The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 25

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Dragged In Again?

The duel with Princess Alexia finished and we returned to the King’s Room just now. Princess Alexia wakes up immediately after that and she has currently gone to change. I was also for some reason invited but I declined. I’ve already had enough of those tiring stuff.

“Good gracious, that strength at that age. You’ve raised an outrageous child huh, Margrave Runwalker”

says the King.

“Good grief. If he is this strong then Margrave also has a peace of mind huh”

says the Prime Minister. It seems this person saw only the last part.

While they are talking about various things.

“Otou-sama, I’m entering!”

The door opens and Princess Alexia enters. I who saw Princess Alexia was unconsciously charmed by her. Because unlike the school uniform from before, she’s wearing a dress. I don’t really know in details about dresses but, it’s called an A-line if I’m not wrong? Though it’s a light blue dress with few decorations, it brings forth Princess Alexia’s beautifulness even further. Above all, the breasts-sama that couldn’t be fully concealed. The deep cleavage that is visible looks erotic.

“Fumu, fumu”

I said you’re looking too much, you lewd father. Don’t nod at it again and again.

And then, she sits beside me like it’s a matter of course. Naturally, I’m the lowest position so I’m seated the furthest away from the King.

“Princess Alexia. Are you not in the wrong seat?”

“Nn? It’s fine, isn’t it. I want to sit here! Aa, by the way, I haven’t yet heard your name”

Indeed, I probably didn’t say it.

“Pardon me! I am Margrave Runwalker’s son, Leivelt・Runwalker”

“Is that so, pleased to make your acquaintance! Lei!”

and Princess Alexia smiles at me. Even though she feels like a sweet high-class lady when she’s not holding a weapon……but even when she’s holding a weapon, there’s a different kind of beautifulness.

“That’s right! Can I borrow Lei from now? Otou-sama, Margrave?”

“There’s the duel just now and the matters tomorrow but, I guess it’s fine to ask the Margrave. Is there any problem, Margrave”

“Yes, there is no problem. The reason I brought Lei along was to let him talk about the surprise attack”

“Is that so, then you can act freely, Alexia. Lei as well, I’m thankful that you’re going along with this kind of tomboyish daughter. I’ll also be looking forward to you in the future”

says and smiles the King to me.

“Haa! I am greatly honoured! Your Highness!”

Thereupon, my arm was pulled

“Then, let’s go! Lei!”

And we leave the King’s Room. I was concerned about everybody’s warm look at that time but I couldn’t do anything. Without knowing that after I went out, my hereafter is being discussed……

“Now then, Lei! Let’s go to the academy from now! Since it takes about 5 minutes by carriage from here”

“Eh? But Your Highness Princess Alexia just changed into a dress?”

“It’s fine if I just quickly change out of this thing. It’s fine for you to help me as well if you like, ehehe~”

Princess Alexia approaches me. And over there

“Alexia-sama. I think it is not appropriate to go into a room with just a guy even if it is a child”

A beautiful female in school uniform came over.

“Ara, Helen came back? Even though I thought of going to the academy from now”

“I heard you have things to do today so you want to go back early but, I did not think that you would actually leave behind all the student council work and go back. I was scolded by the student council president”

“Haha, I’m sorry, Helen. There’s someone I want to meet no matter what”

and Princess Alexia hugs me tightly with all her strength. In b, breasts-sama, my face is! I ca, can’t breathe!

“Alexia-sama. Did you forget that you will be disliked if you do that? Even in the orphanage, the children call you『Princess Oppai』and run away because you hug too much. Even though someone like me doesn’t even have breasts to bury them!”

“……I’m somehow sorry, Helen. You were conscious of it. Don’t cry?”

“I am not crying! Consoled by someone who has it, weーn!1”

Th, this is bad. Various things are happening but I’m also almost at my limit.

“Oops, I’m sorry, Lei. You’re too cute so I hugged you instinctively. Helen stop crying as well”

I am finally released. Haa, haa, what an atrocious weapon! I almost died!

“Gusuu2. I understand. More importantly, who is this child? It is my first time seeing him”

“That’s right. I met him for the first time today. His name is Leivelt・Runwalker, the child of that Runwalker family that’s famous even in this country”

“……I see. The son of that famous Margrave huh. I am late at introducing myself, my name is Helendine・Largous. Marquis Largous family’s eldest daughter, and also serving as Alexia-sama’s aid”

Helen-san has a tawny bob cut hairstyle and she’s like a class committee chairman. A certain part is a wall though……

“Is something wrong?”

“N, no, it’s nothing. Nice to meet you, I’m Leivelt・Runwalker. Pleased to make your acquaintance”

I say that and pay my respects.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lei-kun. Then, why is Alexia-sama bringing Lei-kun around? Were you not able to meet the person you wanted to?”

“I was able to meet him! I mean, the person I wanted to meet was the Margrave!”

“Then why are you bringing this child around? Did you not duel with the Margrave?”

“Instead of the Margrave, I duelled Lei!”

“Aa, you are bringing him around as an apology huh. Alexia-sama, you went all out even with a child as an opponent, right”

“That’s right! And I lost! Ehehe~he’s my partner from now on!”


Helen-san and my words overlapped. ……What does she mean partner?

“Alexia-sama lost to this child? Without holding back?”

“That’s right! I was even beaten black and blue!”

And then Princess Alexia gives a thumbs up.

“Erm~ what do you mean by partner?”

“Lei-kun does not know huh. Alexia-sama is unmatched in her love for those younger than her and so she says that she won’t marry unless it is someone younger or only up to 2 years if it’s older than her, amongst that, she declares that she will marry if the person wins against her”


“His Highness also knows Alexia-sama’s talent so he approves the matter of, if it is someone who wins against Alexia-sama then it is fine”

“My father knows about that?”

“He definitely knows. I mean, letters were being sent to the Houses that fulfil the requirements brought up by Alexia-sama”

I, I got tricked! That’s why Sieg left it to me! I look at Princess Alexia and

“Take care of me from now on, Dear!3”

A tremendous smile……and then she tries to hug me. Helen laughs bitterly without stopping it. However over there

“I finally found you! Alexia-sama! Today for sure I am going to have you be my opponent!”

For some reason, a muscular boy wearing school uniform brought about 3 people over with him.

“I don’t wanna. You guys are weak”

Princess Alexia says with an extremely unwilling look. And I wish she wouldn’t hug me nonchalantly. I can’t see with my face buried in breasts-sama. Though I’m happy……

And then some kind of unpleasant premonition……no more……

Crying soundSniffOriginally:旦那様, Danna-sama. A way of addressing the husband

The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 25

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