The Sacred Ruins Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Tricked to Death
The soil in the vicinity contained a certain l.u.s.ter. The meter tall little tree was like a golden pine rooted in the earth, emitting intense fruit fragrance. There were no other plants nearby.

Liu Wencheng was flat on the ground with his ears buzzing and vision filled with stars. The small tree was near at hand, but it was a great distance for him.

His heart was filled with anger because someone he had captured to "work" for him had actually dared to have designs on his mutant fruit and even wounded him in the process.

This came as a huge humiliation for him. This made him extremely angry.

The cripple in his eyes had actually given him two resounding slaps. His face was now swollen and some of his teeth were loose. It was simply too shameful.

The a.s.sailant, that man whom he believed had lost the path to evolution, was boldly eating fruits before him, the intense fragrance being emitted constantly.


Liu Wencheng got up once again and said, "You're screwed now. Do you know who I am? You'll die without a burial!"

His eyes were cold like a poisonous snake as he stared at Chu Feng. No one had ever dared to slap him like this and s.n.a.t.c.h his fortune.

"Your mouth sure is unpleasant. You dare threaten me so recklessly?" Chu Feng walked over to him while continuing to bite his fruit.

At this moment, he felt his pores relax, and his whole body was glowing with a golden radiance. His surroundings were suffused with the fragrance of this wonderful fruit.

Liu Wencheng felt something was wrong. He had already called out but no one was coming in from the outside? The area was completely isolated and silent to the outside world.

Chu Feng squinted his eyes. His body felt as light as a feather.

He had never eaten such a delicious fruit. Its texture was smooth and delicate. It was sweet and had incomparable fragrant. It was sufficient to intoxicate one to the bone just like a hundred-year-old wine.

At this time, he had almost forgotten that this fruit could be used to evolve—he was simply enjoying the flavor.


Liu Wencheng took advantage of Chu Feng's dazed state to shoot out a metallic sword intent from his nose and mouth. The damage was terrifying.

This was like another type of flying knife and was even more powerful than the physical one.

This kind of secret inheritance couldn't be grasped by ordinary people. If one were to recklessly practice without learning the proper technique, it might injure the lungs, cripple the pract.i.tioner, and obstruct his path to evolution.

Chu Feng's eyes suddenly lit up. He raised his leg and forcefully trampled the incoming metallic qi.

"Fool, you're courting death!" Liu Wencheng laughed coldly. It seemed to him that no physical body, regardless of its strength, could withstand the metallic sword intent nurtured in his lungs. It was destined to be cut off.

However, Chu Feng's leg erupted with light and surged with energy!

This was his divine foot. Not only could it raise his speed to an unimaginable level, it also possessed extremely frightening amounts of energy. It could collapse a great mountain.

How powerful was such a force?

This was

especially exaggerated by the presence of the little grinding stone in his body which acted to rapidly purify his energy to a higher quality. This caused his Divine Feet to reach the level of a special ability.

Otherwise, it would be somewhat difficult to deal with the metallic qi nurtured in his opponent's lungs.

With a bang, Chu Feng's foot stomped onto the sword radiance. An explosion erupted from their midst as metallic qi splashed out in all directions and partially transformed the earth and rocks into metal.

This was a type of bizarre transformation.

At the same time, Chu Feng's foot sent Liu Wencheng flying. His chest had caved in and many of his bones were broken as he coughed up large amounts of blood.


Following which, Chu Feng kicked once again. His foot swept over the man's face and immediately knocked out all of his teeth.

Liu Wencheng landed on the ground completely terrified. His vision darkened, and he almost fell unconscious. He resisted the weariness and forced himself to stay awake.

He spoke with great difficulty, "Let me go. Otherwise, you won't be able to live yourself. Those outside will definitely contact the older generation if they find something's wrong with the current situation."

His tone softened quite a bit, at least when compared to his att.i.tude. He didn't dare to be too domineering.

"Delicious. The taste is absolutely wonderful."

Chu Feng's tone was just that relaxed. It seemed as if he didn't even hear anything.

"Chu Feng, don't make the wrong judgment. So what if you're not crippled? You're absolutely not a match for the descended beings. Once the older generation finds out that you killed me, they'll inevitably take action."

Liu Wencheng edged backward. At this moment, his face was pale and his heart was full of terror. Watching Chu Feng act in such a manner made his heart sink.

Chu Feng kept munching on the fragrant fruit and felt his bodily functions rapidly growing stronger. His cells were now much more robust and surging like tidal waves.

"So comfortable." He stretched his limbs and walked forward. He kicked Liu Wencheng hundreds of meters away with a loud bang.

