The Most Majestic You Chapter 37 Part1

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The Most Majestic You

Chapter 37 Part 1

The evening in winter was murky.  The lamp by the front door of the
old style villa was already turned on.

Ye family’s villa had a garden whose style was an imitation of the Ming
and Qing dynasties.  It had a clear pond in the center filled with colorful
koi fish that swam underneath the floating lotus leaves, creating small
ripples in their wake.

Qianxi gathered enough courage to walk into the house.  She saw all
the elders in the family smiling pleasantly as well as Ye Qiao and her
husband.  Everything went smoother than she expected.  She introduced
Xu Jimo to the elder generation.  Grandma even smiled and asked
them to come by her side with a wave of her hand.  “Why don’t you let
him sit down?  Come here, come to grandma’s side.”

Dinner hadn’t begun yet.  The entire extended family sat in the living
room, chatting leisurely.

Qianxi had never been so uneasy sitting at her own home.  She was
listening to her parents and the elder generation casually talk about a
range of topics.

Her mom had met him indirectly a couple of times.  She didn’t like him
at first sight, but she still smiled kindly.  However, when she started to
ask questions, she was straight to the point.  “I heard that you dropped
out of university to be a professional gamer?”

Even Qianxi never asked him such a question so straightforwardly……

Qianxi fought the urge to pull her mom’s sleeve, but Xu Jimo stopped
her quietly.

He lowered his eyelids and answered calmly,  “I took off for one year,
but later I still went back to finish school.”

So he was studying in university for the three years after he retired?

“In the three years after I retired, I studied and I wanted to give myself
some time to carefully think about what to do in the future.  I used the
prize money I won to invest during this time period and had some success
with it.  In the end, I took all the money I earned to fund the current club.”

The presiding inquiry officer, her mom, nodded.  This was exactly the
data she had collected about him.  He was majoring in Mathematical
Economics.  It looked like he had talent in this field.  He would be a good
seedling if he could keep moving forward on this route.

Grandma smiled even more kindly.  “Did your family agree to your
choice of profession?”

Xu Jimo paused a little bit then spoke with a smile,  “They didn’t at the

Well, accurately speaking, his family’s att.i.tude was still against it one or
two years after he retired.

But he had succeeded and now could support his club with his own
capital.  What he was insisting on was no longer a wish from a willful
child, but as an adult sailing against the wind and current.

Many matters could all be proved by time and they could also be smoothed
out by time.

He always believed that.

The whole family seemed busy engaging in small talk.  A fragrance wafted
out of the kitchen.  Qianxi, the “extra person,” was sent away to help the
housekeeper serve food.

She was busy in and out for a while, then she glanced at Xu Jimo in the
living room.

He indeed owned an appearance that easily deceived others.  That pair
of clear and calm eyes looked like the beautiful slender eyes found in Tang
or Song dynasty paintings.  When his eyes were focused, it was so obedient
and mild.  His appearance was the kind that the older generation favored.

As for the frivolous version of him, that cold, indifferent and apathetic…
was as if it never existed at all.

Qianxi took the chance to pout her lips to him when he looked over at her--
--oh well, her family had been invaded by a swindler.

But she still felt quite satisfied.

She relished the fact that he was in her home and interacted with the people
closest to her.

She didn’t know what they had talked about when she wasn’t there, but dinner
went smoothly.  There wasn’t any more “interrogation”.  In the end, her parents
didn’t make it clear about their att.i.tude toward him and simply asked her to see
him off.

It was already late in the night, the air was humid and muggy.

Qianxi walked him to the front door.  She looked up at the sky, a little depressed  
“Is it going to shower tonight?  I see dark clouds all over.  “She pointed to several
clouds hidden among layers of darkened clouds.  “Am I too superst.i.tious?  It never
feels like a lucky sign.”

Several drops of rain started to fall down as she spoke.  The rain fell into the
pond with a splash, leaving ripples behind.

Xu Jimo stepped backward several steps.  “Go back to the house.”

Qianxi held his hand and didn’t let go.  As he was stepping backwards further
and further, finally neither of them could move anymore.  “I don’t want to go
back.  Can I go with you now?”

He curled his lips up.  “What do you want to do, elope?”

“......I’m not!”  She despised it and looked at him. “I just want to be with you for
a little bit longer.  No matter what, aren’t you flying to Shanghai tomorrow?  I’m
very busy as well in the office these two days.  I definitely won’t be able to go
see you there.  Then probably you’ll be circled around by ladies like Xiao Yue,
or Xiao Ri or Xiao Xingxing.”

“Xiao Xingxing, where are they?”  Xu Jimo looked up at the dark sky.  The star,
sun and moon were all invisible.[1]  “There’s only the rain.  It’s Qianxi[2] now, but
it will be ten thousand creeks and a hundreds thousand creeks later.  Do you
really plan on never going back home?”

“Qii!”  She released her hand embarra.s.sedly, stepping backwards.  “You are
really good at speaking to humans as a humans and speaking to ghosts as a
ghosts.  I’m going back now.”

“Uhm.”  He nodded.  “I’ll watch you go in.”

Qianxi went back inside.  Only Ye Qiao and her husband were still in the living
room.  They leaned against each other watching a tennis compet.i.tion.  Their
eyes were full of smiles when they saw her.

Ye Qiao said mischievously,  “Why did it take so long to see someone off?”

Brother-in-law Zhou Tingshen was more sympathetic.  He took out a basket of
jujube he had washed and asked her,  “Do you want to have some fruit?”  He
then turned to feed Ye Qiao one before Qianxi could even answer his question.

Ah ah ah this evil couple who showed their love anywhere and at any time!  
Qianxi, being teased, cried out,  “You two are so annoying……”  Her face
became flushed like a ripe jujube.

[1]: Chinese pun.  Xiao Yue, Xiao Ri, and Xiao Xingxing are names that sound
the same as Moon (yue), Sun (ri), and Stars (xingxing).

[2]:  Continuing with the name puns: he says a “thousand creeks” here which
is literally the same meaning as what Qianxi means.

Translated by Team DHH at

The Most Majestic You Chapter 37 Part1

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