The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear Chapter 14 Part2

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She stood up on the intersections, and looked at the sunset, it felt so true.

The busy flow of people was real, the traffic was also real, the traffic light was real, and the kid who was smiling inside the car was also real. This is a real world. Yet she encountered the one she really deeply emotionally affected, but she didn't use a real mode to approach him.

Wouldn't it be a bit too…..?

Bei Er Duo passed a road, and finally the sun was set. She took lazy steps to go back home. It was dinner time, yet she didn't have any appetite. The moment she stopped, she felt a bit at loss so she just lowered her head and continued to walk.

She walked until in front of the bookstore entrance. The wind was a bit cool, she felt content, and turned her body to enter the bookstore.

It's been a long time since she read a book, she was thinking whether she would buy two books to read.

She went to the second floor and went to literature section. She raised her head to browse around, then noticed a book that she like, it was a choice of Zhang Xiu Ya.

She extended her hand to take it, but she was not tall enough. She tried to tip-toed, but she still couldn't reach it. She tried so many times but failed. There was no stool nearby. She just could see that book.

"Do you need help?" Someone asked. The male worker looked at the situation so he ran over to help.

When he almost approached her, there was another voice said, "No need."

Bei Er Duo turned her body, and looked that there was Ye Shu Wei. He was standing few steps from her. He used his eyes to stop that male worker who wanted to help.

Then he went over and stopped behind her. He took the book with one of his hand, and one of his hand fell on her right waist, then asked: "You want this book?"

"Em, thank you." Bei Er Duo unexpectedly was embraced by him….

She took the book from him, but he didn't immediately move his hand away. He was still looking at the bookshelf."

"How long have you been standing behind me?"

"Five minutes."

"So with your eyes, you kept on watching my continuous moment of tip-toeing?"


"How could you have no kindness?"

"It's you who don't turn your head and ask for help."

Bei Er Duo was helpless, she slowly rolled her eyes. She noticed his hand was still there, and he seemed to be busy with looking at the books.

She was "embraced" by him, so she couldn't really move.

He looked as if he didn't notice it, he just cared of doing his own thing.

"Which book do you want to choose?" She asked.

"I haven't decided it, I will choose it slowly. No need to be hurry." He moved her hands, but his eyes fell on the top of her head. Her hair is glossy black, it looked to be so soft. It also smelt good, like some fruity smell.

"Could you not stand behind me?" She seemed to unable to recognize her heartbeat.

Ye Shu Wei retreated his hand, and went backward two steps. Then took a book.

Bei Er Duo took the book on her hand. Then her gaze fell on the most top part of the shelf. She thought, "How every book that she like would be placed on the very top?"

As a result, she turned her head and looked at Ye Shu Wei: "Please help me to take the very top with red color book, the third book from the right."

Ye Shu Wei helped her.

"This is my first time to experience a deep benefit to be together with you." Bei Er Duo raised her head to see Ye Shu Wei.

He lowered his head, and looked at her: "It's actually a lot of benefit, do you want to know?"

"If you want to boast about yourself, then I would force myself to allow it."

"If you stand side by side with me together, you could wear all kinds and sorts of high heels, even the twenty centimeters one."

"Em, then what's more?"

"In a crowd place, no matter where are you standing, I could see you. It's the same as you, you could see me too." Ye Shu Wei said, "You wouldn't easily be lost."

Bei Er Duo looked at his eyes.

Is it a misconception? Why it seemed that his voice today was sounded a bit low, like he was whispering private words to her.

"I just judge the matters as it stands, I don't praise myself." He looked at her face, "Isn't right?"

"It's right, you are right." She adjusted her emotion, then asked him, "It just a discussion. If you later on your future girlfriend just as tall as one hundred sixty meters, would you feel that she is very short?"

He really didn't answer it directly, he pondered it for a long time and said: "Actually, every time I need to look down to I see you, but I feel that sense of superiority. This feeling is quite good."


The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear Chapter 14 Part2

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