In the air, Liu Wencheng's bones and tendons were all broken and he was frothing at the mouth. Finally, he landed in an area flickering with weak flames and began to scream in misery.

That was because a vigorous blaze rose up from that area. Those were flames of extreme yang that had been drawn out by the impact, completely drowning him in the raging fire.


Liu Wencheng screamed wretchedly and rolled around. Within mere moments, he had been burned beyond recognition—his skin and flesh were deformed while his bones and tendons melted. It was an appalling scene to behold.

These were flames of extreme yang. Not to mention his body, even a more powerful expert would die all the same. Currently, no one on earth would be able to withstand such an intense essence flame.

"Chu Feng, you dare treat me like this. You'll die a gruesome death. Those outside have surely sensed it. They'll report this to my father and he'll tear you into pieces."

"I feel embarra.s.sed in your stead. Everything you say is about your father. How useless! You have only your bossy

bossy and domineering att.i.tude to blame for such an outcome. You really think the earth is your private estate?"

Chu Feng sneered without a care.

He had long since wanted to eliminate these people because they were simply too arrogant. They had captured him over to work as free labor and treated him disdainfully. They even discussed silencing him in private.

To Chu Feng, there was only one ending for such people and that was to trample them to death.

He wasn't the least bit worried because the domain was completely isolated. There was no way those outside could know about what had transpired inside.

"I shouldn't trample all of them to death. I need to cooperate deeply with them because the resources and information in their grasp are simply too shocking."

Chu Feng muttered to himself. If not for these people, he definitely wouldn't have found the tomb of this fallen ancient leader or be able to pick the golden mutant fruits.

"Leaving one should be enough. Who should I leave?" Chu Feng hesitated while deciding the fates of these people.

Outside, Li Xinghe, Yu Hanzhi, and the others revealed impatient expressions.

"Why is Liu Wucheng dawdling inside? It's been some time since he went in. Why hasn't he come out yet?" Yu Hanzhi mumbled.

"I'll go and take a look," said Li Xinghe. He was worried that Liu Wucheng would hog the fruits for himself. Their original agreement was to take away these fruits and refine the into medicine, which they would later share.

"I'll go with you," said Yu Hanzhi.

The two advanced cautiously side by side and followed Chu Feng's route towards the interior.

Li Xinghe was the first to enter. He immediately noticed the refres.h.i.+ng fragrance of fruit and just so happened to see Chu Feng sitting there biting on it. His mouth and nose were suffused with golden radiance.

He immediately flipped out. It was absolutely outrageous! There were only two fruits on the tree but now Chu Feng had already eaten one?!

"Chu Feng you dare do such a thing. Do you realize what you've done?!" he rebuked loudly. His previous scholarly refinement had all but vanish and his face was now ashen.

"You.. actually dare to eat our fruit. You're courting death!" Yu Hanzhi began screaming anxiously after arriving.

"You two are absolutely disgusting. Aren't you mere scions of descended beings? You're treating that as something to be proud of and act as if you're all so great. Do you think everything good belongs to you?!" Chu Feng stared at them.

The expressions of Li Xinghe and Yu Hanzhi turned ashen. At the same time, they found that something wasn't quite right because they didn't see Liu Wucheng. They had a premonition that things weren't looking good.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

They rapidly moved back and wanted to leave this place first. They would settle the score with Chu Feng afterwards. They were scions of the descended beings. A single command from them could make countless people work for them.

Although they were quite decisive and immediately tried to flee, they felt their scalps go numb because they could no longer leave. The domain had closed.

"You aborigine! Do you not know your own status?!" Yu Hanzhi shouted.

"You, woman, are the most disgusting of the lot.

the lot. You keep repeating the word aborigine as if you're an extraterrestrial. Is your mother not an earthling?!" Chu Feng rebuked.

"You dare speak to me like this?!" Yu Hanzhi screamed. Her beautiful face was completely dark.

Chu Feng sneered, "What do you think you are? You're so full of yourself. If you like the outer regions so much, then get out of this earth. Don't live here and annoy other people."

Yu Hanzhi was incredibly angry. Her tender figure was shaking because no one had ever talked to her like this before. Who had not treated her with the utmost respect since she walked out of the immortal cave in the north pole?

"Where's Liu Wucheng?" Li Xinghe asked with a stale tone. He had no time to put on a play and was no longer pretending to be amicable. His face was so dark that it might start dripping water.

"Oh, he's there." Chu Feng pointed towards a place a hundred meters away. Therein lay a terrifying human-shaped pile of ash.

"Ah, ah, ah… so comfortable. I can't stand it anymore." Chu Feng actually started crying out because the cells in his body were being strengthened to a frightening degree.

