The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 163

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「Let’s gather representatives of the members of the international alliance and hold a conference.」

When I said so, the overtime group, Eleanor, Sainos, and Sunny, tilted their heads.

「Conference? The number of countries applying to be member are many but it's not like we have to gather them.」

To my words, Eleanor replied as the representative of the group.

When I nodded, Eleanor spread a map. It is the map of the continent that Milenia made.

It is a rectangular map with rough borders and the shape of the continent is similar to Australia or Shikoku.

「The current members of the International Alliance that will be able to participate are our country, Rembrandt Kingdom, Maeas, the country of elves La Fiesch, the country of beastkins Hinomoto…and the small countries Taki, Solemn, and Narsagel Kingdom. A total of eight.」

TN: タキ(Taki), ソレアム(Soreamu) = Solemn, ナルサジェル(Narusajieru) = Narsagel

Currently, there are over 10 small countries on the continent.

They are scattered in various places. They are independent countries that only have one or two cities but refused to walk together with Maeas.

These countries were not invaded by major powers even though they are incomparably small. There are various reasons that made these countries survive like being a country that utilized special technique and information or their location is good that they will be able to defend even if a major power attacked.

Among those, Solemn and Narsagel Kingdom, which are close to Maeas who spreads the news of the International Alliance, moved immediately. The third country, Taki, is located between the borders of Rembrandt Kingdom and Galland Empire.

Taki is located in a mountainous region surrounded by monster domains. Galland Empire and Rembrandt Kingdom asked them to surrender their territory but they refused.

It is a country that has been at war with two countries.

Even if it’s a small country, it can't be neglected.

The participants have been announced but there are still five countries who are held back by Rihanna. All of them has a problem with slave treatment.

Regarding the air transport, everyone is positive. Well, the participants are surely not ignorant regarding with matters of economy.

「Anyway, please contact the eight countries and talk about the conference. However, this is just a test gathering of the representatives. The representative doesn't have to be the king or prime minister. I spoke with Rihanna about the policy of the international alliance the other day so anyone who can represent the country for that issue is okay.」

When I said that, Eleanor nodded and opened her mouth.

「Understood. By the way, master…previously, you were having troubles in talking with people with title, but now, you seem to have become accustomed.」

Eleanor said so and looked at my face.

Incidentally, I think so too.

It seems that becoming a leader made me step forward on various things.

I tilted my head due to Eleanor's remark and groaned.

「It is probably because I have become a king of a country that is recognized as a major power.」

When I said so, Eleanor nodded.

「You are the apostle of god, our lord, and the king of our country. However, for us, being our lord is the greatest.」

「Hnn? What do you mean?」

When I tilted my neck because of Eleanor's words, Eleanor smiled and shook her head to the left and right.

「We will accompany master for all time and will continue to pledge our loyalty.」

When Eleanor said so, she looked at where Sainos and Sunny is.

「Right? Sainos, Sunny….」

When Eleanor looked at their direction with a smile, there were two people with closed eyes. They are sleeping.

Sainos was sleeping while sitting with his legs and arms crossed. Sunny is sleeping on the carpet similar to the character 大.

Well, I knew because I can see them from here. However, Eleanor was just speaking about my titles and is obviously displeased about the two sleeping.

You guys will sleep for good.

Eleanor looked down at the two sleeping fellows. She sighed and took something out of her item box.

She took something like a steel box designed with a woman's face and something like a pillar that is about 1 meter tall out.

「…I know the first one. It's a torture device called iron maiden. What's the second one?」

When I asked her so, Eleanor nodded with an evil smile.

「This one is called Judas' cradle. I think it will be good for Sainos…Since they are already sleeping, let's have them sleep on these.」

Eleanor said so and laughed happily.

I was so scared that I did not dare to ask how does it work.

「My butt hurts for some reason. Do you know anything about it, my liege?」

TN: His butt hurts and asked another man about it? I better kill myself immediately if I'll ever be sent to a Judas' cradle

Sainos looked at me with a suspicious face but I shook my head to the left and right.

「No, I have no idea.」

When I said so, Sainos groaned while making a difficult face.

「Is that so…? Incidentally, I feel that Eleanor's way of looking at me is rather unpleasant…」

「Eleanor manages G.I.Jou in my instead. Perhaps she's jealous of Sainos because she can't go with me.」

「Ah, right! As expected of my liege! I understand now!」

Sainos nodded many times as if completely convinced by my explanation.

We went out of the G.I.Jou and went to the capital using flight magic.

The members are me, Sainos, Sunny, and Io.

I looked at Sainos who's scratching his butt while flying beside me.

I was really surprised a while ago.

I never thought that Sainos' butt will win against the torture device.

If a low-level character attacks with a low-level iron sword, it can only make a maximum damage of one.

Why am I thinking about stupid things?

「Master, why are we going to the capital?」

While I was thinking about strange things, Io asked me that question.

It seems that Io is trying to make her small body looks bigger, she's flying while spreading both of her hands.

「Oh, I heard that the dark elves are arriving in the capital one after another. Though there are places where they can live, they don't have jobs yet.」

When I said so, Sunny, who was silent, tilted her neck.

「Why did master take the dark elves as your subordinate?」

Sunny said so while looking puzzled. I smiled wryly at Sunny and opened my mouth while mixing a sigh.

「It's part of my plan. School and orphanages are free and we're also already paying the soldier’s salary.Our financial situation is considerably severe. The capital is crowded with merchants, travellers and adventurers from various countries but if you calculate the earnings, it's harsh.」

When I explained so, Sunny tilted her neck further.

「Then, if you refused to have salary, you can become master's subordinate?」

When Sunny said so, Io knitted her eyebrows and groaned while Sainos looked at me with wide eyes.

What's with that face, Sainos?

I replied to Sunny who's still tilting her neck.

「There will be about 5,000 dark elves that will come. Furthermore, elves and beastkins will come too. Though there will be no problem if they live on G.I.Jou and Val Valhalla castle, some might misunderstand that I'm taking them under my wings. I also want them to visit and see the various colors of different cities. And, when the air transport begins, I will ask for the help of the dark elves and elves.」

When I said so, Sunny nodded ambiguously but I don't think she understood.

When I am looking at Sunny with half-opened eyes, Io gave an additional explanation.

「In other words, even though they are master's subordinate, except in emergency situations, you will have them live in other cities…is that right?」

Io said so and looked back at me.

I nod and open my mouth.

「That's right. They will be trading with various people of various countries ….」

I muttered so and racked my brains.

Why is the country of the dragon knight planning to make a profit similar to an enormous casino?

Did I overlook something?

While thinking of such a thing, we arrived at the capital.


The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 163

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