining publication.

For extent of information, utility, and most of the other good qualities which can be desired in a production of its kind, it is really deserving the warmest eulogy."--LITERARY GAZETTE.

PHILLIPS'S COMPANION for the KITCHEN GARDEN; a History of Vegetables cultivated in Great Britain; comprising their Botanical, Medicinal, Edible, and Chemical Qualities, Natural History, and Relation to Art, Science, and Commerce. By HENRY PHILLIPS, F. H. S., Author of "The Companion for the Orchard." New Edition. In 2 vols, 8vo. 12s.

"In this work, the object of the author has been to render the knowledge of Plants entertaining and useful, not only to Botanists, but to those who have hitherto deemed it a difficult and uninteresting science. He has endeavoured to ascertain of what countries the vegetables now cultivated are natives, the earliest accounts of their cultivation, and how far they have improved by attention, or degenerated by neglect; also the various uses made of them by the ancients, as well as the moderns, of different countries."--INTRODUCTION.

THE FLORIST'S MANUAL; or, Rules for the Construction of a Gay Flower Garden, with Directions for preventing the Depredations of Insects. To which are added--1. A. Catalogue of Plants, with their colours, as they appear in each season.--2. Observations on the Treatment and Growth of Bulbous Plants; curious Facts respecting their Management; Directions for the Culture of the Guernsey Lily, &c. &c. By the Authoress of "Botanical Dialogues," &c. New Edition, revised, and improved: small 8vo. with 6 coloured plates, 5s. 6d.


Now ready, the FOURTH EDITION, for 1832, in 2 vols. comprising the recently created Peers and Baronets, and illustrated with upwards of 1500 Engravings, among which is a fine Head of His Majesty, after Sir Thomas Lawrence's celebrated drawing,


This New Edition of Mr. Burke's popular work, in addition to comprising, exclusively, the whole HEREDITARY RANK of England, Ireland, and Scotland, (exceeding FIFTEEN HUNDRED FAMILIES,) has been so extended, as to embrace almost every individual in the remotest degree allied to those eminent houses; so that its collateral information is now considerably more copious than that of any similar work hitherto published. The LINES OF DESCENT have likewise been greatly enlarged, and numerous historical and biographical anecdotes, together with several curious and rare papers, have been supplied. The Armorial Ensigns have been re-engraved, on the new and improved plan of incorporation with the letter-press, so that the existing state of each family, with its lineage and arms, will be found together.

The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory Part 92

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