He felt as if he could sever his sixth shackle at any moment.

"You… should die!" Yu Hanzhi screamed. At the same time, she was frightened and began to edge back."

"Croak! Croak! Croak…" It was at this time that the toad began to cry out. He wanted to enter the domain. Chu Feng moved a certain magnetic stone and allowed him to come inside.

Yu Hanzhi charged towards the toad with a swoosh. She had heard that Chu Feng cared a lot about this mount and couldn't be separated from it at all. She wanted to take the initiative to take it as a hostage.


In the end, something absolutely unexpected happened. The toad came in and, after seeing the situation, shed all forms of pretense. It immediately leapt up and gave her a roundhouse slap.

This single attack sent Yu Hanzhi flying and broke one of her arms. This shocked her greatly. Just what kind of toad was this?

"I've endured you for so long!" the toad cried out. He stood up and ran madly after Yu Hanzhi.

"Disgusting toad, you dare!" Yu Hanzhi rebuked.

"You're the real toad. You and your whole family are toads. This divine beast will beat you to death!" The toad moved as fast as lightning.

One had to know that this toad had stood its own against Chu Feng for quite some time. Its strength was absolutely terrifying!

Yu Hanzhi was immediately wounded to the point of coughing up blood. She face was full of astonishment. How could she not even contend against a toad? Where was justice?!


It was at this moment that the toad opened its mouth and directly spat at Yu Hanzhi, drenching her whole face.


Yu Hanzhi screamed and her body was trembling. There were gooseb.u.mps all over her body as she wiped her face with all her might. She was about to go insane.

"I'll kill you!" She had gone mad.

Krogh! Ptooey!

The toad directly spat on her again. This time, the secretions came down like a torrential downpour, making Yu Hanzhi making Yu Hanzhi completely drenched and bedraggled.

"Ahhhhh…." Yu Hanzhi let out a high decibel scream and almost fainted right away. This was a h.e.l.lish torment for her.

For a girl who loved to maintain her appearance, this was a frightening form of torture. She couldn't accept this. She edged away, trembling and coughing. She almost coughed up her bile.


A literal toad slapped her flying onto the distant ground with blood flying out of her seven orifices. It looked as if she was in bad shape.

In the end, it followed Chu Feng's example and tossed Yu Hanzhi into the flames of extreme yang and burned her clean.

Li Xinghe witnessed everything. Even though the temperature here was quite high, his palms and soles were cold. His whole body was chilled. The toad that had traveled along with them and suffered all their discrimination was actually so abnormal. It actually killed the powerful Yu Hanzhi with such ease. How unjust!

Li Xinghe's vision began to grow dim and almost fainted. He knew it was over for him and that his life at risk.

"How are you so strong?" He glanced at the toad and then at Chu Feng.

At this point, there wasn't anything he didn't understand. Chu Feng wasn't crippled at all and was tricking everyone all along. He even dared kill the scions of descended beings. Li Xinghe knew he was definitely going to be silenced.

"Don't do it, Brother Chu. I have something to say…" Li Xinghe wanted to negotiate with Chu Feng.

In the end, he was struck tumbling into the essence flames of extreme yang and began to scream in misery.


His fate could be imagined.

It was at this time that the bird king Cai Ying arrived outside the domain, hoping to come inside.

Chu Feng naturally wouldn't obstruct her. He let her enter freely.

"You…" She suddenly lost all her color.

"You flat haired beast. You've been mocking and ridiculing me all along the way. After arriving here, you were even more unbridled and suggested sending me towards my doom. Now I'll roast you alive!" the toad said coldly and laughed out loud.

"Bang, bang, bang…"

After a simple battle, the toad had smacked the bird king Cai Ying back into her true form. She was immediately killed on the spot.

Within mere moments, Li Xinghe and the others were completely eradicated, leaving only the unsuspecting Xu Mei outside.

"You're quite lucky. I'll leave you alive to continue our cooperation." Chu Feng glanced outside.

"You've killed everyone. How are you going to cooperate?" The toad glanced sideways at Chu Feng.

"I'm warning you. You're not allowed to look at me sideways." Chu Feng glared at him and then said, "Who said I killed them? It's clearly the area here that's dangerous. They accidentally entered a pit filled with the flames of extreme yang and were unfortunately immolated."

"What essence flame pit? It was clearly you who tricked them to death!" the toad said while glancing sideways at Chu Feng. [1]

"If you dare smear my good name again with your nonsense, I'll roast you right away!"

"Dammit, is there any justice in this world?!"

[1] The word for "pit" and "trick/cheat/con" is the same.

The Sacred Ruins Chapter 355

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