The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear Chapter 26 Part2

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In the main area of scenic area of the lake there were two streets, the first one is the bar street and the other one is the literature and art area road. Because the first one is too noisy and crowded and most of the visitors are the youngsters. They chose the second one.

The area is the symbolic section of the area. It was calm and tranquil. There was no noise of car. In the night, except continuous sound of fast car and the bicycle bell, it was only sound ofn falling leaves.

Under this situation, the sound of the heart could be heard loudly.

Bei Er Duo remembered something from the senior high school. There was a couple in the cla.s.s, the man was confessing at the area road, then they encountered the mockery att.i.tude from other people: "Do you guys make a firm resolution to be together in front of a kiss for a life time poster?"

A kiss for a life time is that the poster that was really popular and biggest one in that road. In the poster the woman was in bikini and she was hugging a naked man on the sandy sh.o.r.e. The man lowered his head and kissed the woman's lip. The kiss was hazy and aesthetics. On the lower right-hand corner there was a retro perfume bottle.

That poster is remained fresh in a lot of women's memory. They felt a rush of excitement to the extent that bottle of luxurious perfume, they looked forward to it.

The man liked that poster purely because the female model.

The only thing Bei Er Duo couldn't forget is the sentence in the poster, "A kiss for a lifetime", it should be suitable for every couples.

Of course, there was no poster of that perfume anymore. Now the along the road was full of a handmade painting of animals or platns.

"Do you want to get inside and see?" Ye Shu Wei noticed Bei Er Duo's attention stopped and stayed on the right side of the small store. He could now she is interested to shopping.

Bei Er Duo looked front to a shop with most gentle and family owned flags.h.i.+p store: "Then store seems to be a new one. Are you interested to get inside?"

"Just in time I would like to see bedding articles."


They both entered the shop, and immediately a capable and experienced shop a.s.sistant greeted them.

When Bei Er Duo was worried that she would recognize them, the shop a.s.sistant smiled and asked: "Do you guys need any help?"

"What do you want to buy?" Ye Shu Wei lowered his head and looked at Bei Er Duo.

"I just want to look around." Bei Er Duo pulled Ye Shu Wei to the left side.

The shop a.s.sistant was following them behind politely.

Bei Er Duo held up a double bed round back cus.h.i.+on to see, Ye Shu Wei examined the style of the bed.

Once again the door was opened.

The sales a.s.sistant turned her body and prepared to greet the customer. She noticed it was their general manager, w.a.n.g He Chuan. She just greeted her, "Chief w.a.n.g."

w.a.n.g He Chuan just returned from the bar road, and on the way he came over to inspect the place. His body was full of alcohol smell so when he noticed Bei Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei, he thought he was dizzy and having delusion. After trying blinking his eyes for several time, he was sure it was them.

"It's really a good coincidence, you guys come to the store to buy things?" w.a.n.g He Chuan came over, and said leisurely.

Bei Er Duo looked at w.a.n.g He Chuan and was startled, then she remembered Xu Zhen Fen had mentioned to her that w.a.n.g He Chuan's family is working in furniture industry, they have furniture chain stores. Their first store near the train station had been there for four years, but the business was so-so. Therefore, they planned to move location. 

She didn't expect that it would be moved to area road.

"w.a.n.g He Chuan." Bei Er Duo greeted him, "So this is your store, I just know it."

"He he, if only you could care a bit to me, then you would know this has been here since the beginning of July. It's been a month."

"O, congrats."

w.a.n.g He Chuan smiled and looked at Bei Er Duo. He noticed after several time of not meeting her, her hair was longer a bit, her skin was getting more smooth and l.u.s.trous, she is getting more and more feminine. But remembering that she is taken, his heart was really sad. But he couldn't show it in front of her boyfriend, it would make him be embarra.s.sed.

Her boyfriend…. w.a.n.g He Chuan looked at ye Shu Wei. How could this man be uninhabited, he seemed to regard him as an invisible person. Does he think that being tall means he is superior?"

"The first day this new store operated, the business is good. Today is not a weekend so tonight is a bit quiet." w.a.n.g He Chuan then looked at Bei Er Duo. He started to open up a chat skillfully: "Er Duo, what do you want to buy? Tell me. If it's lower than one thousand I could give you directly."

Ye Shu Wei lifted his eyes.

Bei Er Duo declined: "Don't you make a joke to me. If I want to buy then of course I would spend my own money."

"Do I seem to be joking with you? What's up by giving you a bit of things for my relations with your mom? The first day I opened this store, your mother send a flower basket to me and brought several of her friends to cheer on." w.a.n.g He Chuan said, "Just see it I return it to you."

Bei Er Duo still shook her head: "It's my mom, it's unrelated to me. You don't need to return it to me."

