The People Who're Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Second day of being an untouchable flower

What kind of bastard would bully a child…

If it was not because he was afraid people would notice the difference in his personality and take him away, Gu Yan would already have wanted to drop the act and coax the small child.

But the reality was that he kept his back faced towards the child and continued in a cold voice: “Go back.”

After waiting for a good while, Gu Yan heard the child behind softly replied 'Understood.’, followed by the sound of footsteps leaving the room. Finally, the door that was open lightly closed.

The moment he left, Gu Yan was the only person left in the room. He relaxed a little then suddenly heard the system's voice in his brain.

[After the host forcefully changed the 'Rules', the system discovered a rejection from the body in which the host resided in, and at that point, determined that the host’s body is already ‘ dead ‘ and must be immediately transferred away.] If the system was capable of different tones, 037 would probably be sounding apologetic as he explained the situation.

Listening to the mechanical voice but having been together through a whole world already, Gu Yan could, of course, understand what the system was trying to tell him.

The abrupt shift in dimension, realistically speaking, Gu Yan had not yet recovered from the last world and was still thinking about how the Heidis would react after he discovered that he was gone…

[Regarding this matter, the host does not need to worry.]

Perceiving the inner thoughts of the youth, 037 quickly gave an optimistic answer.

After a while, Gu Yan lightly nodded his head and gave a small sound of acknowledgment. The big cat that loved to stick to him so much, when he wakes up and realizes that he was no longer there… he would probably not be able to calm down.

However, this time he will not be able to coax him anymore.

Taking a look at the white robe he was wearing, Gu Yan furrowed his eyebrows as he adjusted his thoughts. He still had to think about how to get through the world he was now in.

The current world was in a Xianxia novel. Compared to the last world, Gu Yan felt that the level of danger in this world was much higher.

Demons and beasts roamed this world. As a cultivator, he would inevitably encounter these things and in the future, will even face battles between cultivators.

Fortunately, even though he had possessed the body of a cannon fodder who was doomed to die miserably, the lucky thing was that this cannon fodder was at least a powerful being and not some weak minor side character.

Speaking of identities, he was now one of the five peak masters of the Guan Lan Sect which could be considered a well-known sect in the whole cultivation realm, flourishing for over a century.

Although it had declined over the years, it can still be ranked highly in the cultivation world.

The peak master's position was second only to the Master. With such a high position, Gu Yan did not have to worry about things like food, sleep or common necessities.

Moreover, he had possessed the body of a cannon fodder who was famous for his talent. His cultivating speed and ascension made people hate him so much that their teeth itched. Apart from his tragic end, there was really nothing to be picky about.

Looking at how the original body managed to suffer from such a miserable end despite living in such excellent conditions, Gu Yan cannot help but become silent because the reason he found was that …This person truly did not know how to raise a child.

He was never lenient when it came to disciplining his disciples, from the event in the darkroom, anybody could see this.

Moreover, don't mention how this child was wrongfully accused. Even if he really did steal, shutting him in that dark room for a whole month was too heavy of a punishment for an 11 to 12-year-old child.

(Do not click)

What are the things that bully kids?

If you are not concerned that if you suddenly have a big disparity in personality, you may be considered to be robbed. Gu Da now wants to open the deaf model.

However, the reality is that he keeps his back to the child’s posture and continues to whisper: “Retreat.”

After waiting for a while, Gu Yancai heard the sound of footsteps from the back of the child’s low vocal 'Yes', and the sound of footsteps that had been retreated to the outside.

As soon as the man left, there was only one man left in the room. Gu Ke suddenly relaxed slightly, and the sound of the system rang in his mind.

“After the host modifies the rules, the system finds that the bit is facing the host’s body for rejection. At this time, it is determined that the host’s body is ‘dead’ and must be immediately transferred.” If the system can have such a thing, 037 is now probably Some apologetic explanations.

Listening to Gu Yan’s side, there is still no emotional ups and downs, but all of them have gotten together in one world. Gu Gu can certainly understand what the system wants to say.

The plane was transferred very suddenly. To be honest, Gu Yan hadn’t tried to come up from the last world. He still wondered if that Hertis was better after he left…

“On this point, the host can not worry.” Perceived the youth’s inner thoughts, 037 soon gave a positive answer.

After Gu Yan had a little bit of annoyance, he should say something. The big cat was so sticky to him, and when he woke up and found out that he was not there, it was estimated that it was going to happen…

But he really couldn’t smooth his hair this time.

Raising his hand to look at the white dress he is wearing, Gu Yan kneaded his lower eyebrows to adjust his thoughts. He still had to think about how he would live in the present world.

The current situation is a world of repairs. Compared with the previous world, Gu Dda feels that the degree of cruelty in the world is nothing more than nothing.

The monsters and monsters go everywhere. He is now a monk. Afterwards, he must not have to run into these things. There is still a fight between monks.

Fortunately, though he was a cross-border player, he was still a bit of a cannon in the future. However, this cannon was at least a heavyweight cannon fodder.

In terms of identity, he is now one of the five leaders of Guanlanzong, and Guanzong Zong is also quite a famous martial art in the entire cultivation field. He was more than a hundred years old and even became very popular.

Although it is now declining, it is still able to be ranked in the comprehension sector.

The status of the Zongmenli Peak Lord is second only to the head. In such a large gate, she is at a high level. Gu Yan does not have to worry about eating and wearing.

Moreover, the role of this cannon fodder he traversed was notoriously talented, and the cultivation of the realm was a kind of hateful thing. Apart from the fact that the final outcome was really tragic, the others were really nothing to be picky about.

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The People Who're Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead Chapter 32

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