The Path Toward Heaven Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: The Origins of Jing Jiu

While the interesting exchange was occurring at the receiving arena, there was an argument going on in the Hall of Xilai.

Since there were important issues requiring discussion that day, all the peaks had to be in physical attendance instead of the usual way of communication, which was speaking through their swords.

The partic.i.p.ants of the meeting were not the peak masters, but rather the important figures of the peaks, such as Chi Yan of Changed Peak, Mei Li of Qingrong Peak, Bai Rujing of Tianguang Peak, and a few high-ranking Elders sent in by Bihu, Yunxing and s.h.i.+yue Peaks, while the person in charge of the meeting was the Peak Master of Xilai.

Over the years the Sect Master and Yuan Qijing were seldom present at similar occasions, but why didn’t the Peak Master of Qingrong, who actually enjoyed crowds, and the Peak Master of Yunxing, who loved flaunting his existence, show up at the meeting? This was because since Shenmo Peak had been reopened that morning, these important figures of Green Mountain Sect suddenly discovered an embarra.s.sing problem.

Two third-generation colleagues had suddenly become their colleagues.

If it were a meeting for the peak masters, should they ask that young girl Zhao Layue to join?

Seeing that young girl, should they actually greet each other with the courtesy of the leveled sword?

It all felt strange.

So they chose not to show up at all.

It was apparent from this decision that the masters of the Green Mountain Sect were much wiser than disciples like Gu Han.

Chi Yan spoke as he sat on the futon "The first agenda: Yesterday at the Inherited Sword Compet.i.tion, Gu Qing used the s.h.i.+yue Peak sword style, the advanced Six Dragons Return to Sun technique…did he learn it secretly or was he taught by somebody? This is something I will look into ."

No one in the hall said a word.

Gu Qing grew up on Liangw.a.n.g Peak and was Gu Han’s little brother, not to mention Guo Nanshan’s sword attendant; n.o.body believed he learned it secretly.

The problem was that Guo Nanshan and Gu Han were both the disciples of Tianguang Peak, the former also being the disciple of the Sect Master.

It was obvious that the investigation by Shangde Peak was aimed at regaining power in direct compet.i.tion with Tianguang Peak. Was the war between Brother Yuan and the Sect Master going to take place again?

The elders who knew about the past secrets kept silent; they didn’t dare express their opinions on the struggle between the two most important figures of Green Mountain.

Chi Yan fixed his gaze on an elder of s.h.i.+yue Peak.

That elder smiled bitterly, thinking that it was a common occurrence that no one would look into on a normal day; but the disciple Gu Qing happened their style over many the many others.

"Yes, of course we have to investigate…but, we are all in the same sect, so let’s not hurt each other’s feelings."

What the elder of s.h.i.+yue Peak was trying to calm things down.

Chi Yan didn’t mind what he said, since as long as the s.h.i.+yue Peak spoke, Shangde Peak had more a.s.surance to investigate further.

"Secretly learning a sword style deserves investigation, but what about our problem?" the Elder Chen of Bihu Peak asked suddenly with a deep and firm voice.

This Elder Chen, like most pract.i.tioners on Bihu Peak, was short-tempered.

The previous peak master Lei Poyun had gone mad due to improper practice and died a sudden death. Since the Sect Master had already reminded them, none of them dared to discuss it, and moreover, the issue was related to many unrevealed affairs.

Yet the disciples and masters of Bihu Peak were upset, unwilling to be subservient; especially since there was another incident that had happened on Bihu Peak not long ago.

"So Brother Zhuo should simply die without closing his eyes!" the Elder Chen boomed.

Noticing the meaning in his words, Chi Yan fr

owned as he said, "We have some clues to the case, but we are still uncertain."

Staring into his eyes, the Elder Chen said, "You are not sure. So when will you be sure?"

"We don’t need anyone telling Shangde Peak how to investigate a case," said Chi Yan.

Sensing the increasing tension in the atmosphere, an easygoing voice rang out.

"Since Shenmo Peak…didn’t come this time, we’d better discuss that issue," said the Peak Master of Xilai, who sat on the highest spot.

The Peak Master of Xilai was a powerful swordsman of the Broken Sea State, with two long white eyebrows that drooped down and swung in the wind, exuding the full aura of an immortal.

The noise died down as a long silence fell over the hall.

