The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear Chapter 26 Part1

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Bei Er Duo poked the "Xiao (Little) Er Duo de Shu Wei", and sent a private message to him: "You are?"

After several minutes, the other person involved responded: "Em."

Bei Er Duo: "…….."

This concise wording, familiar tone of voice, if it's not him, then who would it be?

Xiao Er Duo's Shu Wei… His choice of name and now her current username of "Shu Wei's Er Duo" is really matched each other from afar. How could she always has a misperception feeling of directly dallied by him. It was clear that she already said to him, don't use add another word such as "little" in front of her name, she would be very embarra.s.sed. 

Bei Er Duo tried to suppress her throbbing heart, she didn't dare to ask anymore, she just instantly logged out.

Before she got on the bed and turned off the light, there was a message.

"Wait for the next date arrangement by me."

The sender was Ye Shu Wei.

Looking at that, Bei Er Duo smiled.

Didn't know where would their next date be.

She was somewhat looking forward to it.

The result of her expectation to Ye Shu Wei, who was "single-celled organism" was quite disappointing, as the setting of their date was still the same as the previous one which was revolving around the lake.

Two of them were sitting down on the lake side located under the dense shade of tree. Bei Er Duo looked at the sunset and the changed color of the water of the river: "I thought you would change the place."

"Last time we were on the lake. This time it's on the lake side." Ye Shu Wei opened his carrier: "It's completely different."

Bei Er Duo was speechless, she took the blue thermos that he pa.s.sed to her. She opened it unexpectedly it was the beef black pepper rice fried with eggs.

"Let's eat first." He pa.s.sed the chopsticks.

"You cooked it by yourself?" She tried one bite.

"I just made randomly."

"It's too appetizing. It's so good." Bei Er Duo understood clearly the appropriate praise would let his mood to be be better. She understood it because she knows him for quite some time.

Indeed, this person was not really low-profile, he replied: "How could my skill not be excellent."

"Em. Since I have tried your cooking, I tend to be picky."

After eating, they both started to practice the small-talk between couple.

"I could only think of the most romantic one, it is being with you and accompany each other for the remaining of our life. Wait until we are old and the time wouldn't open our eyes anymore. Your scent is the sole thing in the world that I could identify…." Bei Er Duo suddenly stopped, and confusingly said: "Shu Wei, your parent said this to each other everyday?"


"But I think this seems to be the script inside the novel or movie. Would most couple say this love oaths for each other frequently?"

"If they are in love with each other. It would be normal for them would repeat this three times a day."

"Okay." Then she would continue.

"Then what about your parents? What did they say to each other?" Ye Shu Wei asked.

"They never express any love to each other. Normally, my mother would always complain about the food every time she returned from work. The atmosphere inside the house was not really good. She was tired and annoying. My father would be in fear and trepidation, he would prepare a warm water for her and asked her about her work. She would tell him to shut up…. every day would be that way. Day by day." Bei Er Duo shrugged her shoulder.

"Since they don't have feeling to each other, why should they get married in the first place?"

"Perhaps," Bei Er Duo considered and said, "A lot of people say something like that. But marriage would not always because of love, but for survival."

"If it's for survival, then it would be okay to be alone. We shouldn't go and be a burden for other people."

"Not everyone would be so incisive as you." She said, "Moreover, majority of people would like to look for a partner, then they wouldn't be to lonely. Because it would be okay to spend five to six years alone, but more than ten years it would be too hard."

Ye Shu Wei was silent, and turned his head toward her: "If we don't have feeling to each other, then being together day by day would be hard thing to bear."

"You regard marriage to be too divine."

"Divine? In my point of view, a marriage should naturally require love. If you love your partner, then  of course you would be together every day. Since you want to be together that you would form a fair and reasonable manifestation to protect each other."

Ye Shu Wei's every word made Bei Er Duo's heartbeat to beat erratically for a while.

He is serious in elaborating and confessing his view about marriage, unexpectedly let her to feel safe in this world.

"I approve your view." Bei Er Duo said, "In the future, my partner in marriage would definitely would be the one that I love dearly. There would be nothing compares to and could replace him."

Ye Shu Wei didn't continue it anymore, he continued to teach Bei Er Duo the script.

"Er Duo, when you say this, you should see my eyes." He lowered his head and looked for her eyes, "You need to focus your attention on me, don't you always avoid it."

"Okay." Bei Er Duo sighed silently. She extended her hands to fan her hot face, and faced his bright and magnificent gaze.

"Now say those words to me." He guided her.

"You are the first one that make my heart move."

"Then the next one."

"Also would be the last one." Bei Er Duo's hand which placed on the thigh turned into a fist. Her palm was full of sweat, "In whole of my life….. I vow."

"Em, you are making progress than previous one. But you still lack of feeling and coherence, you need to practice several time."


Until the end of the one-on-one tutor done, Ye Shu Wei was relaxed. Bei Er Duo felt she just finished a kilometer run, it consumed her complete energy.

"Today let's end it here. It's not late now, let's stroll around."

"Stroll? I don't think it's good idea. We would be recognized by everyone."

"Don't you already prepared a and hat?"

"But we couldn't hide our height difference."

"Er Duo, even if it is a true famous person, it wouldn't be too few of them would stroll around with their holding hands. Moreover we are not really famous. You are too worrisome."

He said it then stood up, he pulled her hand: "Don't worry, it would be okay."

Bei Er Duo used her other hand to took her and her peaked cap.

"Are you sure being this fully equipped wouldn't attract more attention?"

This word attacked Bei Er Duo's latent private worry. She once again placed the things inside the bag and let him take her out from the scenic area of the lake.

The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear Chapter 26 Part1

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