The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Extra

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 ​ ​~ The First Night ~ 

That wedding night --- 

Now in the s.p.a.cious bedroom, s.h.i.+ori was being hugged tightly by Kurosaki. 


The both of them had shared a kiss in front of a ​ ​audience ​back in the church during the 

ceremony. Although the idea of having to kiss in public made s.h.i.+ori rather uncomfortable, he did 

not seem to mind Kurosaki’s kiss one bit……  

Even if he was no longer in line for the throne, s.h.i.+ori would never feel resentment towards 

Shou. He could now only feel a sweet numbness spreading across his lips, and a soft sense of 

happiness was.h.i.+ng through him lightly.  

After the ceremony had ended, Kurosaki brought s.h.i.+ori to his house, signalling s.h.i.+ori leaving 

the Royal Palace officially.  

Seeing s.h.i.+ori glance back at the palace with a quiet, lonely gaze, Kurosaki immediately pulled 

s.h.i.+ori into his embrace - as if wanting s.h.i.+ori to have eyes for him alone.  

Afterwards, Kurosaki embraced s.h.i.+ori pa.s.sionately, engulfing s.h.i.+ori completely in pleasure and 

letting s.h.i.+ori understand that this was where he belongs to now.  

By the time s.h.i.+ori finally managed to steady his breathing and was able to speak properly, a 

period of time since their pa.s.sionate love-making had already pa.s.sed. But even so, Kurosakil 

refused to loosen his embrace with s.h.i.+ori.  

--- To be able to marry you, the hard work until today has finally paid off. 

Kurosaki, who was on the brink of death, gave s.h.i.+ori the most pa.s.sionate confession he could 


“Since when did it begin……?” This was something that s.h.i.+ori was still puzzled about. s.h.i.+ori 

asked Kurosaki - Just when did Kurosaki for fall him?  

(Our initial encounter was not something pleasant. Moreover, I had even messed up Kurosaki’s 

important work shortly after. I have always given Kurosaki trouble, so why would Kurosaki put 

his life one the line to save me, and even come to love me?) 

“Did you not realise……?” Bringing s.h.i.+ori closer to his chest, Kurosaki gazed into the distance, 

as if recalling something.  

(Please love me…...)  

Kurosaki brought his lips closer to s.h.i.+ori who had his eyes closed.  

Even if they were to kiss many, many more times, it would still not be enough.  

As their pa.s.sionate kiss deepened, Kurosaki pressed s.h.i.+ori under himself again.  

It was only then that s.h.i.+ori realised that this would be the very first time they would have each 

other in a place where no one would disturb them.  

From today onwards, they would not need to be wary of others when embracing each other.  

(What should I do to give s.h.i.+ori even more happiness?)  

Gently, Kurosaki’s hands cusped s.h.i.+ori’s cheeks affectionately. With feverish eyes, Kurosaki 

gazed at s.h.i.+ori, as if telling s.h.i.+ori --- ‘Please make me believe that this is not a dream.’ 

Under the muscular and warm body, s.h.i.+ori let out breathy and hot pants as he used his entire 

body to let Kurosaki know that this moment was not merely a figment of their imagination.  

The both of them prayed, with all their might, that this hard-earned night that they had finally 

arrived at after a long, winding journey would never end.  


~ The Newlyweds’ Life ~ 

A wedding is usually known as a conjugal union of a loving couple, and thus is theoretically a 

very happy event in one’s life.  

However, being married made the corners of s.h.i.+ori’s well up with tears.  

The room that s.h.i.+ori is staying in now is much more luxurious than his old room back in the 

Royal Palace. The room that he shares with Kurosaki is exorbitantly luxurious, and even the 

number of maids and butlers that serves s.h.i.+ori now far outnumbers the number of servants he 

had back at the palace.  

It was clear that Kurosaki had gone to great lengths to ensure that s.h.i.+ori was well-provided for 

and made sure that s.h.i.+ori could lead a comfortable life without worry.  

Everyday, before heading off from his workplace, Kurosaki would call s.h.i.+ori without fail.  

Kurosaki was about to be home --- and that was precisely why s.h.i.+ori was about to cry.  

