The Starbucks Part 42

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Both men stood with their faces turned away. Jasper looked at them. Then came Margaret's voice, calling, "Jasper, Jasper."

"I'm a comin' Margaret, I'm a comin'," and slowly he walked toward the door. But at that moment there was a commotion in the corridor, Margaret was heard to cry out, "Why, where did you all come from," and then Tom, followed by Lou and Margaret, came hastily into the room. Jasper hastened to his daughter and whispered:

"Remember who you are."

The Judge was not looking. Tom walked round in front of him.

"Why!" exclaimed the jurist, still seeing no one but Tom, "When did you get back. And where is your--"


"Got back this minute. I have come to see you about Mr. Starbuck."

"Too late. He is discharged."

"I--I--thank you. He is my wife's father."

"What!" exclaimed the Judge, turning about, and then he saw Lou, standing with Margaret and the old man. He held out his hand and the girl came timidly to him. About her he put his one arm; upon the forehead he kissed her: "The daughter of patriots--my daughter. Mr.

Starbuck, why didn't you tell me?"

"Jedge," the old man replied, "it would have looked like I was a cringin'. I know how to bleed for my country, but I don't know how to beg for myse'f."


The Starbucks Part 42

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