"Oh! Er Duo, not meeting for this period of time, how could regard me as your brother as an outsider?" w.a.n.g He Chuan loosen his collar. "It's okay, tell me what do you like."

"She would only tell me what she likes." Ye Shu Wei suddenly spoke out, "it's because I will pay for it."

w.a.n.g He Chuan felt a bit uncomfortable to hear Ye Shu Wei's words, his tone brought provocation: "The things in my shop is not cheap."

"It's okay. I bring my card." Ye Shu Wei said.

"A. I'm really sorry. I forget to tell you. Today the card reader is broken. You need to pay cash for the things Er Duo wants to buy."

The sales a.s.sistant was in confusion, she probed: "Chief w.a.n.g, the card reader…"

w.a.n.g He Chuan glared at her, then looked calm toward Bei Er Duo: "Er Duo, what do you like?"

Bei Er Duo rolled her eyes, and pa.s.sed the cus.h.i.+on to Ye Shu Wei: "I want this, pay this."

This pillow is not expensive, completely could be paid by cash. She used her action to express her standpoint on Ye Shu Wei's side.

"Anything else?" Ye Shu Wei asked.

"I just like this, I don't need anything else." Bei Er Duo smiled brightly, "Hurry up pay it. We still want to go to eat ice cream."

Ye Shu Wei looked at the cus.h.i.+on on his grip, he said to her: "Just buy a pair, then we could put it on the sofa so the the time we watch movie we could use it together."

"….Em, okay."

The time Ye Shu Wei went to pay, w.a.n.g He Chuan looked at Bei Er Duo disbelievingly: "Er Duo, you already live together with him?"

"Em? Em." Bei ER Duo patched the lie calmly and collectedly.

"It's really outside people's expectation. I always think that you are the obedient one."

"It's not related to obedient or not. It's just between man and woman, after the feeling is stable, it is common thing to live together."

"It seems that you already believe firmly on him, would you want to marry him?" w.a.n.g He Chuan said sourly.

Bei Er Duo just smiled without saying anything, w.a.n.g He Chuan just took it as her silent agreement.

Waiting until Ye Shu Wei finished and returned to her side with a plastic bag, Bei Er Duo took initiative to hugged his arm.

"Er Duo, next time remember to call me, I would give you a discount." w.a.n.g He Chuan said.

Bei Er Duo wanted to decline it gracefully, but Ye Shu Wei already said: "Since you are too polite, then before our wedding, we would come here to buy things. We would ask for your advise."

"……." w.a.n.g He Chuan was preparing to say something more, but he was choked. Thinking about how he would give advice for them, he felt his chest was tight.

Ye Shu Wei finished then extended his hand to stroke Bei Er Duo;s head. Bei Er Duo also smiled to him.

The time they almost went out, w.a.n.g He Chuan suddenly turned her body, and pretended to be in doubt: "Oh right, Er Duo. Does your mother know about you guys live together."

Ye Shu Wei responded: "As long as you keep your mouth shut, all of the people in the world wouldn't know."

w.a.n.g He Chuan once again narrowed his eyes. Does he mean that he has a "big mouth" to tell Xu Chen Fen about Bei Er Duo's romantic relations.h.i.+p?

These words directly reminded Bei Er Duo, so with her stern expression she told w.a.n.g He Chuan: "Please this time don't tell my mama again."

"Of course, last time it was by accident. This time I wouldn't." w.a.n.g He Chuan looked at Ye Shu Wei. He felt this man was too subtle. Constantly make a public display of affection, and attack him everywhere.

Ye Shu Wei looked really calm.

w.a.n.g He Chuan gradually understood what does it mean. Ye Shu Wei already regarded his non-compet.i.tor. Or perhaps Ye Shu Wei never regarded him as compet.i.tor. No matter how others provoke him, it wouldn't be a threat for him.

It is the att.i.tude of a winner. It's up to you to accept it or not. In anyway she is mine, you have no ability and capability to change it.


Ye Shu Wei went out from the store with Bei Er Duo, they went together to beverage store. He bought her an ice cream and a cold tea for hisself.

"You drink cold drink?" Bei Er Duo asked. He usually would only eat the warm one. This detail she knows it clearly.

"Em. Today the temperature is too high." Ye Shu Wei said.

Although he made little of w.a.n.g He Chuan and also Bei Er Duo doesn't show any attraction to w.a.n.g He Chuan. But hearing how w.a.n.g He Chuan from beginning called her "Er Duo". It was the first time he feels indescribable fidgety.

There was no one thing that have ever influenced his mood. His feeling and mood was unable to be affected by others. It was the first case.

Thinking about this, he unexpectedly extended his hand to placed it on her waist

The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear Chapter 26 Part2

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