The Other World Dining Hall Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Tunamayo Corn Bread


It was early morning as the sun rose.

At the cold side street, Shota slowly walked while pushing a push cart with “Bakery Kimura” written on it.

(Uu, so cold~)

The signs of summer had completely disappeared and the temperature had cooled down sharply recently. While his body shook due to the cold, his gait was also light while pushing the cart of his business.

His destination was a restaurant in the same shopping district called “Western restaurant Nekoya”.

It was his greatest customer ever since Shota’s father was born; it would buy a huge amount of butter rolls every day and crustless bread for sandwiches in case of takeaway orders.

(I wonder if she is there today.)

While thinking about Nekoya, Shota unintentionally quickened his pace.

While he had earnestly helped at the bakery starting from junior high school… it was only until last year that he considered the delivery to Nekoya to be troublesome.

But now, he began to look forward to Saturday delivery.

After walking for about 3 minutes, he reached the back door of the building and pushed the button of the basement elevator for food delivery as usual.

He waited while fidgeting for the elevator to come, and as soon it came, he went inside with his cart and pushed the button of basement floor.

This way to Nekoya’s kitchen was familiar.

There was no one in the familiar place though he could hear the beef stew boiling while its scent drifted in the air, Shota felt a little relieved.

[Excuse me, this is Bakery Kimura! I’ve come to deliver the bread!]

He pronounced his presence loudly. Aletta was probably cleaning currently.

[Good morning, Shota-san.]

When he saw that smiling face, he tried to hide his blushing face while his body trembled.

[He, hello. Bakery Kimura, I’ve brought the bread.]

[Yes, well then, can you please put it here?]

She stood next to Shota to carry the breads that Shota brought.

A fragrance of soap drifted from Aletta’s fluffy blonde hair with her usual black hair ornaments, Shota gulped unintentionally.

Ever since last year, he saw her only at Saturdays though it was supposed to be the restaurant’s day off, she seemed to be a foreigner though her Japanese was good.

Ever since he had to deal with her, he had started to look forward to the delivery at Saturdays.

(Still, this is a business! Business!)

After seeing the diligently working Aletta, he returned to himself and helped to put away the breads.

The bread and rice were available at the restaurant as all-you-can-eat so there’s quite a large amount, but it was finished quickly when the bread was stored in the food shelf by two people.

[Thank you for helping me.]

[N, no, no! It’s not such a big deal!]

To Aletta who seemed to be a little sorry, Shota waved his hands in panic.

Then he cleared his throat and fulfilled his other purpose.

[A, that… here.]

When he thought about giving a gift to girls except for his mother, Shota became a little nervous. But he handed a paper bag that he loaded on his cart to Aletta.

[Ano, this is… bread, right?]

Meanwhile, Aletta who never received such gifts were puzzled and inquired Shota.

As it was slightly warm and a fragrant wheat smell drifted from it, she guessed that it was a bread.

[Aa, etto, this is tunamayo corn bread.]

To Aletta’s question, Shota replied while blushing.

[Tunamayo corn bread?]

[Aa, this morning my father finally said “if it’s this, we can sell it in the bakery” so… that’s why, I’m giving it to you.]

To Aletta who seemed to be unfamiliar with th

is, Shota responded while sticking out his chest a little.

In Bakery Kimura, whose main product were delicatessen breads that were sold to nearby company workers and students, products like chocolate cookies, curry breads and tunamayo corn breads, which were classic standards in line with various sandwiches, were made in large quantities every day.




Even if Shota was better at making breads than students and housewives, he would have to repeatedly remake his breads until it reached his father’s standard.

And finally, it tasted good enough to be displayed in the bakery.

[Is this fine?]

[Yes, I want Aletta-san to eat this… no, nothing.]

When he was asked, he nodded, but at the same time, he hurriedly cut himself off before he could say something unnecessary.

[Well, I still have to help out back at my house, so please excuse me!]

He then pushed his car, jumped into the elevator to escape and went home.

[Etto, what to do?]

After that, Aletta was confused by the paper bag left behind.


Eventually, Aletta decided to consult with the owner.

[Hoo, so Kimura-san’s Shota-kun was here.]

Listening to it, the owner smiled wryly.

He had a long relationship with Bakery Kimura.

Originally, the restaurant bought the breads from there long since before he was born, and the owner himself occasionally bought some bread from there for his lunch or a quick bite as a student.

And he knew about Shota who was the bakery’s successor who was born back when he was in high school.

(Even though I think of him as a child, it seems that he is now an adult.)

The owner who felt that feeling replied with a wry smile.

[Maa, since his father said that it’s good enough to be sold, it must be properly made.]

The owner said while preparing the corn potage he made in the morning.

[Since he gave it to you, you should eat it before it cools down. While it’s good even when cold, it’s particularly tasty when freshly baked.]

He always remembered the taste he ate ever since he was young.


On that day, Aletta’s breakfast was salad of raw vegetables and corn potage along with the tunamayo corn bread.




[Well then, let’s eat.]

[Yes. God of Demons, I thank you for giving me food. I have received it.]

They sat facing each other, offered a prayer and started to eat.

(Somehow the bread is a little unusual… but it’s good.)

There were two breads in the paper bag with otherworld words written on it.

They seemed to be the same kind of bread and its fragrant scent tickled Aletta’s nose.

(Well, if I’m not mistaken, tunamayo is pickled fish seasoned with mayonnaise, and corn is that maize1 right?)

While thoroughly scrutinizing the bread, she analyzed it based on her knowledge she accumulated from the last year.

In the light brown bread the size of a man’s fist, ingredients were packed in it.

As she saw it, the pickled fish with mayonnaise and yellow corn grains were mixed inside.

The baked bread was brown on the surface and fragrantly smelled.

Her mouth watered and she picked up the bread.

The bread was still a bit warm as it was freshly baked.

She slowly brought it to her mouth and bit it.

The crispy exterior and the fragrant flavor of wheat.

Just like the other breads of otherworld, this was a fine white bread; its surface was crisp while the inside was soft and sweet.

(A, this is delicious…)

However, the real value of this bread was its ingredients.

The tunamayo with its slightly burnt surface had the soft sour taste of mayonnaise that encompassed the tuna that did not have any bad smell.

Sometimes, there was she tasted something sweet when she chewed, there was probably a finely minced Oranie mixed in.

And then the sweet corn.

Those ingredients went well with the soft bread and it pleased Aletta’s appetite, she finished it in a blink of eye.

[Fuu… a.]

After finishing the breath and paused after enjoying the sweet corn potage, Aletta noticed that the owner was looking at her so she blushed and looked down.

It was a habit of Aletta as she used to be poor and struggling to acquire food, so she always got hooked whenever she ate.

Even when eating with the owner, she got obsessed with the bread that she tasted for the first time.

[How is it? Is it delicious?]

Looking at Aletta, the owner pleasantly said so.

This waitress that came from otherworld had been employed for a year or so.

He also thought that it was okay from the beginning, but she was now indispensable for Nekoya’s Saturday business, and at the same time, she was a pleasant customer who enjoyed eating delicious food.

[Maa, the bread that Kimura-san makes is always delicious… of course, other breads are also delicious as well.]

Looking at Aletta, the owner suddenly said such words.

Such was the owner’s words.

[…Yes, I look forward to it.]

She smiled with a bread crumb on the corner of her mouth and nodded.

TN: Puppy crush sure is cute.

Here, the first corn is written with コーン (kon) while the second one isトウモロコシ (tomorokoshi). They both have the same meaning but this just signified Aletta’s unfamiliarity.

The Other World Dining Hall Chapter 90

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