It was not that s.h.i.+ori hated Kurosaki coming home (s.h.i.+ori would always feel very lonely when 

he is separated from Kurosaki for even just a moment.). It was just that…… 

---“After we are married, you will need to wait for me at home entirely naked every night.” This 

was what Kurosaki had ordered s.h.i.+ori to do right after their wedding night. Upon hearing such a 

request, s.h.i.+ori could not help but blush in embarra.s.sment.  

(Kurosaki said that it is required of all newlyweds to do so…) 

Although Kurosaki had said so to s.h.i.+ori, s.h.i.+ori was still emotionally unable to accept such a 

fact. He never knew that he had to do such shameful things after getting married.  

s.h.i.+ori was content enough to be able to just spend everyday of his life with the person whom he 


Till today, being embraced by Kurosaki every night still made s.h.i.+ori feel extremely conscious 

and embarra.s.sed.  

s.h.i.+ori knew that just kissing and placidly accepting Kurosaki’s advances were not nearly enough 

to satisfy Kurosaki. But due to the lewd nature of Kurosaki’s advances and the state that s.h.i.+ori 

would always end up in after, s.h.i.+ori simply could not bring himself to be the one who initiates 

such acts.  

The servants stationed outside the master bedroom had begun to hurriedly take their positions.  

After heading into the master bedroom, s.h.i.+ori quickly shut the door behind him.  

Even if he did not follow Kurosaki’s orders, Kurosaki would, without doubt, coax s.h.i.+ori sweetly 

such that there would be no way out for s.h.i.+ori.  

He would then make s.h.i.+ori do unspeakably obscene and wanton things every night, making 

s.h.i.+ori sob blus.h.i.+ngly under his pa.s.sionate embrace.  

If he did not follow Kurosaki’s request again…… 

---”All of the newlyweds are doing this.” 

(If I do not do no follow such traditions, Kurosaki would be very mad, wouldn’t he? If Kurosaki 

were to feel frustrated with me……) 

(If Kurosaki were to hate me…...) 

“The master is about to arrive,” announced one of the butlers matter-of-factly. 


(What should I do? Kurosaki’s about to reach ---) 

“I’m home, s.h.i.+ori,” Kurosaki called out happily as he stepped into their room.  

But the room was still and silent.  

Even when Kurosaki had waited for awhile, there was no reply to be hear --- only a piercing 

silence greeted him.  


Taking a quick glance around the room, he failed to find s.h.i.+ori. s.h.i.+ori who would usually be 

waiting for him everyday patiently in this very room. 

“How odd.” 

Kurosaki continued into their bedroom, but there was no sign of s.h.i.+ori.  

(Just where did s.h.i.+ori run off to……?) 

(Could it be that……?) Kurosaki’s chest lurched in unease.  

(Did he get kidnapped? Or did he run away?)  

Even though he was someone who had been through terrible hards.h.i.+ps, the mere thought of 

s.h.i.+ori disappearing from his sight made Kurosaki feel cold and empty - as if someone had 

drained all of his blood. 

This was the first time that Kurosaki had ever felt anything this terrible.  

“Someone……!!” Wanting to call for a servant, Kurosaki raised his hand swiftly.  

But something at the window area caught Kurosaki’s attention. 

A portion of the curtains was twisted in an unnatural manner. 

Kurosaki decided to pace slowly towards the curtains. 

s.h.i.+ori hurriedly gripped onto the robe, and turned around in an attempt to escape.  

With the curtains between them, Kurosaki hugged s.h.i.+ori from behind. 

As Kurosaki nuzzled s.h.i.+ori’s ear gently, s.h.i.+ori’s shoulder jolted in surprise.  

“What happened? Don’t be afraid, just tell me…...”  

The ​punishment ​that will make s.h.i.+ori unable to stand straight would be carried out later. For 

now, Kurosaki wanted to know why s.h.i.+ori was hiding behind the curtains. And why s.h.i.+ori’s 

expression was one of an adorable crimson red, one that was tearful.  

“I… I understand that I must wait for your return home entirely naked as we are married. 

But…...I am unable to bring myself to do so. I am only… only to do this much… Please forgive 

me…...” sobbed s.h.i.+ori tearfully. 

It was then that Kurosaki realised that this inviting get-up was s.h.i.+ori giving his all to try and 

make Kurosaki happy.  

As s.h.i.+ori did not have the courage to be stark-naked, s.h.i.+ori chose to wear a revealing, thin robe 

instead. Even with something on, s.h.i.+ori still felt very embarra.s.sed. And that is why the moment 

he heard Kurosaki’s footsteps, he hid himself behind the curtains immediately…… 

Kurosaki’s face lit up in satisfaction.  

