The Spiritual Attainment Of Minghe Chapter 337: Hongjun

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The man was Hongjun. In Untainted Land, besides Minghe, only Liu Er, Tongtian, and Hongjun had reached the Realm of Origin. Liu Er could not possibly come here. Sect Leader Tongtian had separated himself from the Way of Heaven, but he still needed time to restore his cultivation. Hence, the man was just Hongjun. Minghe knew that Hongjun could go to the Chaos anytime based on his cultivation, despite he had no idea about the condition of Hongjun's injury after his separation from the Way of Heaven.

To Minghe's surprise, Hongjun could find him. Consciously or unconsciously, Minghe was a little afraid of Hongjun. Hongjun's cultivation was profound. Meanwhile, he was the incarnation of the Rakshasa's remnant soul. Thus, he knew something about the Chaos and fully grasped Rakshasa.

Minghe had no idea of Hongjun's intention. He had no a.s.sociation with Hongjun. Instead, he bore a grudge against Hongjun. Minghe dashed Hongjun's plan of swallowing the Way of Heaven, and Hongjun framed Minghe for many times. This was that 'courtesy' demands reciprocity. Perhaps their meeting in the Chaos was predestined.

Minghe looked at Hongjun and said coldly, "Not leisure at all. I just rest for a bit in the Chaos. But how do you find the time to come here? You should cure the wound in Untainted Land. Has your wound completely healed?" After separating himself from the Way of Heaven, Tongtian, as a Sage, was badly hurt, not to mention Hongjun, who had combined his body with Tao. Moreover, Hongjun was forced by the Way of Heaven to separate himself from the Way of Heaven. Therefore, he would not recover from his injury easily.

Upon hearing that, Hongjun looked solemn and snorted, saying, "Hum! Minghe, don't trouble yourself by worrying about my injury. You're really cunning to swallow the Origin of Untainted Land without restraint, by virtue of the struggle of four religions in G.o.d Deification Ceremony, when Untainted Land was disintegrated. However..." By this, Hongjun's Menace Intent might be seen indistinctly. "My plan also thoroughly failed due to you."

But for Minghe, Hongjun would have successfully implemented his plan of swallowing the Way of Heaven. In that case, he would be the dominator of Untainted Land and a powerhouse in the Way of Heaven. However, he still had not made it to the last stage. He harbored hatred against Minghe more than Zhunti did. Now, since they had met in the Chaos, Hongjun found it difficult to restrain his menace intent and expressed it in words.

Minghe did not mind what Hongjun said. Hongjun had reached the Peak of the Origin, a realm higher than Minghe. As Rakshasa, Minghe was very likely to defeat Hongjun, with the cooperation of Three Separations. Besides, Hongjun was injured now, so he could not exert all his strength.

Minghe would prefer Hongjun to launch an attack first. He was full of expectation to have a fight with a powerhouse like Hongjun. Based on the current situation, both sides would suffer great losses in the life and death duel. Both of them would not go off the deep end. If they were seriously injured, their journey to the Chaos would be affected.

Minghe looked at Hongjun and said coldly, "Plan? To swallow the Way of Heaven? Undeniably, you're crazier than me. No one would have thought that Ancestor Hongjun, who combined bodies with Tao for the sake of others, intended to swallow the Way of Heaven. Unfortunately, you have met me. Because of me, the Way of Heaven is increasingly strong. Thus, you can only separate yourself from the Way of Heaven."

Hongjun knew clearly that Minghe had guessed his plan. Right now, Hongjun was more afraid of Minghe. In his opinion, it was very terrifying that a person with profound cultivation was full of cunning tricks. He was anxious to kill Minghe now. Regrettably, it was not allowed based on the current situation.

Both of them were not willing to suffer great losses. Now, they were almost so well-matched. Meanwhile, they were not familiar with each other. If they had a fight under the circ.u.mstances, they would be delayed in cultivation. Without full a.s.surance, no one would start making a move.

