The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 2

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Chapter 2- Sworn Enemy

Cheng Jinyu was originally prepared, but after seeing those two words, tears came out immediately.

With blurry eyes he felt that his whole body would suffocate. Breathing become difficult, every breath felt like a needle.

"Is that Biao Ge? Weren't you going to meet up with your boyfriend? Why are you back here?" An eye- catching limited edition Porsche stopped at the sidewalk and Gu Bokai stuck out half of his head from the car and shouted at Cheng Jinyu.  

Gu Bokai had a tall and straight nose with thin and pale lips curved into an arc. The corners of his mouth had a peculiar style. He was peerless, proud, and respectable, as though the world already surrendered under his feet.

At age 23, he already inherited his family business and became President of Mingyao Group. This kind of person seemingly should not be hanging around Chen Yuze's group of rich playboys.

But since Gu Bokai bought the villa behind the Chen Family's Villa, he engaged a few times with Chen Yuze's group of people.

Cheng Jinyu did not know where he offended Gu Bokai. Gu Bokai detested him. He did not suppress him, but he would deliberately look to trouble him.

Sometimes Cheng Jinyu really didn't understand. Even if he offended him, such a high ranking businessman managing tens of thousands of people, cannot keep being this petty!

Perhaps this is fate. Some people fall in love at first sight, some people despise each other at first sight.

Cheng Jinyu quickly wiped his tears. There was a total of three people in his sports car and all of them were good friends with Chen Yuze. All were children of rich families and all were people who summoned the wind and rain (1).

Gu Bokai was sitting in the front pa.s.senger seat, sticking out his head, scrutiny in his eyes while also carrying condescending contempt.

"Heard that you went out to meet up with your boyfriend? Where is he? Can't be he dumped you!" They all faced Cheng Jinyu, the smiles on their faces became even more brilliant.

Cheng Jinyu tried to calm himself, "No, we're doing well"

"Hahahaha" Zhang Hongyu who was sitting in the back seat laughed out loud and stood up.

"Brother Bokai, did you hear? I told you that he wouldn't tell the truth, his boyfriend obviously went to go molest someone else. He still tries to say they are doing well?"

The person driving, Jiang Zihan, was a very refined person. He simply curled his lip and did not say anything.

Gu Bokai opened the car door and got off, "You really have the face to say it. I don't want to hit your face because I feel sorry for you. " After talking, Gu Bokai took out his cell phone from his pocket and put it in front of Cheng Jinyu's face. "Look yourself, take a good look."

It as a picture, a photograph sent to their circle of friends.

In the picture Wei Hua was sporting a flattering face. Holding a vegetable, he very intimately gave it to the person next to him. In the photo,  half of the Wei Hua's body was getting up from the chair. Stretching his long arms and his whole body leaning forward, he was almost laying on the table.

In the corner of the photo there was a sentence.

"Biao Ge's boyfriend got rid of Biao Ge. Insists on asking me out to dinner. Whats going on?"

Below was a comment.

"Of course it’s because he fancies you! Your highness the prince!"

"Prince your charm is too strong, Biao Ge's boyfriend has already been taken by you."

"Be sorry for Biao Ge for a minute."

"Serves him right, who let him be friends with a sc.u.mmy man?"


Beyond that, Cheng Jinyu already saw clearly, his eyes were slightly blurry.

Gu Bokai smiled, "What’s the matter? Is your relations.h.i.+p still going well? You don't look foolish, how did you end up interacting with this man for seven years?"

"Looking at you, developed such shameful behavior. How wretched and disgusting."

Cheng Jinyu sharply raised his head, his eyes were still red, "I like these kinds of sc.u.mmy men. This is none of President Gu's business!"

"You like? Then you deserve to be deceived."

"I'm pleased." Cheng Jinyu replying with this one phrase, was like a small gra.s.s in a heavy rainstorm and strong gale (2). With him portraying that kind of weakness but that kind of tenaciousness, when he looked at Gu Bokai, his whole body suddenly straightened. It was like a pa.s.sionate youth in his teenage years who refused defeat.

"You——" Gu Bokai slightly gawked,

"Brother Bokai, don’t talk nonsense with him. Get into the car, let this young master teach him a good lesson." Zhang Hongyu shouted from the backseat.

"Destroying himself is already enough, now he has also pulled in Chen Yuze and won’t admit fault. He really needs a lesson."  Zhang Hongyu angrily said.

Cheng Jinyu did not speak and bit his lip. He looked at Gu Bokai with big eyes, almost full to the point of bursting.

"Teach him a lesson? Don't joke around, waste of my time." Gu Bokai finished speaking, turned around and got back into the car.

