The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 162

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Chapter 162
Chapter 162: Dawn of the Revival of Unusual Creatures

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"Nonsense," Vivian’s response was sharp and straight to the point. However, the two Ebben elders were muddled by what Vivian said. Bluphlei looked at Vivian with surprise and asked, "How do you…"

"The Day of Return? I understand what you’re trying to say," Vivian said with a tone of disdain. She seemed totally uninterested in it all. "The resumption of the alien races'power, the reemergence of the creatures' glorious reign from the old days, the death of all demon hunters, the earth belonging to us and so on; These claims have been going on since the demon hunters destroyed the last kingdom of Satyr more than 3000 years ago and it has almost reappeared every 100 years. And what happened then? Sartre tried to take back their mountains but now, there are only 100 people left while the rest are gone. The Death Lord wanted to rebuild his army but now, the traces of the undead are hardly visible on Earth. Even the Death Lord's skull was broken and fed to the dogs. Five hundred years ago, the werewolf tribe, Wolm attacked a human church and their leader appeared on the demon hunter's boots the third day, in the form of insoles and uppers. The worst of them was the burrowing monsters, who tried to recapture their crypt in the North. They bumped into a Soviet underground nuclear test right after they assembled. There were no ashes left. Basically, I either got these first-hand information from other sources or I was actually there in person. The revival of the Mythological Era? Haha! As long as the heterogeneous population still has this loose appearance, there’s not going to be any large-scale recovery. Besides, there hasn't been an incident that was big enough to cause genocide among the human and demon hunters. The Mythological Era will never be revived. Have you ever seen a nuclear bomb? Boom! And everything will be gone. Satyr’s descendants could not hold against the radioactive dust. Let me tell it to you this way, even if all the demon hunters really died, human beings are now strong enough to deal with unusual creatures, as long as they snap out from the panic. These seemingly puny creatures are not as weak as you think they are. There are too many of them and they are very good at blowing themselves up together with the world."

Lastly, Vivian said in a gloomy tone, "The worst thing that can happen is global nuclear bombing. Trust me, they are not afraid to do it. I’ve seen more than one psycho like this. Hitler was just one of them."

It was not just the Ebbens but, even hao Ren looked at Vivian with a surprised demeanor. He had never seen the vampire maiden say so much, so swiftly and eloquently with the content of the passage being quite intense. His impression of Vivian was always gentle and well-mannered. She was always a polite and gentle woman. However, Vivian seemed off from the moment the Ebbens arrived to visit them…

Perhaps, this was the Countess of the Crimson Moon's true character? Was it the ease of life that made her restrain herself?

Bluphlei was stunned for a moment. He said with a subtle expression on his face, "I didn't expect these words to be spoken by a higher-order Blood Clan member. It sounds more like the kind of words coming from a demon hunter... Why are you so pessimistic? Are you actually satisfied with the current situation? Don’t you want to get rid of the gloom of demon hunters in the world?"

"Of course, it's a good thing to be able to beat the demon hunters but, I won’t be as blind and optimistic as you are." Vivian smiled and continued, "I've lived a lot lon

ger than you. Although a lot of my memories are blurry, I can still vaguely remember the time humans wore beast skins as well as our dynasties' most glorious times. From the Thunder Giant creating Mount Olympus, to the sun ship being blown up by the giant bows of demon hunters, I’ve seen them all. I’ve even seen aliens fail to fight back several times. So simply put, The Day of Return won’t be much of a temptation to me unless you can come up with more practical evidence… You don’t really have proof, do you?"

Bluphlei probably did not expect the countess, who had always been careless and eccentric to say such weighty words. He remained silent for a long time to organize his thoughts. Then, he looked up and said, "We don’t have anything that can be considered as ‘evidence’. However, after the sirens came ashore, they accurately predicted all the events of the past 200 years including the inexplicable decline of demon hunters, the rise of several alien races and some of the unusual ocean-related phenomena. Also, we did recover some of our power back then under their guidance. You know, the reason for the decline of the alien species to this day is largely due to the decrease in our power. The reason hasn't been identified for thousands of years. But, what is certain is that the alien species on this planet have lost more than two-thirds of their power as a result of The Great Weakening and the more powerful the species, the worse the weakening. More than half of the demon species have even been directly banished into the crevice of space. However, now, the aftereffects of this weakening seem to be slowly ‘recovering’... If not for these real phenomena happening around us, we would not be so impetuous to believe the return of the day. As you've said, several of our counterattacks in history have indeed failed and the ones who survived are those who are smart."

"It’s kind of interesting... did you say the recovering of power?" Vivian looked at Bluphlei, her eyes gleaming. "How much has it recovered?"

Hao Ren heard Vivian mention things about the Mythological Era and The Great Weakening before, but at that time he just took it as a legend: In ancient times, the unusual creatures established the myth-like Dark Order. God stayed on Earth while magic and nightmarish powers shrouded the whole world. During this time, humans were treated like ‘sheep’ in the aliens' captivity. They lived on a primitive Earth and gingerly built glorious palaces for their mighty masters such as the Thunder Giants (though they were equally high in status, they were considered very gentle rulers for humans compared to other creatures). The reason for the end of this seemingly endless, dark and despairing era, other than the wisdom of humans and the activity of demon hunters, another very important reason was a great weakening that permeated all alien groups.

All the creatures, including werewolves, vampires, the undead and demons, no one could escape The Great Weakening. It swept across the world like the plague.

After listening to Bluphlei, Hao Ren realized that The Great Weakening seemed to be much worse than he had imagined.

"The degree of recovery..." Bluphlei paused before replying, "It's just a little bit in fact but, this is a real recovery. Some of the talents and abilities we thought we had lost completely returned in the newborns. Even some of the features could only be found in the family's history books. The first ever dark-moon werewolf also reappeared in the Ebben Family after thousands of years. It was the first one after The Great Weakening. And those sirens have foretold everything before these things happened. You see, we have to believe it."

"What about the weakening of the demon hunters?" Vivian stared at Bluphlei and asked. "The most important piece in the mysterious prophecy of The Day of Return is ‘the weakening of the brutal eagles’. This is clearly referring to the demon hunters."

Bluphlei nodded and confirmed one thing: After the aliens, it was the demon hunters’ turn to face their own plague.

"The number of demon hunters is on the decline." The werewolf elder could not hide the excitement in his tone. "If it hadn’t been for more than 100 years of careful observation by the messenger, I’m afraid no one would have noticed this. The number of demon hunters have decreased by about 10% in the last 150 years. This amount is still an insignificant number and it won't change the balance. However, as long as this situation continues, their time will come to an end!"

"It’s really... the only good news." Vivian sighed deeply.

At the same time, Hao Ren just thought of one thing: It seemed that the unusual creatures were really going to be revived! What about the humans?

"Are you guys really going to rebuild the Mythological Era?" Hao Ren tried to make himself look composed and asked calmly, "Show up and then declare war on the humans?"

The question was straightforward and forceful. Everyone knew that Hao Ren was a human except, the two elders. He was a human being in the household registration at the very least. Also, there was a ‘true god' that had been unknown, behind Hao Ren. So, when the question was thrown at them, even Vivian could not help but shrink into the back of the couch. She felt that once The Day of Return really came true, it would not just be a matter between humans and aliens. Who knew if the goddess would allow the balance on Earth to be broken?

They had no idea of the management's standard of conduct in the world of the Xi Ling Celestials. Therefore, they could only envisage all the possibilities ahead of time.

Hao Ren looked at the two Ebbens seriously, quietly waiting for their reply. Their answer would directly determine whether Hao Ren’s work report would consist of six words or 600 words the next week.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 162

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