From Minghe's calmness, Hongjun naturally knew that Minghe was not afraid of him because of his powerful strength. At thought of this, Hongjun calmed down. His looming menace intent disappeared without a trace. Then, he asked, "Minghe, what's the good of the endless Chaos? Why are you here again?"

As Minghe expected, Hongjun would not do things without benefiting himself. Obviously, Hongjun wanted to figure out Minghe's purpose to the Chaos by turning aside from the topic. Although Hongjun would probably know the truth if he went deep inside the Chaos, Minghe would not tell him in advance.

Minghe mentioned lightly, "As the Rakshasa, I'm justified in practicing in the Chaos. But you, why are you here at this time?" Naturally, Minghe was curious about Hongjun's intention to go to the Chaos. After all, Hongjun had not yet recovered. Moreover, Hongjun knew the Chaos better than him.

Minghe had not disclosed to him anything. Instead, he asked about his intention. Thus, Hongjun was very helpless. Actually, before asking, Hongjun had already known Minghe's answer. When he went to the Chaos last time, Minghe made great progress in cultivation and became Rakshasa. He also made a deal with Tongtian with the Origin of Chaos. It could be seen that Minghe had definitely discovered something.

That was what Hongjun wanted to know. He only knew the Chaos before Pan Gu creation, but he had no idea about what happened afterward. As long as he went to the Chaos, he could find out the answer. However, he was not sure how much time it would take, and he could find what Minghe had found for the Chaos was boundless.

Hongjun looked at the unruffled Minghe and pondered for a long time. Then, he said, "Minghe, we both are wise men. I won't speak in riddles. I know that you must had made a discovery last the time you went to the Chaos. Otherwise, you wouldn't have advanced so rapidly. I want to know your discovery. Certainly, I won't get information without paying. I'll exchange it with the secrets of the Chaos before Pan Gu creation. How do you think?"

The Chaos before Pan Gu creation? Hearing this, Minghe changed his look. Obviously, Hongjun found his weakness. Minghe was the Primordial Mazinger born after Pan Gu creation, rather than the incarnation of the remnant soul of Rakshasa. Thus, he knew little about the Chaos before Pan Gu creation. Because of this, Hongjun made a deal with it.

Minghe sighed when he saw Hongjun's confident look. Hongjue's proposal was very attractive to him. Even if Minghe agreed with him, he might not be able to obtain the most authentic information. Perhaps Hongjun would give him the wrong information. Hongjun might have had the same concern.

Minghe desperately needed Hongjun's information, so he could not refuse the deal. He looked at the confident Hongjun and said, "Hongjun, your proposal is very tempting. But how can I trust you? How can you ensure that I'll tell you all my findings? If you want me to approve this, how about we swear to the Great Way with the mind of Taoism?"

Minghe's words were as Hongjun expected. Since both of them did not trust each other, it was the best way to swear to the Great Way with the mind of Taoism. Hongjun said, "Alright. With the Great Way as a witness, I, Hongjun, take an oath with the mind of Taoism that all information I provide to Minghe was authentic. Minghe, it's your turn now."

Minghe also swore to the Great Way. By doing so, the deal was finally based on trust. As both waved hands, two Jade Slips respectively fell into the opponent's hands. Inside the Jade Slips was the information they wanted. They looked at the Jade Slip in their hands, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng.

Hongjun looked at the Jade Slip in his hands and did not hurry to view the information. When they took an oath, it was only about the authenticity of the information. Perhaps the opponent would play a trick with Jade Slip. Hongjun put away the Jade Slip, glanced at Minghe, and then turned away. Before leaving, he said, "Minghe, I wish we could see each other once again in the Chaos."

After Hongjun left, Minghe smiled faintly. Meet in the Chaos once again? By then, it would not be so simple. It would probably be a life and death struggle. No one could have predicted that. In this world, there were neither eternal friends nor eternal enemies, but eternal interests. As long as there were enough interests, enemies could become friends.

The Spiritual Attainment Of Minghe Chapter 337: Hongjun

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