A wave of heat gathered in his lower body, as if ready to burst.  

Only s.h.i.+ori was able to make his heart feel this sort of warm and sweet sensation.  

Kurosaki had always thought that after devouring s.h.i.+ori, he knew everything about s.h.i.+ori. But 

little did he know that it was only after marrying s.h.i.+ori would he come to learn sides of s.h.i.+ori 

that he had never known before.  

Every side of s.h.i.+ori was delightful and surprising to Kurosaki, thus making Kurosaki’s pa.s.sion 

towards s.h.i.+ori burn ever more brightly.  

“This is the punishment for not obediently waiting for me.” 


Upon finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Kurosaki pulled s.h.i.+ori out from behind the curtains, lifted him up in 

a princess carry, and brought him to their bed. 

“You must wait for me without ANY clothes tomorrow. Is that understood, s.h.i.+ori?”  

“Kurosaki…… Please, forgive me…… Ah……!!”  

Kurosaki stole s.h.i.+ori’s slightly quivering, flushed lips - making s.h.i.+ori cry out in an even sweeter 


Even when s.h.i.+ori started to cry and beg for mercy, Kurosaki would not relent.  

(Who asked s.h.i.+ori to have such cute reactions that provoked me?) 

s.h.i.+ori sobbed continuously under Kurosaki’s heated embrace. Even though his voice started to 

sound hoa.r.s.e, their lovemaking continued till the next morning.  

Their lovemaking only became more intense as the night grew deeper.  



The previous night was the very first time that s.h.i.+ori was completely undressed when 

welcoming Kurosaki home. But with s.h.i.+ori’s shyness, s.h.i.+ori hid his naked self under the duvet 

covers. Seeing such a pure s.h.i.+ori inviting him, Kurosaki could not help but embrace s.h.i.+ori 

gently that night.  

s.h.i.+ori thought that doing so would satisfy Kurosaki, but he never thought that…… 

(To think that I need to…… put ​that​ sort of thing…… in my mouth.) 

That was the new instruction that Kurosaki gave s.h.i.+ori this morning.  

In order to let s.h.i.+ori moan sweetly, Kurosaki had indeed done that sort of thing for him before. 

However, for himself to do such a thing to Kurosaki on his own initiative……  

If s.h.i.+ori were to turn his head away in fear during their romping sessions, Kurosaki would 

always punish s.h.i.+ori by making s.h.i.+ori sit atop of him and face him. And when s.h.i.+ori was in 

such a shameful position, Kurosaki would mercilessly penetrate s.h.i.+ori. 

(Could it be that it is required of a newlywed to do such embarra.s.sing things every night……?) 

It seemed as if when something troubling was settled, something else would always crop up. 

Tears welled up again in the corner of s.h.i.+ori’s eyes. 

“Uhm…… h.e.l.lo! It’s been a long time.” greeted Kairi politely.  


s.h.i.+ori was meeting Kairi in the reception room.  

The meeting with Kairi had been arranged in today’s plan. Kairi was as adorable as ever, but 

there was an added air of charm around him. 

“This mansion… really huge, and really pretty.” noted Kairi rather excitedly as he glanced 

around. Upon looking around, one will be able to see the ceiling that is adorned with various 

beautiful paintings, the walls that feature tasteful decorations, and antiques placed at 

inconspicuous corners of the house.  

“That…… Have you been well? Shou has been frequently telling Kurosaki-san to allow you to 

visit the Royal Palace sometimes. But Kurosaki-san has never agreed to that request… so 

everyone at the palace have been really worried about you.” 


Why was he not aware that such a thing had taken place? 

Could it be that Kurosaki, without seeking s.h.i.+ori’s opinion, made such a decision?  

It was then that s.h.i.+ori realised that Kairi dropped by in order to ensure that s.h.i.+ori was in good 

health and being treated well.  

Whenever Kurosaki was at home, he would never leave s.h.i.+ori’s side even for a mere moment. 

And for some odd reason, he would always be very wary of Shou, to the point that he would not 

allow s.h.i.+ori to visit the Royal Palace.  

“Since it was just me dropping by, Kurosaki-san allowed the visit to happen. And so I decided to 

visit you…...” 

