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Hao Ren was rooted to the spot for a long moment after the events that unfolded before his eyes: the siren was that powerful all along?

"Phew—" Nangong Wuyue breathed a long sigh of relief, her facial expressin changing back to normal. No one could guess what was in her mind. She meandered forward and curled the sleeping child up in her tail before approaching Hao Ren. "I'm done. The child must have been drugged. Let's get some fresh air outside, the child will be fine."

Hao Ren glanced at the little child to find that it was a girl. He could not tell its gender earlier because she was covered in dirt and ragged clothes. He turned to look at situation in the stone chamber, and was disappointed to find no survivor. After exhausting their vitality and magical power, the cult followers had become a pool of mud. Some were turned into ashes by Nangong Wuyue's strange ability. It seemed normal method didn't work in capturing them.

The two of them searched the chamber carefully trying to find any religious text related to the cult. But they came up with nothing. Hao Ren searched the clothing left behind by the believers. Judging from the clothing, some of them might be peasants, some were merchants, rich and poor, and some were professional soldiers and mercenaries. They were liekly residents of Leyton or nearby area. From a pool of mud, Hao Ren pulled out a small pendant which might belong to one of the believers. He looked at the pendant, then exclaimed in shock. "A Royal Knight?"

There were Royal Knights among the cult members? Who was behind the cult?

At the other hand, Nangong Wuyue had also found something. She saw a piece of inner clothing with the heraldry of the Disciples of Glory. "It's the Disciples of Glory!"

Hao Ren quickly took a gander. He was certain that the heraldry belonged to a clergy. He searched the clothing, which was covered in ashes. This time he found a booklet. He opened and read it.

Written on the booklet were the ramblings of a delirious man printed on paper. Hao Ren knitted her brows together. The writings were very disorganised and the content made him sick. It sang praises of some goddess for her greatness and wisdom, and also the incessant accusation of the Disciples of Glory stealing the power of the true God as well as their hypocrisy and sins. Hao Ren could not help but wonder how such a mundane booklet could have brainwashed these people. He found it only hilarious at best.

But as hilarious as it was, the things written in the booklet had gotten hold of people's mind. Hao Ren recalled the moment of shared vision with the gigantic brain, and made a connection with the Disciples of Glory and the cult. The key to decipher the relationship between the three parties might lie in this hilarious text. He let the MDT scan and record the content of the booklet before shoving it inside the dimensional pocket. He wanted to pass it to the 'expert' once he reached Leyton.

He knew as a stranger he couldn't get to the bottom of the secret without landing himself in some sort of trouble. But it would be a different story if the Disciples of Glory or the knights themselves investigate the matter.

They left the cavern after finding no further clues. Outside, the night was still dark. It was three hours before sunrise. Dark clouds were gathered in the sky, rain was going to fall at any moment. Nangong Wuyue was trudging behind Hao Ren, and in deep thought. The little girl was still being curled up by her tail. Hao Ren was engrossed with the thought of the gigantic brain. After a moment of silence, he decided not to keep delving on the thought. He turned his eyes to Nangong Wuyue and said to her, "I didn't know you're so powerful!"

Nangong Wuyue wasn't flattered. Her face wasn't looking good. She twisted her mouth and said, "I'm still trying to pull myself together."

Hao Ren was curious. He looked at her and asked, "Pull yourself together? Tell me what happened."

The siren maiden scratched her head. She was reluctant but then she still told him. "I guess you've heard that sirens are incapable of dying, haven't you?"

Hao Ren nodded. He had heard it from Vivian a long time ago.

"It's not that sirens are incapable of dying, it's just that we can resurrect ourselves indefinitely." Nangong Wuyue pointed at herself. "You see, it's made of water. As long as there's water, we could resurrect indefinitely. It's true that I'm not good in fighting, what you just saw wasn't actually a fighting technique but a resurrection—by borrowing the body fluid of the believers.

Hao Ren was terror-struck.

"I don't use it usually." Nangong Wuyue said as if she had recalled her painful past. "It's cruel and you know I'm too soft-hearted and I sometime screw up things. As you know, I'm a half-siren with a not so perfert talent. During resurrection, sirens must be highly focused in choosing the venue of their resurrection. But I couldn't always get focused—sometimes I died in a muddle..."

Hao Ren was startled by what she said. "In a muddle? How could it be? What would happen then?"

"Of course I wouldn't be able to choose where to resurrect." Nangong Wuyue said as she stuck out her tongue. My body would reformed in a random place with high moisture environment. It could be anywhere on the planet. One time I was hit by a train while I was exploring the world. I was dead. But when I woke up I found myself floating in the middle of The Pacific ocean. And it took me nearly two months to get back to land."

Hao Ren's brows twitched. "Is that slow you swam?"

Nangong Wuyue sighed. "I got caught up in a strong ocean current and lost my way. And you knew I'd never been to the ocean..."

Hao Ren was speechless, thinking to himself that every monster maiden had her own hidden, peculiar side. No wonder that Nangong Wuyue was afraid of figthing—she couldn't fight. Her only way to 'win' a fight was to consume her enemy with her own death and resurrection with the probability that she might end up somewhere halfway around the globe. Hao Ren felt sorry for her. He said, "I'm sorry, you were hurt. I should've protected you."

"That's OK, really. In fact sirens are inherently amorphous. Let's just say that my formshift failed and my body crumbled." Nangong Wuyue waved her hand as if saying she didn't mind. "And thanks for killing the floating meatball. What was that thing, by the way?"

"Hell, God knows!" Hao Ren shrugged.

Dark clouds had completely filled the sky. Thunder began to sound its displeasure and it was going to rain in any second. Hao Ren was a little embarrassed. He smiled wryly. "OK, I guess even God has no clue."

The two of them wanted to waste no time. They came back to Leyton by teleportation immediately. They didn't know what to do with the little girl they had just saved, so they brought her back to their place as well.

Vivian and Y'zaks were back too. All members of the scout team were back.

The first thing Lily did when she saw Hao Ren was jumping up and down excitedly. She spun her tail creating a little whirlwind. "Landlord, we've found something."

Vivian quickly kept the cups and glasses on the table. Then she grabbed Lily's tail and said, "Couldn't you behave yourself?"

Lily held Hao Ren's hand, licking it as if she was seeking Hao Ren's approval. "We've found a tentacle underground which Battie and I had banged for almost three hundred rounds. Of course I did the most part."

Vivian shot Lily a sideways glance. "Yeah, you mostly ran with your tail between your legs."

Cold sweat was trickling down Hao Ren's forehead, the way Lily spoke always left people with too much lewd imagination...

In the end it was Vivian who recounted the encounter. She added. "We went into The Gnarled Grove just to get confirmation. The tentacle is indeed part of the root system. But the trees in the forest seemed to be normal and have no sensing capability."

"Root system of The Gnarled Grove?" Hao Ren was shocked. He had thought that what he had seen was thrilling enough, little did he expect Lily and Vivian had bumped into something even more incredible. "The root is coming to the surface?"

Squatting on a chair and wagging her tail, Lily said, "Not necessarily. It's just a tentacle. Probably it just has an abnormal growth pattern."

Hao Ren felt the opinion was very characteristically her—f**king dumb.

So it seemed that the water in Beinz area was much deeper than imagined.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 361

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