The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 3

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Chapter 3- Transaction

Cheng Jinyu left the hospital. The hospital had a large depressing aura, causing him unable to breathe.

"Big brother! Big brother!" Cheng Yan chased him from behind.

Cheng Jinyu stopped and waited for Cheng Yan to catch up. "Yan Zi, I already understand. I will find a way to get the money for mom's medical fees."

Cheng Jinyu didn't even wait for Chen Yan to finish talking before he opened his mouth.

Cheng Yan shook her hands while waiting to catch her breathe. "I'm not here for that, I have something else."

"What is it?"

Cheng Yan said, "Big brother, I've already graduated half a year ago but I still don't have a job."

Cheng Jinyu's face sank slightly, "What do you mean?"

Cheng Yan reached out and wrapped her hand around Cheng Jinyu's arm. Acting coquettish  she asked, "Big brother, the Chen family is a big industry and must have a lot of influence. Only need someone from the Chen family to say a single sentence and I'm sure that I could casually pick any hospital in A City."

"Big brother, I studied medicine. My only option is to enter a hospital, you must help me."

Cheng Jinyu stood at the entrance of the hospital, the strong smell of disinfectant was leaking from the inside. Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but hold his breath.

"Yan Zi, my relationship with the Chen family, I think you should understand."

"I know, isn't Chen Family's Madame your Aunt? And Young Master Cheng is your cousin. I saw him last time, one look and you can tell that he is a very kind and gentle young master. As long as you ask him, he would definitely help you."

Cheng Yan's eyes were sparkling. Cheng Jinyu took her hand off his arm, "Sorry." Cheng Jinyu said this word, turned around and walked forward.

"Brother! Big brother!" Cheng Yan continued to shout a few times, but Cheng Jinyu had no intentions of stopping.

Cheng Jinyu arrived back at Chen House when the sky was dark. A 250,000 medical fee, he felt that his hunched back had become more curved.

After such a heavy day, Cheng Jinyu still personally went to the kitchen to boil Tan Liyun's favorite pigeon soup.

There was a city chef in the kitchen, but Tan Liyun liked Cheng Jinyu's pigeon soup. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Tan Liyun wanted to drink it. Cheng Jinyu would have to hurry up and get up to make it for her.

Tan Liyun was a very beautiful woman. Even though she was in her early 50s, she looked the same as when she was 30.

That evening Tan Liyun was still drawing on light makeup. She was being illuminated under the bright light of the lamp, yet her brilliance was bottomless. This was Cheng Jinyu's Aunt, although Cheng Jinyu was not willing to acknowledge, it didn't change the fact that she was.

Tan Liyun gently sipped some soup from the spoon. Her brows knitted, "No good." Two words were daintily spit out from thin lips.

Cheng Jinyu submissively replied, "I'll immediately go make a new one."

Tan Liyun corner of her lips revealed a smile, "You were on vacation today, why were you not resting and instead specially made me soup? If you have something to say then say it!"

Cheng Jinyu's lifted his head. His mouth held a smile befitting his position, trying to curry favor,  replied, "Madame you are truly smart, in front of you I am completely transparent."

Tan Liyun gave a cold smile, "You have a lot of matters."

Cheng Jinyu endured Tan Liyun's sneer and still held onto his pleasant and warm smile. "My family is quite special. Thank you Madam for your help these past few years. If it wasn't for the help of Madam, my mother would not have lived till now and my younger brother and sister would have also not been able to graduate."

"Knowing is good, I even thought you would hate me."

"Would not, of course I would not." Cheng Jinyu replied with fear and trepidation, "I keep thanking the madam, without the madam I would not have my family members. How could I hate the madame?"

Tan Linyu, "As long as you know. Although we have a bit of blood relationship, but I am not your parents. I have no obligations to give you money."

"I know, I know."

Tan Liyun looked at his obedient appearance and was satisfied.

"Speak, this time what do you need me for?"

"My mother is sick again and she needs surgery. The surgery and and later treatments cost about 250,000. Madame, I beg you to please help me again!" Cheng Jinyu resolutely bowed his head to the floor, forehead touching the ground.

Tan Liyun raised a leg and let it fall on top of the other leg. The leg that was raised, the high heels almost hit Cheng Jinyu's nose.

The smell of the toenails, mixed with the smell of the feet assaulted his senses. Cheng Jinyu could not raise his body and could only continue to keep it bent like that.