All of them knew what the issue was that the Peak Master of Xilai mentioned.

To be precise, the issue had to do with that young man.

"That’s right. I’d like to know what that disciple named Jing Jiu is all about," said the Elder of Yunxing Peak, frowning. "The Sword Card clearly showed that he went up the Sword Peak only once and came back empty-handed, so how did he bring back the Brother Mo’s sword from the mountain?"

Jing Jiu had been with the Green Mountain Sect for three years.

His laziness was well known.

He had performed many strange and puzzling deeds so far. So how could these masters with magic sword eyes not notice them?

It was natural for these masters to have many suspicions in addition to their expectations and appreciations.

All gazes were fixed on Chi Yan.

This was a matter that should be investigated by Shangde Peak.

"The disciple Jing Jiu’s origin is very clear: He is from Zhaoge City. There isn’t any problem," said Chi Yan.

Staring into his eyes, Elder Chen of Bihu Peak said, "Why would he stay at that small village for a year? And that small village produced a person with natural Dao quality."

No matter what the reason, be it traveling, seeking immortality, or cultivating, none of it could explain this matter; the probabilities were just too small.

Many people, including Elder Chen, wanted to know, if Liu s.h.i.+sui was the p.a.w.n put on the board by the Sect Master in advance, then what about Jing Jiu?

Chi Yan looked at Bai Rujing, who had been silent all this time.

Following his gaze, the Elder Chen and others also looked in that direction.

It looked like Jing Jiu was sent by Tianguang Peak.

He had kept an eye on Liu s.h.i.+sui at the small village, and now followed Zhao Layue to climb up Shenmo Peak.

If all this had been arranged by the Sect Master, it meant that the Sect Master had thought and planned things beyond what anyone could have imagined.

"It is quite harmful to expect one another, and this has nothing to do with Tianguang Peak," said Bai Rujing emotionlessly.

Of course, the others didn’t believe everything he said; but since the Inherited Sword Compet.i.tion was over, Tianguang Peak didn’t have to conceal the fact that Jing Jiu was their p.a.w.n even if it was the truth, unless the real target for Tianguang Peak was Shenmo Peak…

"We all know how strong the prohibition left by Senior Master Jing Yang was. No matter how talented Zhao Layue is, it would still impossible for her to climb atop the peak."

Chi Yan said, "In my opinion, it was Jing Jiu who contributed the most to the reopening of Shenmo Peak last night."

On hearing this, the Peak Master of Xilai raised his eyebrows slightly, and the elders of all peaks were surprised.

Mei Li blurted out, "Except the Sect Master, n.o.body would be able to know the situation inside the peak last night, so how do you know?"

Chi Yan didn’t reply, his expression calm.

Witnessing this scene, the elders of all the peaks felt even more surprised, thinking the rumors were true, that Big Brother Yuan had already entered the State of Heavenly Arrival!

It was deathly quiet in the hall.

If it were true, the situation at the Green Mountain Sect would change accordingly.

The situational change was soon proven by the speech of the Elder of Yunxing Peak.

The Yunxing Peak, who had always submitted to Tianguang Peak, was the first to agree with Chi Yan’s view.

"Zhao Layue had wounds all over her body, but Jing Jiu didn’t have even one visible wound. The disciples of nine peaks were saying that he used shameless methods to follow Zhao Layue up the peak. When one thinks about it, there is no logic in any of that, so the whole thing is questionable when you look at it carefully."

"What do you suspect when it comes to Jing Jiu?" asked Mei Li with an unpleasant tone.

Elder Chen of Bihu Peak said with a deep and firm voice, "This disciple has too many things worthy of suspicion. n.o.body had ever seen him cultivate, but he could break four Cultivation states within three years, and yesterday he even defeated Gu Qing; his Cultivation progress is not inferior to Liu s.h.i.+sui, who possesses natural Dao quality; how can he do this?"

"Just get to the point," said Mei Li.

Elder Chen sneered, saying, "I merely know that he is suspicious, but it is the duty of Shangde Peak to find out what his problem his."

Chi Yan was stared at by everybody again, and he hesitated for awhile before saying, "I suspect Jing Jiu was from the Fruit Formation Temple."

Upon hearing this, the hall became quiet again, and the atmosphere was more relaxed than before.

The Path Toward Heaven Chapter 52

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