The Skyrider Chapter 37

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Chapter  37  Youth with short hair (1)

"This time, Ye Feng will definitely be promoted to be a outer disciple!"

All the disciples looked at Ye Feng with envy.

Not mentioned that the strength of Ye Feng itself was very strong, only for the relations.h.i.+p between Ye Feng and his daughter, this time he would certainly be promoted to a foreign disciple.

Ye Feng became a celebrity of Luoyun Sect. He killed Xiao Yun, and had a invincible relations.h.i.+p with the daughter of Sect Leader. There was even rumor that Ye Feng was a great Alchemist and he had refined a perfect Agerasia Core before.

Each of these could shake the entire Luoyun Sect.

Ye Feng looked calm. Under the gaze of the crowd, he stood on a blue stone and waited quietly for the a.s.sessment of the outer disciple to begin.

In his eyes, there was the divine light s.h.i.+ning, the clothes were swaying in the wind.He stood there with an outstanding temperament.

"He is so cute..!"

A female disciple looked at Ye Feng with a red face.

"Stop being anthomaniac! now Ye Feng is not something you can covet."

A female disciple who was older reminded.

"Why haven't I noticed that Ye Feng is so handsome before?"

The woman who was flushed with a red face looked regretful.

Many disciples talked about Ye Feng, but Ye Feng kept a calm look and ignored the voices of these disciples.

Soon, the arguments of them stopped.

Their eyes were also withdrawn from the body of Ye Feng and looked towards several figures falling from the peaks.

The man was middle-aged in physical stature and his body was surrounding with the light, looked very handsome.

"The content of the a.s.sessment of the outer disciple is divided into two parts. The first part is to through this trial path. The second part is the test of your divine power. As long as these two tests are pa.s.sed, you can become the outer disciple to enjoy the cultivation resources in Sect!"

The middle-aged man was serious. His eyes glowed and looked across the crowd.

When he saw Ye Feng, his gaze stopped for a while.

With clear eyes, Ye Feng looked straight at the middle-aged man.

Stayed in a few seconds, the the middle-aged man then moved his sight from Ye Feng.

"The a.s.sessment of the outer disciple start now!"

He shouted and the bell sounded. With the light flashed in the entrance of the mountain, the trial path opened instantly.

In a flash, all the disciples rushed on the trial trail.

Ye Feng's face was calm, and he walked down from the blue stone and walked slowly toward the trial path.

He was not in a hurry, and the trial path was a matter of divine power. The more deep he was, the greater the pressure was. Without the support of the realm of the 3rd QI condensation, it was impossible to pa.s.s this trial road.

"You are Ye Feng?"

When Ye Feng pa.s.sed the trial entrance, the middle-aged man suddenly sounded and stared sharply at Ye Feng.

"Yes,what's the matter?"

Ye Feng looked back and calmly faced the fierce gaze of a middle-aged man. He performed very peace.

"enjoy success when young without furious, otherwise it is easy to be stopped halfway."

Middle-aged people looked coldly and said.

"I don't want to hurt anyone, but others always want to hurt me without sake."

Ye Feng calmly said.Then he stopped staying, and went straight to the trial path.

He didn't know what did the middle-aged man mean, but he knew clearly that this middle-aged man was hostile to him!

The Skyrider Chapter 37

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