Tan Liyun condescendingly looked at the person in front of her kneeling and bending the waist and her smile deepened, "It would be great if your father was still alive! If he sees his biological son, in such a petty and low state in front of others, dont know what his reaction would be?"

Tan Liyun's feet daintily lifted, in the end still hit Cheng Jinyu's face. Using a bit of strength in her toes, she lifted Cheng Jinyu's face a bit.

"Do you still remember your father?"

Cheng Jinyu nodded his head, he did remember. He remembered the gentle and soft person who lightly held him while shouting "Darling, darling".

Tan Liyun took a long breath, "Your father was favored by the gods. During school he was the man of the hour. He was the dream lover for countless men and women. He was always high above the masses and always admired by everyone."

"But its just, he could never even think about his own son. You, Cheng Jinyu, will also end up like this."

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything, no response at all. These shameful words, he had already heard enough of it and learned to not respond early on.

Tan Liyun's feet let his face go, "How much have you borrowed from me in total?"


"Remember it so clearly."

"It is money I owe, absolutely must remember it clearly. This is stuff I need to return."

"How will you return? With your monthly wage of 8,000 at the Chen house? The salary I gave you is high enough."

Cheng Jinyu's head was still lowered, "I will definitely repay it."

Tan Liyun laughed and said, "I've heard this statement countless times, almost want to start covering my ears."

Cheng Jinyu had nothing to say. It's true, over 800,000, to him it was astronomical.

"Like I said, I don't need to continue to give you money, because you can't afford it."

This time Cheng Jinyu raised his head, "Then my mother will die, can you please save her? I'm begging you."

"Why? That's not even my mother. Of course, it’s also not even your mother. Just let her die, then you would be free of her burden."

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything, knees bending, still knelt on the ground.

Tan Liyun was now even taller, she exultingly looked down at the person kneeling in front of her and replied, "Take a look, kneeling down again. You are doing this to make me feel embarrassed."

While Tan Luyin was speaking, she was twisting the ruby ring on her hand. She had just gotten this from an auction. It was worth more than 5 million.

"Forget it, forget, my heart is too soft." Tan Liyun appeared to be in deep though for a bit before replying.

Cheng Jinyu, "You, you agree?"

Tan Linyu, "I can give you 250,000, but my money is not blown over by the wind, do you understand?"

"I understand, I will repay you."

"Wait for you to repay me?" Tan Liyun coldly laughed, "Don't waste your breath! But right now, I need you to help me with something. Of course, you can choose not to agree."

"I agree, whatever it is I agree." Cheng Jinyu basically had nothing to bargain with at all, he knew this early on.

"Then that's fantastic, since your promised, then just go get married to Gu Bokai!"

"Get married? With Gu Bokai?" Cheng Jinyu didn’t believe his ears,

Tan Yulin responded, "What is it, you’re not willing? Gu Bokai will  marry you, you should be grateful. You still want to be picky?"


"But what? Are you also scared of being killed by Gu Bokai? Don't joke around, your life is hard enough. Killed your father, killed your foster father, your current mother is also being killed by you. What are you still scared of?"

Cheng Jinyu was silent and the smile on Tan Liyun's face disappeared, "Gu Bokai has killed three wives, otherwise did you think he would actually want you? In fact, you don’t need to be afraid, maybe you can kill him. At the time when his property is give to you, perhaps you can turn into a wealthy man."

Gu Bokai held contempt for Cheng Jinyu, Cheng Jinyu knew this. He did not believe that Gu Bokai would agree to marry him, "This was proposed by Gu Bokai?"

Tan Liyun,"I'll tell you the truth, originally there was a person who told Gu Bokai his fortune. Said to him that in his lifetime he must kill four wives. Then he would be able to live together to an old age in bliss with the fifth one."

Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but smile, "So, I am the one going to die."

Tan Liyun, "You don't have to agree to it. But if you don't agree, I won't lend you a single penny and the money you owe me you will need to immediately return to me. At once, right away."

"Of course, you can go find Yuze, it's not like you’ve never looked for help from him before. Yuze is a good and honest kid, he will definitely help you. Before, he has helped you alot. However, you owe him so much, what do you have to repay him with?"

Cheng Jinyu thought of the picture Chen Yuze shared to his circle of friends; the frame of Chen Yuze teasing Wei Hua in the small restaurant.

Tan Liyun coldly snorted, "Speak, repayment or get married?"

