The Rich And Powerful Chang An Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Because he kept thinking about Yang Momo and them, Xu Chang An had no will of learning to ride a horse. He was in his courtyard all along anxiously waiting for Xiao Qing to come back.

After looking at w.a.n.g Fei's draft of bedroom serve book, Zhu Guanjia very much wanted to remind w.a.n.g Fei at once that he had gone overboard a little. He as Xian w.a.n.g Fei, how could arrange for himself only two days? Even if he was a man that perhaps w.a.n.g Ye disliked, whatever also must seize up ten days. However, Zhu Guanjia did not open his mouth at the end. He decided that his w.a.n.g Ye would not agree to this arrangement. He also wanted to let w.a.n.g Fei to see clearly his ow status through this matter. Sometimes it was not a good thing to belittle oneself for others.

If there was nothing in the middle of imperial court, the time Xiao Qing Yan returned to the residence would be quite early. Xu Chang An beforehand had instructed the yatou to pay attention as soon as w.a.n.g Ye returned home, let him know immediately

"w.a.n.g Fei,w.a.n.g Ye is back."

“He's going to the study? Let's go.” Xiao Qing Yan upon arriving home would not go to the rear courtyard first. Heard the yatous said that he had not been to the rear courtyard even once for a few days. Xu Chang An sometimes also would curiously wondered; Xiao Qing Yan as an adult man, why prefer to sleep in the cold study and not going to his concubines' places, is there something wrong with his body?

“w.a.n.g Ye, you seem to be very happy today.” Zhu Quan¹ followed Xiao Qing Yan to go to court in the Palace every day, but he could only wait outside, he did not know what happened to him in the court.

Today, since his w.a.n.g Ye returned from the court, he noticed that w.a.n.g Ye was in a good mood today and did not know whether something good happened.

“You have good eyes, w.a.n.g is in a good mood today.” Xiao Qing Yan was truly did not expect that the Xu family's affair would have unexpected results.

The officials in imperial court, each and everyone posed as a person of high morals, reporting; what model set in the family, certainly only their family members knew. Xu Family's affair came out, eventually involving the topic of moral behavior of the official who had favored the concubine and did away with the wife, in succession. And among these officials, mostly were from the Succeeding Empress's family's influence.

Concerning to his own fate, Xiao Qing Yan had already resigned. Although imperial father had removed him from the imperial power, he had no complaints toward imperial father. Since childhood, imperial father gave him too much things, he really did not grew out any resentment thoughts.

But! He would not go to vie that crown prince's seat, did not meant for him to just henceforth look on unconcerned. The grievances of him with the Succeeding Empress's faction were not overnight, it was many years of grievances. Someday, if Second Prince succeeded the throne, it was absolutely not good for him and Qing Yu, and now he could only try by every possible means to a.s.sist Qing Yu.

As long as the Second Prince did not have the support from the court's influence, he was not worth to be afraid of.

“w.a.n.g Ye, His Fourth Highness have not coming here for a quite a lot of days, do you want to send people to take a look?” Xiao Qing Yu now still had not conferred a w.a.n.g t.i.tle, also the youngest son, the temper still was careless and laid-back. Since he was sixteen and later went out of Imperial Place to set up residence, he spent his simple life always in leisure and carefree mood. Only time and again he would come to Xiao Qing Yan here, staggering. Now after counting the days, it was really quite a lot of days he had not came by.

“No news is good news, no need to bother about him.” Mouth said no need to bother, but Xiao Qing Yan had already planned in his heart; how to go catch that good-for-nothing fellow to come back. Previously there was him(XQY), he could follow his own feelings to go be free and at leisure w.a.n.g Ye, but now no longer possible.


“You will personally go to His Fourth Highness's residence tomorrow, no matter what method you use, you must bring the person over to me.” If it was indeed impossible, only had… If the future successor was Jing w.a.n.g, them brothers' future would be well-off better than having Second Prince succeeded.

In Xiao Qing Yan's heart, he clearly understood that younger brother of his had a few weights and his mind was somewhere. Now that things had reached to this state, he could only not to beat around the bush with him. If he was really not interested in that seat and had no thoughts at all, then he needed to fully support Jing w.a.n.g to win that seat.

Jing w.a.n.g's mind was simple, and was always be on friendly terms with him. Zhou Guifei with his imperial mother also had not harbour old grievances. If someday Jing w.a.n.g ascended the throne, he and younger brother could live in peace.

“Yes, w.a.n.g Ye. Right, w.a.n.g Ye, father brought the bedroom serve book that w.a.n.g Fei had drafted today and placed it on the table. Have you seen it yet?” Zhu Quan just entered the residence and someone told him about it. When he first heard it, he had no reaction. Over a little moment, his reaction was; this is what it should be Ah. In the past, w.a.n.g Ye had not married, even Cefei did not have, only two trained yatou that was gifted by Inner Palace. Now there were w.a.n.g Fei and Cefei, perhaps in the future still would add new people one after another. It should be the time to start raising the established rules.

When he heard Zhu Quan's words, Xiao Qing Yan still somewhat could not believe; that Xu Chang An would do that work?

Going to the room where he usually handled official business, there was actually a booklet on the table. Xiao Qing Yan was about to open it, Xu Chang An soon requested an audience from outside.

Looking at the thing in front, Xiao Qing Yan considered it as a matter of course that Xu Chang An came over because of this matter. Never would he expect that his coming over in fact for the sake of a few slave servants.

