The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 165

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AN: The update did not make it in time….!


TN: Start of Ren's favorite adventurer arc.

It was afternoon. Ten adventurers are at the entrance of the forest of abyss to hunt monsters.

While checking the surroundings, the adventurers took a break for about 20 meters outside the forest.

「Anyone injured?」

While spreading out his luggage, the middle-aged bearded man looked around and said such a thing.

It is the adventurer Wolf.

When Wolf says so, the adventurers, who are also preparing something on their own, reply.

「We're alright, Wolf-san.」

「Right right. We lured out one and defeated it neatly!」

「We're also accompanied by the A-rank Wolf-san!」

While listening to such replies, Wolf made a wry smile and looked at the forest.

The forest is so dense that no one will be able to see deep from the outside.

Though howls of beast can be heard as it echoes, you can't see any monster from the outside.

Twisted tree trunk with poisonous grass of dark red and blue color is on its shade.

The inner part of the forest seems dead with only a little light in it even though it's still daytime.

The air is damp and it smells like rusted iron.

This is a natural fortress that will not forgive anyone who'll invade it.This is also a prison of no return.

Those were all what  people think of the forest of abyss and until a few days ago, it was a fact.

But that kind of thinking was now abolished.

By the second coming of the apostle of god and the S-rank party, Silver Wind.

The news has already spread that the legendary figure, the apostle of god, has founded a country Einherjar. He is also recognized by three major powers of Einherjar, Rembrandt Kingdom, and Maeas.

TN: This is odd. I thought Einherjar would recognize him as a god and not as an apostle of god. I guess only his guild members thought of him that way.

The news about the legendary castle of the apostle of god has spread.

The apostle of god demands the absolute strong to come to his castle.

And that castle is in the depths of the forest of abyss.

Those who were enlightened, those who wanted to become braves, those who wanted to become a mythical hero, those who are bathe in darkness…..

Those who lives in various paths are aiming for that place.

However, the destination is the untrodden forest of abyss.

Who would be able to break through it?

Everyone thought so. A group of court mages? Even if a major power throws all its forces there…they wouldn't be able to break through, much less a small group of people.

However, the S-rank adventurer party, Silver Wind, challenged the forest of abyss.

It's a party of five.

That party of five did not come out from the forest of abyss for two weeks.

They were not annihilated. They advanced through the forest of abyss according to schedule and withdrew while still having some leeway.

No one died. Everyone is mentally and physically safe.

Furthermore, two days later, the adventurer party silver wind stayed in the forest of abyss for three weeks in their attempt to capture it.

And instead of losing their existing force, they were able to obtain more than one magic item that further increased their power.

To those who are aiming to go to the castle of the apostle of god, this means something.

It is possible to breakthrough the forest of abyss.

That fact quickly rocked not just the hearts of the adventurers, merchants, soldiers, and mages but also the heart of common people.

Meanwhile, the adventurer’s group who had already changed their home base to Einherjar had been stepping into the forest of abyss with Wolf as the center.

Wolf's team is made up of multiple parties. There's a party for luring monsters and there's a party to subjugate them.

Wolf's team is moving towards the depths of the forest of abyss little by little. They judged that they should not fight against multiple monsters at the same time.

As a result, their forest capture almost didn't advance. They took one month to advance 100 meters.

This is a result where some would say something about it.

However, the adventurers are feeling positive about it.

It took them several hours to beat a monster from the forest of abyss that they met for the first time.

But now, they have defeated that same type of monster in less than an hour.

They surely grew up in one month.

The adventurers are all positive in capturing the forest of abyss.

Sooner or later, they will become braves.

With this newly found possibility, the adventurers are laughing.

When Wolf removed his gaze from the forest of abyss and looked around his companions who are preparing for their break, a black shadow suddenly whirled from the sky.

Wolf, who noticed the shadow, peeled his eyes off and looked around quickly while holding his huge ax using both of his hands.

Then, on the opposite side of the forest of abyss…

He noticed a large amount of silhouette walking from the direction of the city.

Dark elves, an existence that rarely appears in public.

The number of adult dark elves exceeds 100, Wolf was stunned.

A beautiful dark elf woman in the middle opens her mouth towards Wolf.

「You there, are you adventurers?」

When the beautiful dark elf woman asked so, Wolf shallowly nodded several times.

With that exchange, the other adventurers finally noticed the dark elves.

「Da-dark elf…」

「You're kidding….. this is the first time I saw one.」


While being exposed to amaze words and gaze, Canaan, the chief of the dark elves, opened her mouth.

「We became adventurers today. Ren-sama said that we should seek Wolf-dono to learn the way of adventurers.」

When Canaan said so, Wolf cramped his cheeks and made a wry smile.

「…I'm Wolf.」

When Wolf said so, Canaan raised the edge of her mouth.

「Is that so? You're appearance perfectly fit the description. Then, please teach us your knowledge as an adventurer. We ask of you, senpai.」

When Canaan said so, Wolf raised a dry laughter while looking at the group of dark elves standing behind Canaan.

「…that punk.」


The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 165

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