The Mad Cultivator Chapter 8

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The Mad Cultivator ch 8 Chapter 8: Golden Book

In the martial arts field, Ye Kong did not ask Ye Haoran for other requirements, but Ye Haoran ordered the butler to increase his monthly income of 20 yuan.

However, this amount has a small obstacle, that is his second wife responsible for the account.

“I Can’t tolerate! This fool has bitten the skin on the brother’s wrist, and should pay us a soup fee!” Ye Wu, who returned to the room, stopped.

“Yeah, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too shameless, and actually stood outside the ring and said that he did not lose, but also bite! Shameless!” Ye Wen said while his hand had bandages.

Ye Wu smiled and said: “The idiot actually wants to learn martial arts from my husband. f.u.c.king idiot really does not look at his qualifications, how much garbage he is.”

Speaking of this, Ye Wen laughed. “The fool thinks really beautiful, It’s really ridiculous, you didn’t see his disappoint expression at that time, haha…” Ye Wen smiled and by mistake touched his painful arm. He snorted and his eyes flashed and said, “Fool, I will teach you a lesson for this humiliation I suffered sooner or later!”

At this time his mother, the second wife spoke, “200 silver coin still give it to him, don’t let the general be angry on this small matter, I have heard a big news today.”

“Oh? What news?” Ye Wen and Ye Wu asked with interest.

Then the three heads leaned together, and the second wife said. After hearing this news they have full of excitement

“So you don’t want to mess with that fool recently, So don’t cause any more problem right now. you should listen to my words and stay at home. As your mother strive to make you qualified.”


In the room of the 3rd mistress, a similar scene was also staged.

“Mother, that Ye Kong is really hateful, you have to avenge me!” Ye Long lying on the bed while cursing Ye Kong.

“Yeah, mother, you have to help my brother to report this hatred, this fool has become so savage and poisonous, even father did not punish him, it is abhorrent!” Ye Hu is also tickle.

The 3rd mistress is also martial arts people. Their temperament is slightly more calm than the second mistress. ” You can’t even beat him, and now you want your mother’s help. Are you really my son or have I give birth to a girl who only knows how to cry?”

Ye Long mourned: “Mother, I am not beaten, he is using armour.”

The 3rd mistress said again: “You listen to me, this Ye Kong is not stupid, and it is very strange, so you have to have a good relations.h.i.+p with him.” The 3rd mistress looked at her two st.u.r.dy sons and whispered: “You have to learn, how to use your brain, this fool is smart, and offended the second wife, let them fight each other? Do you understand? His ugly mother will not be loved by the generals, so as long as they fight the second wife… mother will be the Lord of this House!”

“Oh!” The two sons finally understood this and quickly nodded and said, “I still have a way.”

The 3rd mistress smiled smugly, and there was a small voice: “your mom has a big news for you today…”

Ye Kong didn’t know how he came out of Ye Haoran. He had been beaten by the father’s words and could not think.

There is no future in the martial art world. That is to say, he wants to be the king of the whole world and it has all smashed like a bubble.

Abandoning Martial arts, and start writing a handful of articles? That is even more nonsense. Don’t look at him. He is a person who doesn’t like to learn. Otherwise, he will not drop out of school in junior high school.

He felt that there was a blank future in front of him and he was desperate. However, when I returned to my own small courtyard and looked at his mother who was looking forward to it, he had to make a smile and coped with two sentences.

The hollowness of Ye Kong was frustrated, and there was no momentum in the morning. With a wounded, in response to the words of his mother, he had to eat some lunch and went to her house to take a sleep.

In the afternoon, the housekeeper Ye Cai came over and given the silver of this month, but Ye Kong did not come out.

Although 2nd mistress had temporarily stopped because of that mysterious news, Ye Kong was really hit by Ye Haoran, and the frustration in his heart is so much that he would not be able mentioned.

There is no mood to fight with people, hiding in his room seems to be out of the world.

Chen Jiuniang saw that her son was not right, but did not bother him to disturb. In the evening, she makes dinner and Ye Kong still did not come out.

Chen Jiuniang did not dare to disturb her son, so she had to take a rice bowl to cook.

The place where the food is served is controlled by a fat woman. Don't look at her ugly face. She is quite narcissistic. She always hates why General Ye did not look at herself? Even the ugly people of Chen Jiuniang became his wife.

Therefore, she is naturally very rude to Chen Jiuniang.

