The Skilful Cook Part 114

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One rabbit pie.

One galantine of veal.

One ox tongue.

One lobster salad.

One charlotte Russe.

One croquant of oranges.

One small trifle.

Two jellies.

One dish of pastry.

Cheese, &c.


Cold Supper. 20 People.

Ribs of beef rolled.

Salmon coated with mayonnaise sauce.


One pigeon pie.

One veal-and-ham pie.

One ox tongue.

A stone cream.

One tipsy cake.

A dish of Genoise pastry.

A pine-apple jelly.

A compote of peaches.

Strawberries and cream.

A lemon jelly.

Cheese and fruit.

Cold Supper. 20 People.

Roast turkey.

Boiled tongue.

One pigeon pie.

One mayonnaise of lobster garnished with aspic.

One veal-and-ham pie.

One large pine-apple jelly.

One large blancmange.

Jam puffs.

Cheese cakes.

Boiled custards.

Normandy pippins.

Gateau de cerise.




High Tea for 12 People, for Lawn Tennis Parties, &c.

One lobster mayonnaise.

Two chickens, coated with thick white sauce.

One veal-and-ham pie.

One tongue.

One apple amber pudding.

Twelve boiled custards.

Twelve custard-glasses filled with chopped jelly.

One blancmange.

Strawberries and cream.

Thin bread and butter.

Biscuits, cake, fruit.

Tea, coffee.

Supper for 50 People. Guests not seated.

Ham, tongue, and beef sandwiches.

Four quarts of blancmange, differently flavoured and decorated.

Four quarts of jelly, differently flavoured and moulded.

Two charlottes Russe.

One large trifle.

Two tipsy cakes.

Three dishes of Genoise pastry in various forms.

Two lemon sponges.


Supper for 50 People. Guests not seated. Less expensive.

Ham and beef sandwiches.

Four quarts of blancmange, differently flavoured and decorated.

Two quarts of apple gateau.

Four jellies of different kinds.

One large lemon-sponge.

Two dishes of light pastry.

Boiled custards.

Normandy pippins.

Two jaunemanges.

Two tipsy cakes.


The Skilful Cook Part 114

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