Kairi said that he was very happy to see s.h.i.+ori living comfortably and happily in this house.  

“This place is many, many more times more elaborate than the palace! There are even more 

servants here than the number of servants working for Shou and I in the palace!”  

Hearing Kairi’s comments, it was then that s.h.i.+ori realised -  

Compared to the time in the Royal Palace where he was already treated and spoiled like a 

princess, the him now was perhaps even more pampered.  

For some reason, Kurosaki did not seem to be stingy with his money although he had went 

through countless hards.h.i.+ps. He willingly gave everything he had to s.h.i.+ori. Even when s.h.i.+ori 

said that he did not require Kurosaki to give him anything, Kurosaki would always be more than 

happy to lavish s.h.i.+ori with gifts.  

He wanted s.h.i.+ori to be able to enjoy whatever luxury the world offered.  

“I apologise for Kurosaki’s rude behaviour. From today onwards, I will take the initiative to visit 

the Royal Palace.” 

However, Kairi shook his head, “It’s okay! It’s not like I don’t understand Kurosaki-san’s feelings 

and intentions. If you are at home, he will always be able to monopolise his most beloved 

princess. And that is why Kurosaki-san is always happiest when you are by his side.” 

Kairi grinned adorably.  

s.h.i.+ori could not help but blush uncontrollably. Seeing s.h.i.+ori’s shy reaction, Kairi smiled ever 

more brightly in satisfaction.  

That brilliant smile was so pure - one that was given when seeing someone else’s happiness. 

Kairi has always been honest and gentle. However, as s.h.i.+ori closed his heart to everyone in the 

past, he was unable to see Kairi for who he really is.  

Kairi has been married for a longer time than s.h.i.+ori.  

s.h.i.+ori was rather unwilling to share his experiences with Kairi as Kairi was someone younger 

than him. Nonetheless, s.h.i.+ori was in no position to rebut Kairi when Kairi called him a princess.  

After all, s.h.i.+ori was still very confused about what a newlywed life should be like. 

(...... Ah, that’s right.) 

(I might be able to ask Kairi about ​that ​matter.)  

There was no one else that s.h.i.+ori could ask about such a matter.  

It was something that has made s.h.i.+ori fl.u.s.tered and frustrated to no end, and yet, was 

something that cannot be spoken of to others. 

But Kairi was also a newlywed, and that was why he could ask s.h.i.+ori about ​it​. 

“Is-is it necessary to do ​that​ sort of thing after you are married……?” Face flushed with a brilliant 

shade of red, s.h.i.+ori decided to pluck up his courage and purposefully adopted a rather haughty 

tone to hide his embarra.s.sment in asking Kairi such a question. 

He was unable to ask such a question with a straight face.  

When s.h.i.+ori repeated his question, but in a less vague manner, Kairi’s eyes widened in shock.  


It was obvious that Kairi had understood s.h.i.+ori’s rather explicit question. Thus, Kairi’s puzzled 

expression made s.h.i.+ori riled up.  

“Answer me!” ordered s.h.i.+ori impatiently in a commanding tone.  

(Is Kairi trying to make a fool out of me by not answering him?) s.h.i.+ori began to panic.  

s.h.i.+ori absolutely did not want to ask anyone about such a matter. Not anyone. Ever.  

But simply because Kairi was ​Kairi​, and that was why s.h.i.+ori could bring himself to ask such a 

shameful question.  

Kairi remained dumbfounded for a few moments, and after hesitating, he slowly replied, “This… 

This sort of thing... Shou and I…...” 

Have never done so before.  

It did not seem as if Kairi was lying.  

Upon hearing Kairi’s sincere and direct reply, s.h.i.+ori was finally able to relax. He was finally able 

to refuse such an embarra.s.sing request.  

He would refuse to yield to Kurosaki tonight. 


Upon his return to the mansion, Kurosaki would always rush to their bedroom. And then glomp 

s.h.i.+ori tightly --- 

Kurosaki was extremely persistent today. 

“Ah, ah aah…...” 

Kurosaki spread s.h.i.+ori’s legs wide open and buried his face into s.h.i.+ori.  

“Ahh, I’m already, ah, aaahh!” 

