The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 17

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Situation (2)

If I’m not wrong, Regalia Empire is the large neighbouring country with the Demon’s Land between us.

“Lei still hasn’t learned about this continent yet. This continent consists of 8 countries.”

Saying that, Sieg explained to me.

The country we are living in is 『Nanor Kingdom』.
The country that’s situated on the furthest east of this continent. Other than there being the Demon’s Land, it’s a peaceful country without any particular problem.

And then, there are 3 countries that are connected to this country.

The first one is the country that is located to the south of Nanor Kingdom,『Beastfolk Country Worvest』
Its population is made up of 70% beastfolk, they have an alliance with the Nanor Kingdom. The Beast King who’s the representative brings his family to the Nanor Kingdom several times a year, that’s how good the relationships between the two countries are.

The second country is a country that worships Goddess Astell, a god that I can’t say is unrelated to me,『Arcadia State』
The entire country was bustling when the daughter of the country’s pope receives Goddess Astell’s divine protection, that’s how devoted they are to Goddess Astell. I hear that she’s the same age as me. The head temple of every nation is in this country. Since it’ll be a pain if my status is exposed, it’s a country I don’t want to go to. Naturally, they have an alliance with the Nanor Kingdom.

The third is,『Regalia Empire』, the first country to have surfaced. Regalia Empire that was originally small, used the country’s sole summoning magic which is the Hero Summon to summon a hero, invade other countries, repeatedly merging and became the large country it is now. Even now, it’s placing its strength into the military and is in the state of war with various countries. Its objective is the unification of this continent or something like that.

These countries are the countries that are connected to the Nanor Kingdom.

The remaining countries are, the country at the utmost southern tip,『Celia Kingdom』
This country has a large river that flows from the sea to the middle of the country, because of the marine products that can be procured there have become a speciality, it has become a marine country. It’s said that the water dragon lives there and the country is apparently protected by the water dragon’s divine protection. There is nobody who has seen the water dragon and it’s only left behind in the folktales so, it’s not known whether it’s true or not.

North of Celia Kingdom, the country that’s connected to west side of Worvest,『Demi-human Country Forest Falia Kingdom』
As the country’s name suggests, its population is mostly demi-human. I haven’t seen them before but, it’s a country that elves and dwarves reside in. It’s also said to be a country that spirits reside in. Next time, I want to bring Hikarin there. Though it has the lowest population, because of the elves who are good at magic and dwarves who are good at smithing making defensive equipment and weapons, it’s a strong country that doesn’t differ from the other countries.

The country that’s to the west of Forest Falia Kingdom is,『Ilnort Federation Republic』
A country that’s originally gathered up with over 20 small countries, an election is held every couple of years to select a representative, a strange country in this continent.

Then, a country that has almost the same problem as Regalia Empire, connected to the west of Arcadia State is the country,『Demon Country Tempest』
A country that’s governed by the demon tribes, there exists a Demon King. With the problem being Demon King, extremely hostile and such. Even now, it’s waging war with Arcadia State that’s connected to it and Regalia Empire. Because of this, Regalia Empire is considering something like another Hero Summon. That’s apparently how strong the Demon King is.

This is the situation of this continent.

“Regalia Empire, though I think I’ve said the reasons they are waging war with the other countries, the main reason is the unification of the continent”

Again, something troublesome.

“You already think that the mastermind this time is Regalia Empire?”

Eris asks that and

“Probably. Since it turned out like this, I have no choice but to go and report it. Gil, pick about 50 people from the soldiers that are currently around. The departure date will be around next week”


“The ones I’ll be bringing are, Eris and Lei, I also have to bring Filia along. If that’s the case then Chloe and Chrona as well huh. I’m sorry but, I’ll be entrusting the territory to Alene and Aerith”

“It can’t be helped. Leave the territory to me”

Nn? I’m not following the conversation.

“Chichiue. Where are we heading?”

“Isn’t it obviously going to be the Imperial Capital. I have to talk to Ou-sama¹ about the empire’s intervention this time around. I’ll have Lei come along as well”

“……Am I going to meet Ou-sama as well?”

“Of course. If you who have seen the magic circle and exterminated the orcs are not going then who is”

Sieg says that as he smiles bitterly. Seriously~. I’m looking forward to the Imperial Capital but meeting Ou-sama is……

“Ah, we’ll also be meeting Elizabeth who’s in the Imperial Capital so look forward to that, Lei. Your brothers are there as well”

He says that and went out. Speaking of which, I have brothers. They’ve only come once since I was born so I’ve totally forgotten about them.

And thus, it’s decided that we are going to the Imperial Capital.

The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 17

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