The Secret Of The Seal Chapter 37

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On the ice bed sat four old men encircling around a young man in his twenties in their middle. With a handsome face and a pair of das.h.i.+ng eyebrows, the young man looked resolute. Apparently he was miserable, as his eyes closed tightly and eyebrows twisted.

His red face was scary as if it were grilled by raging fire. In this chill place, sweat stood out in drops on his forehead. His bare chest was as red as his face, with sweat kept tumbling like a fountain.

After observing for a while, Qin Dong was stunned to find that a powerful internal energy raging inside the young man's body resulted in his current status. The overwhelming internal energy was as broiling as fire and almost melted the young man's bones. Fortunately the cave was suffused with cold air, otherwise the young man would lose his life in less than three quarters.

The four sect elders kept pus.h.i.+ng the cold air surrounding them towards the young man to oppress the hot energy inside his body. But their efforts were in vain.

"Big brother, I bring the second young master here." Staring at one sober old man with white beard, sect elder Sun answered.

The old man glimpsed at Qin Dong with flas.h.i.+ng eyes as his vital energy overbrimmed. As his cultivation base reached at Xiantian Stage, he was much stronger than sect elder Sun.

His eyes glinted impatiently when the old man saw Qin Dong. He bellowed, "Hurry up, come here! Your elder brother is dying and he needs your blood."

"My…my blood?" Qin Dong paused for a second.

Sect elder Sun explained, "Since you are the new-generation dragon envoy of Clan Qin, your blood is different from the ordinary's. Your elder brother, Feixioing, is in danger now. Your blood in combination with the millennium cold air in the cave could quell the purple flame energy inside his body. Hurry up, and we need to take action as soon as possible." Sect elder Sun seized Qin Dong's hand before Qin Dong reacted and jumped up to the ice bed.

Fearing that Qin Dong would be frozen stiff instantly by the cold air from the ice bed, Sect elder Sun transfused more energy to him upon their arrival on the ice bed. His concern made senses. The temperature of the ice bed was much lower than that of other places. However, no matter how low the temperature was, it would not threaten Qin Dong.

"Yanglong, we four take charge of speeding up the internal energy. You are responsible for taking Qin Dong's blood." Qin Zonghe, the master of Clan Qin yelled, and another three sect elders ran their internal energy to their fullest extent with him.

Responding, sect elder Sun said, "Second young master, I am sorry to offend you!" Afterwards, he sliced through Qin Dong's palm by his nails.

"Wait!"Stunned, Qin Dong dodged.

He was uncertain that whether the blood of the dragon envoy contained special power and could save Qin Feixiong's life or not. But Qin Dong was sure that he was neither the second young master nor the dragon envoy of Clan Qin. His blood did not include special strength. Several drops of blood meant nothing to Qin Dong, but if Qin Feixiong lost his life because of the blood, Qin Dong would be the one to be blamed.

Qin Dong's rejection made Qin Zongheng in wrath. He screamed in a deep voice, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he is your elder brother. How can you shut your eyes while he is dying?"

Sect elder Sun also spoke in support of Qin Zongheng, "Xiao Dong, a few drops of your blood can save Feixiong's life. You can't decline our request."

Smiling bitterly, Qin Dong wanted to explain that he was not the second young master. Suddenly, they heard booms underground. Looking down in astonishment, Qin Dong saw the true spirit energy ice water in the cold pond bubbling as if it was boiling. The white mist surged with the bubbling true spirit ice water from the bottom of the cold pond. Although Qin Dong could defend himself from any cold or hotness, he still felt chilled.

Qin Dong was cold, let along Qin Zongheng and the four sect elders. Now the five old men's faces were ashen-white, as their beard and eyebrows frosted in a blink of an eye.

"How terrible! It is ice outbreak!" Screaming, Qin Zongheng suddenly stood up. The four sect elders' faces darkened, as if they confronted a formidable enemy.

"Sect elder Sun, what is ice outbreak?" Twtching his brows, Qin Dong asked Sun Yanglong.

Sun's upper and lower dental beds. .h.i.t each other and creaked. Sun kept quivering, and apparently the plumping temperature was beyond his tolerance. Even so, he did not take away the hand patting on Qin Dong's shoulder nor did he stop transfusing the vital energy to Qin Dong or reduced it.

"Er…Ice outbreak is a special phenomenon occurring periodically in the Xuan Icy Cave. Once it happens, the temperature inside the cave will drop by a hundred degrees in a short time. People will be frozen up in…a breath." Albeit in a pickle, Sun Yanglong still insisted explaining to Qin Dong.

The Secret Of The Seal Chapter 37

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