Licking s.h.i.+ori’s erect member, Kurosaki sucked the tip teasingly and guzzled the sweet liquid 

that spilled forth from it.  

s.h.i.+ori was already very embarra.s.sed just by needing to be fully naked and spreading his legs 

for his lover. To have his lover continuously licking his member…… 

(Ah… This sort of thing…...) 

s.h.i.+ori’s mind was drawing a blank from the sense of shame that he felt from doing such 

obscene things. However, a sweet dull pain made his body throb, causing s.h.i.+ori to moan 

pleasurably without abandon. The moans were both sweet and sensuous, as if it was a sound 

that did not belong to him. 


He thrusted his hips tantalisingly. Everytime s.h.i.+ori tried to escape from Kurosaki, Kurosaki 

would press down on s.h.i.+ori’s hip and suck s.h.i.+ori’s c.o.c.k even harder, thus robbing s.h.i.+ori of any 

strength left to resist his s.e.xual advances. Everytime Kurosaki uses his tongue to softly touch 

and tease his member, s.h.i.+ori could always feel his body slowly weakening and losing its 

strength to resist.  

“Ah, aaahhhh…...!!” 

s.h.i.+ori was no longer able to count the number of times that he had released his desire in 

Kurosaki’s mouth. 

Kurosaki lifted s.h.i.+ori’s body gently. After changing positions, Kurosaki brought s.h.i.+ori’s face 

closer to his own ridiculously hard and thick member.  

Only s.h.i.+ori had climaxed several times. Kurosaki has yet to climax even once.  

s.h.i.+ori knew what Kurosaki was hoping for.  

Kurosaki had allowed and brought s.h.i.+ori to climax several times today just for this. And because 

Kurosaki had done it for s.h.i.+ori, s.h.i.+ori had the obligation to do so too for his partner…… 

s.h.i.+ori hardened his resolve, and brought his face even closer.  

(I can’t do it…...) 

Kurosaki’s member was far too huge, and coupled with the lewd nature of this act, s.h.i.+ori’s 

resolve could not help but waver. 

“Um...This sort of thing…...” 

Seeing that s.h.i.+ori who had initially brought his face close to his member suddenly withdrawing, 

Kurosaki raised an eyebrow.  

“Kairi said that they had never done this sort of thing for each other before.”  

Kurosaki made a ‘Who asked Kairi to say such unnecessary things’ sort of expression. He 

clicked his tongue in frustration softly. But upon seeing Kairi making an afraid expression, as if 

thinking he had angered Kurosaki, Kurosaki immediately put on a gentle expression.  

“Those two are teenagers only, am I right? When they grow up, they will naturally do this sort of 

thing too.”  

“Is, is that right?” 

s.h.i.+ori knew that he was not well-versed in such bedroom matters.  

(Since Kurosaki, someone who has far more experience than me in the bedroom, says so, then 

it should not be wrong…...) 

“You can do it, no? s.h.i.+ori. Or could it be that you want me to shove ​it​ into you roughly from 

behind today? Or do you want to ride me in a shameful position until you cry?” 

s.h.i.+ori shuddered. To be thrusted into roughly like an animal by Kurosaki, or to have to sit on 

Kurosaki’s muscular body and be thrusted into mercilessly from the bottom --- these were the 

positions that s.h.i.+ori found the most embarra.s.sing and shameful. Although Kurosaki knew that 

s.h.i.+ori was not used to such positions, he threatened s.h.i.+ori with such a proposition.  

s.h.i.+ori hesitantly bent over…… and brought his face closer to that heated, large c.o.c.k.  

He squeezed his eyes shut tightly.  


It’s so hot. His mouth could feel the density of Kurosaki’s throbbing member. 

“That’s right. Did I not help you to do this too? Just use your tongue.” 

Under Kurosaki’s erotic instructions and teaching, s.h.i.+ori began to imitate the lewd action that 

Kurosaki had done on him just moments ago.  

“Ah,aahh… Aah, ah, aaahhhhhh!!” 

s.h.i.+ori sobbed luxuriously under Kurosaki.  

After getting s.h.i.+ori to give him a b.l.o.w.j.o.b, Kurosaki used his rock-hard member to penetrate 

s.h.i.+ori pa.s.sionately.  

