The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 16

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Sensei and I arrived at the study. Sensei knocks the door and from within

“Come in”

, Sieg’s voice was heard.

Sensei enters and I follow behind. When we enter, Eris, Aerith, Army Commander Gilbert-san and about three people who look like subordinates are already waiting there.

“Are we late?”

“No, it’s fine, Alene. Lei as well, take a seat”


Sensei and I sit and, Gilbert-san unfolds a map atop the desk.

“First of all, thanks for your effort at the large march. It’s all thanks to Army Commander Gil with the troop, Alene and Mars with the close-quarters squad, Mel and Cay with the long range squad, Eris and May Jane with the magician squad banding together that we were able to suppress the casualties to the minimal. Even if it’s said that the numbers are the lowest ever, it’s still close to 10 thousand”

After saying that, Sieg looked at Aerith and me.

“And then Aerith and Lei. It’s thanks to you guys exterminating the orcs that invaded the town that it ended without many casualties. There’s no doubt that if you guys weren’t there, there would be more casualties. Well, I don’t want you guys who are still children to do anything absurd though”

He gives a bitter smile as he says that. Eris who saw that

“I’ve already said it previously but, really, don’t do anything absurd! Recovery magic wouldn’t be able to heal Aerith’s wound had it been deeper, a little more and you wouldn’t be able to swing a sword again. And for Lei, had the magic power exhaustion been worse, it would be a life and death situation!”

I’ve heard about mine but, to think that Aerith’s injury was that severe……


as she says that, Eris suddenly stands up and approach Aerith and me. She comes to where Aerith and I are and, hugged the both of us tightly with all her strength.

“I’ve only been warning you guys since before but, you guys really worked hard! Aerith, Lei. As your mother, I’m proud as well!”

Eris says that and smiled to us with a gentle look. Both Aerith and I started tearing up for some reason when we see that face. As expected, no matter how much we try to be convinced about it within our hearts, the matter of killing a living thing or the matter of letting someone die, injuring ourselves, being on the brink of death and such, are things we are bothered about.
We were able to realize that after being hugged by Eris.
Therefore, both of us hug Eris back instinctively. Tightly, as though to have a firm grasp of the feeling that we are alive, as late as it may be……

When we finally calmed down after crying for several minutes, Sieg spoke out. With a broad grin.

“Seeing Aerith and Lei like this, it makes me realize that they are really still children”

“That’s of course. Even if they carry the blood of Sieg, Eris, and me, children are still children. We as parents have to guide them from now on”

Alene says that. Naturally, with a grinning look……I glare intently at her but, she doesn’t look bothered at all. Gilbert-san who’s unable to just stand by and watch started speaking out.

“It’s fine to talk amongst the family but, let’s move on to the real issue at hand”

“Aa, that’s right. Gil also wants to quickly meet his wife and child. Due to the large march’s clean up, you’re finally able to come back. You want to quickly fawn over both their cat ears huh~?”

“Of course! I want to quickly go back and fawn over Chloe and Chrona!”

Sieg says that with a mean look. But Gilbert-san replies to that ordinarily. Is that so! This person is the husband of Chloe, my lady attendant who has now become the head lady attendant, and Chrona’s father.

It’s a long story when it comes to it but, it seems Gilbert-san was Sieg’s direct subordinate during the previous large march and he became acquainted with Chloe who was Eris’ escort. Gilbert-san apparently fell for her since then but, they were completely unable to meet up due to the large march’s clean up, resuming from when Chloe came to the Runwalker House as a lady attendant, they apparently began going out.

Sieg gives a bitter smile to that reply. Gilbert-san is for some reason giving a triumphant look. Eris and the subordinates breathe a sigh, Alene bursts into laughter. What is this, this chaotic room?

Sieg began talking in order to change the topic.

“Th, then, let’s talk about the large march this time”

“Yes. The large march this time appears to have the smallest number in comparison to the previous large marches. Though It’s an estimation, the number doesn’t reach 10 thousand. It’s a large crowd with orcs as its core”

“This time around, it resulted in a large crowd with orcs as its core probably because it’s led by an Orc King. Previously when it was led by a Leech, it was a large crowd with undead as its core”

According to the current conjecture, it is conceivable that the monsters change according to the Leader that is leading the large crowd.

“It appears to be so. Although I think that everybody realises but, the large march this time is different from the previous”

“Aa, a surprise attack strategy that has never occurred before in the large marches until now was used”

Sieg says that and, the atmosphere in the room became tense.

“From what Aerith said, before the orcs appear in the middle of the town, a large scale magic circle apparently appeared in the sky. Well, the orcs appearing would mean that the transportation from space magic was probably activated as the magic circle”

“I think that’s it. I’ve never heard of monsters being able to use space magic. Which means”

“Aa, it most likely ties in with humans. Furthermore, a high-level magician.”

“Eris-sama. In order to create such a large scale magic circle, how much magic power is required?”

“I can’t say it for sure since I didn’t personally see the magic circle but, if it’s sending about 100 orcs in such a large scale magic circle then, I think it’ll require about 10 thousand magic power. But since it’s using a magic circle, it’s possible to store magic power so, it might be accumulated by the number of people”

“I see. It probably takes quite some time since the magic circle has to be constructed in secrecy, they probably did it cautiously so that we don’t find out about it. Looking at it like this, only that country comes to mind”

Everybody is making a bitter look.

“It’s that country as expected huh”

Sensei says that and lets out a sigh.

“Aa, doing something like this is almost undoubtedly, on the other side with the Demon’s Land between us, the country that’s enormous even for this continent. Regalia Empire”

Sieg said it with a sigh mixed in as well.

The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 16

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