The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 15

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Apparently, Hikarin can only be seen by me who has contracted and Filia who possesses the spirit eyes. Chrona feels disappointed about that but, this alone is something that can’t be helped.

It’s not a substitute for that but, until the promised time, I played with Filia and Chrona. When I try asking them what they want to play, both of them said that they want to play house.
The roles are, I’m playing the father, Filia and Chrona take turns playing the mother and the child. In the beginning, they were getting along well and taking turns but, midway through it became Filia with the role of the mother and Chrona with the role of the lover.
“Dear! Choose either me or this woman!” or, “I’ll kill myself if you don’t choose me!” and so forth, it became the embarrassing syrupy contents of a soap opera in my previous life. Who is it, the one who taught the 5 years olds such syrupy contents……
As expected, I couldn’t overlook it so I made them promised to not play this kind of house again.

Such a thing happened but, playing with the two of them puts my heart at ease. I made it look like I’m not really bothered during the large march but, I killed a living thing for the first time then. Because it’s a first time even if I include my previous life, the sensation still remains in my hand.

Lives in this world are more trivial in comparison to my previous life. Just letting my guard down slightly could cost my life. In order to protect myself and the things precious to me, I’ll probably have to kill from now on as well. Perhaps, I may even have to my lay hands on humans. I have to make sure I don’t hesitate when it comes time for that. Because the day when I have to be decisive will one day come……

When I thought about these things, Hikarin lightly slaps my head. The top of my head has become Hikarin’s special seat, I’m told that my hair makes for good carpet, and it apparently feels good to sleep there.

“Master, are you thinking of something difficult. I’ll resolve it for you!”

“No, it’s fine. Don’t mind it”

I say that as I smile bitterly and, Hikarin used the lightning magic’s Bolt.

“Abababababa! Wh, what are you doing!”

“We’ve gone through the trouble of contracting so there will be no secrets! I who have been watching Master since you were a baby can easily see through that you have something that you’re worrying! Now then, hurry up and confess!”

“Wait a minute! What do you mean by you’ve been watching me since I was a baby?”

“In order for a spirit to contract with a human, the spirit and human’s magic power’s wavelength have to match or else it’s not possible to contract! That’s why amongst the spirits that can never contract, perhaps it’s because of Master’s title, you are a rare human who has matching wavelengths with spirits of all elements. That’s why you are very popular amongst the various spirits but, the spirits held a tournament amongst themselves and I came out victorious!”

To think that, the effects of 「The One Without Limits」would appear here……

“That’s why, I also know things like how Master was happy about burying your face in your mother’s breast or, how you tore your father’s precious book!”

Wh, what! She knows the things that only I know!

“By the way, the matter of being happy about burying your face in your mother’s breast was exposed to your mother”

Seriously! Is that why there are occasionally times when she looks at me with extremely gentle eyes…….

“So, it’s fine to talk about anything! Leave it to me!”

Is that so, then it’s fine even if I talk about it huh. Then I told Hikarin about what I thought of just now.

“It’s simple if it’s something like that!”

Simple? What does she mean?

“Be strong enough to not have to kill people! It’ll be fine if you get your hands on enough strength that can decide a person’s life and death, that can make a person lose their will to fight”

……I see. Enough strength that can make someone lose their will to fight huh.

“I wonder if becoming strong is possible, for me”

“You can become strong! A high-rank lightning spirit like me is with you so it’ll be alright!”

“A high-rank lightning spirit, are you that amazing, Hikarin!?”

“Now I’m in this form because of Master’s low magic power supply but, I will turn into my true form as Master’s magic power increases! I have a nice body so look forward to it!”

Nice body huh. I’m looking forward to that.

“Is that so. I’ll be counting on you from now on, partner!”

“I’ll be counting on you! Master!”

I feel that I’ve contracted with Hikarin in a true sense.

While we were talking about that, Sensei came.

“Aa, Sensei. Is the cleanup done already?”

“Aa, the middle is also mostly taken care of. It’s thanks to Lei scorching the enemies without holding back. The troublesome thing about battles or conflicts like the large march is, the cleanup after it’s over. We have to dispose of the considerable number of corpses before it decomposes or else, they’ll become the source of illness or turn into undead”

“Is that so. Then, is the disposal outside of the gate pressed for time?”

“No, the outside of the gate is fine since Eris and I are taking care of it. To begin with, the number of monsters this time around are little”

Is that so. Well, it’s said that this is the fastest it has ever ended.

“Now, it’s almost time. Shall we head to Sieg’s study”

“Yes! Let’s go”

We headed toward Sieg’s study.

The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 15

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