The Secret Of The Seal Chapter 36

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"Sun Tie, don't talk nonsense!" As his faced darkened, Zhao Jin reproached Sun Tie, checked Qin Dong's expression and replied carefully, "Second young master, please don't be angry. Sun Tie's speech was unintentional. "

Angry, Sun Tie hummed in a low voice.

Attracted by the Xuan Icy Cave, Qin Dong did not pay attention to what the two guys said. As they approached the cave, Qin Dong felt thick spiritual energy revolving around it. Here, the density of spiritual energy equaled that of the heavens. The place was a land of treasure, which was seen rarely.

Zhao Jin sighed with a relief after discovering that Qin Dong did not investigate Sun Tie's offensiveness.

"Is that Xiao Dong?" A deep voice came out of the cave when the three arrived at the entrance of the Xuan Icy Cave.

Zhao Jin hurried to bow and answered, "His lords.h.i.+p, the second young master arrives."

"Zhao Jin and Sun Tie wait outside the cave. Xiao Dong comes in alone." A sense of authority could be heard from the voice and the speaker must be the master of Clan Qin.

Zhao Jin looked at Qin Dong, "Second young master, you just go inside alone."

"I…I walk inside myself? I will be frozen to death!" Qin Dong shouted in an exaggerated manner.

"Useless! You wait there, I ask sect elder Sun to pick you up!" The lords.h.i.+p yelled in the cave.

Qin Dong chuckled to himself. It seemed that the master of Clan Qin was violent-tempered.

A kind and chubby old man with white beard came out after a short time.

"Sect elder Sun!" "Dad!" Zhao Jin and Sun Tie bent to the old man respectfully and greeted him respectively.

Sect elder Sun nodded to them and flicked a look at Qin Dong, "Xiao Dong, come here. Don't worry, I will protect you." Afterwards, he placed one hand on Qin Dong's shoulder and transfused warm internal energy to him.

Qin Dong hastened to collect his protection barrier; otherwise sect elder Sun would end his life while transfusing his energy.

Compared with the enormous vital energy stocked in Qin Dong's body, the internal energy transfused by sect elder Sun was so feeble that almost could be ignored. But in terms of the purified internal energy, Zhao Jin and Sun Tie could not be put on a par with sect elder Sun, who was one of the top masters in the mortal realm.

Albeit the little energy transfused into his body, Qin Dong feigned to be comfortable and energetic, smiling, "Sect elder Sun, let's go."

"You call me sect elder Sun?" Sect elder Sun was astounded by Qin Dong's words. As far as he remembered, Qin Dong was impolite.

"Did…they…call you sect elder Sun?" Qin Dong asked in surprise.

Giggling, sect elder Sun responded, "They do call me sect elder. But you called me my name and sometimes the four sect elders old men, when you were unhappy. Ha…ha…" From sect elder Sun's remarks, it was not hard to judge that he was a broad-minded person. Although the second young master did not respect him, he was never angry for that.

Qin Dong smiled bitterly in his mind. He had to be the scapegoat for the s.h.i.+t second young master in the future.

Pretending to be protected by sect elder Sun, Qin Dong walked into the Xuan Icy Cave.

He found that the cave was more s.p.a.cious than he imagined upon arrival. It was wide and high, with thick ice and frost packing on the cave walls. The cave top was dotted with thick and thin icicles releasing cold air. A cold pond as large as a football field captured Qin Dong's eyes after he walked ahead for a short time. Blinding people's sight, cold mist permeated above the pond. Vague water tinkling could be heard under the mist.

Qin Dong was startled and a question arose in his mind, why water still flowed in such a chilled place, whose temperature was minus a hundred degrees.

He was eager to investigate under the mist, but astonished to find what flowed was the true spirit energy icy water encompa.s.sing the vital energy acc.u.mulated over a millennium.

The icy water could also be found in the heavens, but almost ruined because of the numerous cultivators. It was hard to find such purified icy water there.

The water energy wandering between the heavens and the earth met the mother ice and transformed into the true spirit energy icy water after condensation and liquidation. The icy water could play a magical effect in refining spirit cores.

In the middle of the cold pond, floated a huge ice bed with the size of a hundred square meters. It was crystal clear like a jade-cut bed. Sharp-eyed, Qin Dong recognized it as the ten-thousand-year mother ice. It was so tremendous that gathered the water energy between the heavens and the earth, and a pool of the true spirit energy icy water came into being in such a way.

The Secret Of The Seal Chapter 36

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