The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 34

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Kong Ji returned to the main hall. After "repairing" the crystal pillar, he then threw Lin Xiao out of the main hall, and then lightly said, "Lin Xiao, qualified,... Medium qualification. "

After saying this sentence, Kong Ji's mouth violently twitched several times. Saying the word "medium" was simply killing him. If the congenital spiritual body, like a bottomless hole to absorb the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth, was medium qualification, that Qin Shou, who absorbed two feet and six inches spiritual energy, was garbage.

As Kong Ji thought, he heard the "garbage" asking Lin Xiao, "Oh, you have a good luck, medium qualification, how much spiritual energy have you absorbed, one foot and a half or two feet?"

Kong Ji's mouth convulsed. Seeing Qin Shou's irony face, he wanted to beat Qin Shou to a pig's head.

After restraining this impulse, Kong Ji said in a faint way, "the examination continues."

After that, Kong Ji went to the main hall. Before he left, he stared fiercely at Qin Shou.

Kong Ji's eyes were noticed by Qin Shou. At the moment, he said to Lin Xiao proudly, "Do you see? The examiner is watching me. I think my qualification will be reported to the sect leader soon. I believe if I join Tai Xuan Sect, it will certainly become more powerful! "

Hearing this, the gentle Kong Ji, who was walking inside, stumbled at the doorstep with a dark face. He almost squeezed out a word from the crevice between teeth, "fart!"

The qualification a.s.sessment lasted all the morning. After a short rest at noon, the examination in the afternoon continued.

Almost all candidates who pa.s.sed the first pa.s.s chose to stay on the square because they has absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and did not need to eat meal.

In a short while, Kong Ji arrived on time, and brought the examination content of the second pa.s.s. The second pa.s.s was the evening drum and morning bell in a monastery, which examined the savvy.

Learning martial arts, only owning qualification was not enough. If one had poor savvy, his achievements would be limited. If one had good savvy, he could make up for lack of qualification.

Of course, some people held that diligence was the means by which one made up for his dullness. But the sect must develop, so it wouldn't waste time and resources on an untalented person. It was well known that the cultivation was a process of fighting for life with the heaven. If one had good savvy, he could yield twice the result with half the effort. Hence, the second pa.s.s was much more important than the first pa.s.s.

At this time, the sect leader of Tai Xuan Sect and several sect elders were standing on the edge of a cliff. The strong wind swept away, blowing their clothes to flutter, but all of them were not moving, and their eyes were all staring at a canyon below.

The canyon was halfway up the hillside, wrapped by clouds, partly hidden and partly visible.

Around the canyon, nine huge bells were half embedded in rocks, and half exposed, emitting ancient vicissitudes.

Kong Ji took the candidates to the periphery of the canyon, he looked around, and said, "The second pa.s.s is to test your savvy, the evening drum and morning bell in a monastery. If you can beat four bells, you are qualified! If you can beat six bells, you may be chosen by the sect elders, and you will become a disciple of them. Then you will attain the highest level in one step and have a bright future."

"What about beating seven bells?" A candidate asked the examiner.

Kong Ji looked at the speaker, and then his mouth convulsed, almost calling names. That guy itching for a try called Qin Shou.

But as an examiner, he had to answer this question, so he replied, "If you can beat seven bells, you may become a disciple of the sect leader. If you can beat eight bells, you will be selected as the next candidate of the sect leader, and you will have the opportunity to manage such a great Tai Xuan Sect."

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, Kong Ji looked around and found that everyone's eyes were brimmed with desire when they heard this.

The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 34

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