“Only a few slave servants, didn't understand the established rules then must let them know the established rules. You are w.a.n.g Fei, since they are your people, the punishment ought to be even more heavy. Yet you dare to come to plead.”

Xiao Qing Yan's tone was not good, Xu Chang An did not dare to look at him at all, could only hastily knelt down and admitted fault but mouth continued to say: "w.a.n.g Ye, yesterday's matter had nothing to do with them, it's me who insisted to drag them to accompany me to drink. They also did not dare to disobeyed me. After all is said this is my fault, it me who broke the rules. If really need to punish, I should be punish too.”

"Impudent! You as w.a.n.g Fei, going as far as kneeling down to plead for a few slave servants!” Never would expect Xu Chang An went as far as kneeling down for a few slave servants, Xiao Qing Yan suddenly gave birth to a burst of indescribable anger and no longer looking at kneeling people, directly instructed Zhu Quan at the side: “Heed my command, give the few slave servants twenty weighty flogging. If dead, throw out of w.a.n.g Residence. If still alive, forbidden to return to the main courtyard to serve w.a.n.g Fei again. All of them will be expel to work in the firewood shed."

Xiao Qing Yan's words were full of fury, and the tone brook no intervention. Xu Chang An sat directly on the ground due to fright, face was deathly pale and his hands practically had no strength. In any case, he did not expect that things would be so serious. He thought that at most, they would be detained for several days and soon would be release.

How did it come to this, how did it come to this?

“w.a.n.g Ye, Your Highness! Your Highness…… Begging you, begging you……” Always known that after becoming a member of the Imperial House, life and death, riches and honor were a constant companion; if not being careful, perhaps would cost one's life. Xu Chang An at this moment however did not think of anything, he only knew that Momo and them were momentarily indulged and willful because of him. He should die, should die!

Dared not continue to stay here, Zhu Quan quickly went out. When he went out, he closed the door. w.a.n.g Fei and w.a.n.g Ye were like this, it was best not to let others see.

“Humph!” Thinking of that two 'like flower and jade' yatou being around Xu Chang An and seeing Xu Chang An with such an appearance, Xiao Qing Yan did not do as he wishes. He could only think that the two yatou and his own w.a.n.g Fei absolutely not merely had master and servant relations.h.i.+p!

“Your Highness!” Xu Chang An now already did not care about whatever disgrace or not disgrace! After directly 'slam' knocked three loud kowtow to Xiao Qing Yan, he slowly straightened his body, not closing his eyes but tried to make his eyes clear, looked straight into Xiao Qing Yan's, said word by word: "They are not merely my wetnurse and maidservants."

"w.a.n.g just—"

“They are also my benefactors.” Those days in the village, if it was not for them, his would not lived to this day.

“My mother died three years ago, father told me to go guard mother's grave. In fact, I was driven out of the house by father, locked away in the farm. The reason why father did that…… because I found out that mother did not die of illness, rather, was poison to death by a villain…… It's ridiculously detestable!

Mother's death caused by people, not only father did not redress the injustice instead he covered up the murderer. Even when I knew the truth, I was driven out to leave Xu Family! My mother died with her heart originally in grieved, even more with father's such bearing made my heart despaired. After I went to the village, soon afterwards my health always not good, in addition to the servants constantly treated me deliberately harsh, my health is unable to fully recovered.

That three years, I did not know how many spell of illness I'd gotten, drinking medicine was either from Momo and their own allowance or Dongxue personally went to the mountain gathering herbs. In those days, even the things I ate were not as good as the servants. Momo and them then saved their own meager ration for me.

Your Highness, I beg you, beg you to not punish them, let drive them out of the residence directly. The person who broke the rules is me, had better to beat me. Anyway, without them I would not lived up until now.” There was still mother's property in his hands. If Momo and them went out, their life would be much better than in w.a.n.g Residence. And now his great hatred was recompensed, his heart had no more worry. Wasn't it just life? People lived a day, then strode forward to face death's day. Since in the end, he would be facing that day, as long as there was no regret in the heart, then there was nothing to be afraid of.

Xiao Qing Yan absolutely did not expect that he was just wanted to punish a few slave servants, but hearing what he had long suspected, the facts were even more shocking than he thought! Humph! There are actually such vicious people in this world/society, it seems that Xu Yongnian's bad end is still too lightly for him now!

"Someone, come in!"

“w.a.n.g Ye! Reporting to w.a.n.g Ye, someone is looking for w.a.n.g Fei outside, it seems to be from w.a.n.g Fei's family's people. Want to let people enter—”

“No need! Wait, who is the person coming?” Since it was automatically sent to the door, not properly receiving guests would not be a good behaviour.

“It seems to be w.a.n.g Fei’s father and younger step-sister.”

“Zhu Quan, w.a.n.g Fei's body is unwell. You send w.a.n.g Fei back to rest. As for the guests outside….. usher them in and let them wait in front of w.a.n.g Fei's courtyard.” Xiao Qing Yan did not understand why he wanted to stand-in for the person who had ruined his life to vent his(XCA) anger. When the people had left, he then said rather dejectedly: “Maybe because… he is no different from myself.”

Since mother pa.s.sed away, he had tasted the warmth and coldness of the world/society to the utmost. Taking in account of his mother's regret, he wanted to try by every possible means to protect the young and ignorant younger brother.

¹Previously named Zhu Cong

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The Rich And Powerful Chang An Chapter 18

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