Jiang Zihan turned his head around, "Don't tease Biao Ge, he's already very broken hearted." He was a very educated man with a gentle and kind face, even his two thick eyebrows appeared soft like waves. He seemed like he always carried a smile, curved like the waxing crescent of the moon in the night sky.

"He deserves it, doesn't want to change his stubbornness." Gu Bokai coldly said.

Jiang Zihan shook his head, "Biao Ge, there's no bus here, want me to give you a ride?"

Zhang Hongyu said, "Brother Zihan, where do you want him to sit? I'm not sitting together with him in the back.”

Zhang Hongyu's appearance was one Zhang Yang (3) would have preferred. Thick rebellious eyebrows that raised slightly upward, eyelashes that were slightly curled, had a pair of bright and piercing eyes. And when he laughed, it gave people a feeling of disdain, like his own personality.

"Thank you Young Master Jiang, but I want to go by myself." Cheng Jinyu said in a soft voice.

"Fortunately, you still have some knowledge of your standing." Zhang Hongyu said satisfied.

Jiang Zihan shook his head again, "Then we'll leave first." After Jiang Zihan finished talking, the sports car quickly left.

Cheng Jinyu felt like he was just skinned. At this time he remembered he actually still had two days of vacation, today there was no need to go to Chen house.

He worked for the Chen family for ten years already, it seemed like coming here was more familiar than going home.

Cheng Jinyu sighed, turned around and started walking back. This was the villa area, there were no buses here so he had to walk back to the bus stop,

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

Cheng Jinyu's heart actually had a faint trace of hope, however seeing that it was his little sister, Cheng Yan's number, was disappointed again.

Cheng Jinyu still picked up the call, "Yan Zi, is there something wrong?"

"Older brother, it's a big problem. Mom's illness relapsed and has been sent back to the hospital."

"Which hospital? I'll head there immediately."

Cheng Jinyu couldn’t even get time to mourn his broken heart because his mother's illness relapsed and landed her back in the hospital.

Cheng family's three children were all there. Cheng Jinyu was the oldest, Cheng Jie was the second son, and Cheng Yan was the youngest daughter.

Head Official Dr. Liu beckoned the Cheng siblings into his office, "We are all acquaintances, therefore I'll just say it directly. Ms. Zhang's relapse this time is very serious, a third surgery must be performed."

Cheng Yan began to cry, "Big brother, What do we do? What should we do?"

Cheng Jinyu embraced her, "No problem, we still have me."

Dr. Liu coughed, "When I first performed the surgery 10 years ago I told you that your mother's illness cannot be completely cured even with the operation. After the surgery she would still need ma.s.sive amounts of medicine. We must also face the re-occurrence of the disease at any time."

"This is already the third relapse, the cost of the surgery this time is estimated to be about 200,000. After this surgery, the medicine she needs this time are more in quant.i.ty and expense. And the time before her next relapse may be even shorter,  may need to operate again in 2-3 years."

"We will do it! We must save my mother, absolutely cannot let mother die" Cheng Yan said through her loud sobs.

Dr Liu pushed his, "Then what about the money? This is a really big fee."

Everyone's eyes were directed towards Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu felt a cold chill run up his body,

Dr Liu, "You guys discuss a bit, your mother's time is not long. Besides the fee of the surgery, there is still the later treatments and medicine. Its better to prepare around 250,000."

Dr. Liu left the room and only the three siblings were left.

Cheng Yan agitatedly said, "Why aren't any of you guys speaking? Mom is still waiting for our help. Are you guys just going to helplessly watch mom die?"

Cheng Jie was a little angry and said, "Why are you shouting? Who wants to let mom die? But such a large medical expense, how can we afford it?"

Cheng Yan only recently graduated and hadn't gotten a job yet. Cheng Jie graduated three times. Two years after his graduation, his monthly salary was only 6,000.

Cheng Yan's gaze fixed onto Cheng Jinyu, "Big brother, we'll rely on you."

"It won't do," Cheng Jie said, "Big brother has already borrowed 800,000 from the Chen family over time. He's already worked in the Chen family for 10 years, how long do you still want him to be a servant?"

"How could he be a servant in the Chen Family? That's his aunt's house."

Cheng Jinyu suddenly stood up, "Don't discuss anymore. Money, I'll find a way."

"Big brother, don't make things difficult for yourself. You… you have already proven your worth. You are not mom's real son, you've already done enough."

Cheng Yan angrily shouted, "Cheng Jie, are you crazy? What are you raving on about? Mom raised him, without a mom, could he have lived till now?"

"He has already paid enough for our family for these past few years!"

"So we'll just let our mom die?"


Summon the wind and rain: stir up trouble Heavy rainstorm and strong gale: in a difficult or dangerous situation Zhang Yang: a Chinese film director and screenwriter

T/N: Ahhhhh I really don’t like this sister….


The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 2

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