Cheng Jinyu slowly stood up from the ground, he already did not need to kneel anymore. "Do you think I have a choice?"

Tan Liyun looked at Cheng Jinyu standing in front of her. He straightened his back and no longer portrayed the image of obedience and flattery, like when a cheetah opened its eyes.

Even though Tan Liyun could not see his facial expressions, she icily replied, "Then you're getting married, isn’t that right?"


"Good, Ms. Zhang take him to see Madame Gu. Cheng Jinyu, whether you marry Gu Bokai or not, will depend on Madame Gu."

"Then the money?" Cheng Jinyu asked.

"It will be immediately transferred to your card."

Cheng Jinyu shook his head, "I meant all the money I owed before."

"What is your meaning?"

"My life is only worth 250,000?"

Tan Luyin was a bit angry, "What do you think?"

"I believe it can cancel out my previous debt."

Tan Liyun ferociously stood up from her seat, "Give him an inch and he'll take a yard (1), How could your life be worth more than one million? You think too highly of yourself."

Cheng Jinyu, "My life may not be worth that much money, but Chen Yuze's happiness is."

"You?" Tan Liyun was startled.

Cheng Jinyu, "I saw through it, Chen Yuze likes Gu Bokai and Gu Bokai comes often to the Chen house, naturally also for Yuze. But Gu Bokai's dead wives, Chen Yuze doesn't dare to marry him, Gu Bokai also doesn't dare to marry him."

"I marry Gu Bokai, no matter if its life or death, dying opens the path for Yuze. For Yuze's happiness, is one million not even worth it?"

"What qualifications do you have to discuss conditions with me? Without me, your foster mother would have died early on." Tan Liyun angrily replied, "If you don’t marry Gu Bokai, there will be plenty of others that will."

"Ok, then I'll just wait around for someone who isn't afraid of death to marry him."

"You!" Tan Liyun ruthlessly slapped his face, heavily hit Cheng Jinyu's face, "Repay the money, immediately repay the money!"

Tan Liyun's ring scratched across Cheng Jinyu's face and a welt appeared.

Cheng Jinyu did not rub it and let the blood run down his cheek. "Yes, the money I borrowed from you, I won't be able to repay it in this lifetime, but have you thought about it? Even if I die, my family is similar and won't be able to repay."

"My foster mother raised me. My death, can also count as my repayment for her kindness. As for my debt, let it leave with me. Auntie, I beg you."

"Don't call me Auntie!" Tan Yulin screamed, "Haven't I told you before? Do not call me your aunt, you are to never say anything about our relationship."

Cheng Jinyu raised his head to look at the out of control Tan Liyun, "Why? Is it because I lost you face, or are there other reasons?"

"Cheng Jinyu, When I let you borrow money, what did you promise me?"

Cheng Jinyu, " Absolutely never say anything about our relationship, I swear. I naturally will remember."

"If you remember it then it’s good. Forget it, I promise you. You marry Gu Bokai, the money you owe me will be cancelled. One million, I will not even glance."

Cheng Jinyu stood straight in front of Tan Liyun, it was like the first time he stood in front of Tan Liyun.

Tan Liyun could not look at him like this, disgusted she said, "Ms. Zhang, take him and go."

Ms. Zhang took Cheng Jinyu out. Zhang Nuannuan came over and handed a cup of hot tea to Tan Liyun, "My lady, will Madame Gu agree? Biao Ge is a servant of the Chen family. Although he is tough,  is Madame Gu really not afraid that he will die from Master Gu?"

Tan Liyan took a drink of her hot tea, "Then we'll need to look at his luck, but Cheng Jinyu has a trumpe card."

"What is it?"

Tan Liyun's lips revealed a hint of a smile, "He has the genes from the Huayin people."

"Are you saying, the Huayin gene that allows men to have children? Really? How did you know? Does Biao Ge himself know?"

Tan Liyun's face became gloomy, "Haha, of course he doesn't know. He will never know in this lifetime."


(1): Give him an inch and he'll take a yard: to be insatiable

T/N: For those waiting on BAW, I most likely will not release until I finish translating chapter 14. Just like everyone else, I'm desperate for ML to come back so I'll release it as a batch.

Fun fact: I asked my friend from China why all the modern cities in most novels are called A City and B City. In China, if you use a city name and it somehow disrespects or brings trouble to the city, you can get severely punished. The same thing goes for the names of known figures.


The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 3

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