“Give a little more meat, my son has not recovered and he has been injured today. I have to let him eat more.” Chen Jiuniang whispered.

The fat women snorted, “What? your son has recovered from his foolishness? So you want to ride on our heads?”

“No, no, Ma sister, I just want to give him a supplement.” Chen Jiuniang’s eyes are embarra.s.sed to look at the braised pork in the pot.

Fatty Ma sister glanced a sneer and said: “Let’s eat more gimmicks.” Reaching out from the basin and taking a few other people’s unwanted cold throwing over to her.

Chen Jiuniang wants to say something, but finally, she walked away with rice and steamed bread. What else can she do? This Fat sister is the most favoured relative of the ninth mistress’s hometown, even if they report to the general, she looked this ugly, can she even meet with him?

Still, hold it.

Returning to the small courtyard, I put a few yellow-haired cold hoes in my house, and then I knocked on my son’s door and put the food on the table.

Ye Kong carefully thought about an afternoon, the more he thought the more frustrated he was.

“It is impossible to learn a martial art for self-protection. It is impossible to become a powerhouse in the martial art.”

“Even if you put in more effort, it will be difficult to become a big shot.”

These two sentences have completely defeated Ye Kong.

Disappointed, depressed, disheartened.

“This is far worse than the earth.” He didn’t want to stay in this world and wanted to go back to his world. But there is no Zhao girl to give him a hand. He is squatting. Can he cross it if he is dead? Or don’t you… commit suicide.

“Death must also be a full-fledged ghost.”

When I look at the food, the white rice is hot, but it is the same as the earth. Then look at the vegetables on the top. It is a green vegetarian dish similar to green vegetables.

Although there is no meat, it is delicious to eat, but it can be eaten and eaten. He suddenly thinks of something.

Leaves empty put down the chopsticks in the hands, open the door and walk out of the room. At this moment, the moon is already high, but the sky is not dark. Then the moon of this world has a red aperture, and there is a magnificent beauty that cannot be seen on the earth.

“It’s a pity that I can’t stay for a long time.” Ye Kong sighed and pushed Chen Jiuniang’s room door.

“Empty.” Chen Jiuniang was shocked and subconsciously held the cold head in her hand behind her.

The eyes of the leaves are round and round. He came here because he guessed that the old lady must have given him the food, so I wanted the old lady to go to his side to eat some food.

But who knows that the mother cannot even eat white rice, hiding in the house with a cold head!

“Mother, do you eat this?” Ye Kong anger rose into the sky.

“It’s okay, mother… I love to eat hoes.” Chen Jiuniang seems to be afraid of her son’s unbelief, and she slammed a few gimmicks, but the overnight hoe has lost water, dry and hard, and she has come out with tears.

Although this is not his mother, although I can’t talk about any feelings… I can see this scene, Ye Kong can’t stand it!

“f.u.c.king a.s.shole! I will hack them!” Ye Kong turned back and left.

“Don’t! Son, mother is fine, you don’t want to cause trouble. Please for mother, as long as you are good, this is enough.” Chen Jiu Niang rushed up and hugged her son, tears pleaded, “Your brain is good, mother does not know how happy she was, but Ye kong, you are only twelve years old, you can’t fight them, my mother is most worried about you now, you are good, mother can eat and drink thin, if something happens to you, how can your mother live, I will die…”

After Chen Jiu Niang finished, she was already in tears.

Ye Kong just thought about going back to Earth after committing suicide, but when this scene happened, he found how cruel he was!

Not only did he eat the soul of Chen Jiu Niang's son, but he also had to end his life with his own hands, and when he died, Chen Jiu Niang could not survive.

Do not! I want to live! Live with the life of the Ye kong! Not only must you live better, but also let these vicious and unscrupulous people pay the price!

Ye Kong bit his teeth and slowly raised his head as if to swallow something hard…

This humiliation is really not easy to swallow, but he swallowed, and at this moment, he also strengthened his beliefs, smas.h.i.+ng all the frustrations and decadence in the afternoon!

Hatred is also a motivation!

a long time. He spits out a suffocating anger, and release his tightened fist.

“Mother, rest a.s.sured, one day, I want them to understand that what I ate was today was humiliation, what they pay with their life, want to bully me… you will not have time to regret also!”