In actual fact, Kurosaki had wanted s.h.i.+ori to ride atop of him so he could penetrate s.h.i.+ori 

deeply and roughly. However, since s.h.i.+ori had already obediently listened to his request, if 

Kurosaki were to punish s.h.i.+ori instead by having s.e.x in the cowboy position, s.h.i.+ori would most 

likely sulk and ignore Kurosaki for a few days. And that was why Kurosaki decided to embrace 

s.h.i.+ori gently face-to-face. 

“Aah, Kurosaki…… Ahh, aahhh!” 

s.h.i.+ori’s cries became even more intense. Kurosaki knew that s.h.i.+ori was already breathless, yet 

decided to increase the intensity of his thrusts, and thrusted deeper into s.h.i.+roi.  

His tear-stained unfocused eyes, his sakurcoloured lips that were flushed red, and his shy 

expression were all beautiful beyond words. It was a beauty that was not of this world. But the 

most adorable and lovable aspect of s.h.i.+ori was his innocent reaction.  

It was well-known that many n.o.bles were fighting over s.h.i.+ori. 

Kurosaki had heard of such stories from Shou.  

To be able to paint a someone who was pure and straightforward, someone who has never 

been defiled before with their own colours is what most man would desire.  

Upon seeing s.h.i.+ori’s innocent reactions, Kurosaki could understand those n.o.bles’ feelings.  

s.h.i.+ori, who is usually dazzlingly beautiful, always puts on a proud and unapproachable att.i.tude 

to not let anyone get close to him. But under a man’s embrace, s.h.i.+ori was instead so adorable 

and compliant, and would always believe what he was told readily.  

In order to make his lover happy, he would always try his best to endure and hide his 

embarra.s.sment, and accept everything his lover was.  

With his heart full of love and endearment, Kurosaki continued to thrust into s.h.i.+ori, ensuring that 

s.h.i.+ori would continue crying enticingly under his embrace. 



When Kairi returned to the Royal Palace, he headed to Shou’s room to tell him about his 

meeting with s.h.i.+ori that had just taken place today.  

“Uhm…… Shou, I met with s.h.i.+ori-san today.” 

Shou guessed that Kurosaki would be less guarded and wary of Kairi. As it turns out - his guess 

was right.  

“How was it?” asked Shou gently. Although marriage was simply a ceremony that officiated their 

love, Shou felt that his love for Kairi had grown even deeper ever since their marriage. He 

wanted to treat Kairi gently, and love Kairi properly. Kairi was the special person who made him 

feel fortunate and loved.  

Shou had never hated his elder brother. Even though Shou was always surrounded by enemies, 

for some odd reason, he knew that Kairi was not an enemy and was not someone who would 

harm Shou.  

Based on the rumours, Shou and Kairi were supposed to be brothers who hated each other and 

were bitter enemies for the right of throne inheritance. However, Shou had always felt that 

whenever s.h.i.+ori looked at him, it was a look that was filled with an older brother’s love for his 

younger brother. 

And that was why Shou had always been worried and looking out for his overly honest and 

extremely beautiful older brother although s.h.i.+ori had always come across as cold and haughty.  

“He said some odd things. Things like… like how the bride is supposed to be naked when 

welcoming the husband home, and that it is required to suck...suck ​it...​things like that,” 

stammered Kairi as he said embarra.s.sing things that he would normally never want to say.  

He told Shou that, he had never expected the refined and elegant s.h.i.+ori to ask him such lewd 


Hearing Kairi’s report, Shou sighed deeply.  

Seems that Kurosaki still loves to bully s.h.i.+ori as always.  

Shou wanted to arrange a meeting with Kurosaki and warn him to not bully s.h.i.+ori anymore. 

However, something in him knew that Kurosaki would reply him unhesitatingly, “I’m not bullying 

s.h.i.+ori, it’s just my way of loving him.”  

“Why don’t we start doing so too?”  


Shou pressed Kairi onto the bed.  

Shou tenderly guided Kairi closer to his member…… Sensing Shou’s intentions, Kairi’s face 

flushed with an amazing shade of red.  

Although Kairi realised that he had dug his own grave, it was already too late. 

The seeds of love that s.h.i.+ori and Kurosaki had cultivated had slowly found its way onto another pair of lovers.

The seeds of love that s.h.i.+ori and Kurosaki had cultivated had slowly found its way onto another     

The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Extra

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The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Extra summary

You're reading The Royal Fiancé -White Prince- Extra. This novel has been translated by Updating. Author: Asuma Risai, あすま理彩 already has 1916 views.

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