The nights in this world is brighter and quieter than the earth. Moonlight s.h.i.+nes through the window sills that have torn through countless window papers, and sprinkles white light on the ground in front of the bed, making people feel a little chilly.

“The moonlight in front of the window, the suspect is the frost on the ground. Looking up at the moon, looking down at his hometown…” This quiet night thinking is one of the few poems that Ye Kong remembers, and it is also a good time.

However, his homesickness has not been maintained for too long. Now that he has decided to stick to this strange and cruel world, he must converge on these emotions, and even forget his ident.i.ty as a human being, and integrate into this world without too much warmth. For their own sake, with a sense of dignity and happiness.

Ye Kong is sitting cross-legged on the bed. He also has adapted to the air in the southern part of the continent. He no longer feels uncomfortable, but he can still feel the aura in the air.

Obviously, compared with the daytime, the aura is filled with water property alot, the aura of the wood property is also increased, the soil property has not changed, and the fire property and the metal property are weak to be almost undetectable.

Ye Kong guessed that the reason is that he came from the apocalyptic earth, just like the people who lived in the long-term polluted environment, suddenly came to the oxygen-rich plain, and the feeling of subtleness certainly exceeded the existence of Plain people.

Ye Kong suddenly felt that he was not completely useless. He was more sensitive to the aura than the people in southern Fujian. Is this the place where he can start?

I have seen many novels of Xian Xia and martial arts, sucking the five elements of aura to benefit themselves, and winning the heavens and the earth to enjoy the fairy edge. Ye Kong all know that those novels are written very clearly, and there is a sea of aura. If you need to use it, you will send out the aura. Is this not enough?

Even if you don’t become a fairy, you can practice internal strength, or Kamehameha. That’s OK. Just you can practice for a few years as a martial arts master. After that who dares to despise himself and bully his mother?

But this thing sounds simple, it’s not that simple.

Sucking the heavens aura. First, you have to know how to suck? Take a deep breath? If you can’t even suck the Aura then how you will win the world? There is also a big problem… that he didn’t remember much about the novels.

“No matter, meditate first.”

Ye Kong still knows about meditation, sitting cross-legged on the bed, palms up, naturally placed on the lap, adjusting breathing, no distracting thoughts, slowly entering the state of entry.

Not to mention, this is still very difficult to enter, and it is not easy to enter the state of sleeping and not having any distracting thoughts in the brain.

However, Ye Kong is also a man of firm mind. Since he has strengthened his confidence and has no other way out, he will only practise based on all the luck and practice hard.

I don’t know how much time has pa.s.sed. I have numb legs and arms, and the sleepiness started rising in my head. The eyelids seem to have become thousands of pounds. I can’t wait to fall down on the bed and sleep. This is a happy life. .

“Perservance is the key to victory!” Ye Kong smashed the sleeping thoughts that he wanted to “say tomorrow”, but he jumped out of bed, moved his legs and feet, and found the large embroidery needle that Chen Jiu Niang used for the work.

He don’t know how much time has pa.s.sed. He have already put a few needles in the thighs and the bloodstains have printed on the pair of trousers as a dot.

Ye kong is still insisting, he does not believe that he can not even cross this level.

Sometime pa.s.sed, Ye Kong finally entered the state of a half-dream and half-awake for the first time. His breath was gentle, slow and rhythmic; his brain was clear, but it was empty and he did not think anything; His eyes are awkward, but the sight that can be seen is not the moonlight in front of him.

He didn’t know where he was, and felt that it was a void of chaos, surrounded by clouds and fog, unable to see the outside, but the s.p.a.ce was empty.

Ye Kong quickly looked and found that he had become a white ball of light.

This is my soul! After I entered meditation state, I came to the place where the last fight with that idiot took place!

Ye Kong does not understand why he will come here, and he does not know where the soul of the person exists. Anyway, it should not be in this sea.

Suddenly, he found that above him, there was a golden glow!

what is that? Ye Kong flew up.

I saw that the golden light hung in the center of the s.p.a.ce, not too big, but not too small, about the same as the last fool’s soul, but the brightness is very high, the golden sphere, its like a red sun in the s.p.a.ce.

But Ye Kong knew that it was definitely not the sun, because the object in the golden light was flat and felt like a book.

How can I have a book in my mind? Ye Kong feels ridiculous for his own guess.

But when he flew to the top of Jinguang, he was surprised. “Scorpio! Really a book! There is a book in my mind!”

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