The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 35

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Kong Ji sighed, and shook his head. It was not easy to strike eight bells, even he couldn't do it, and there was only one person who could make it in the last ten years.

But when he saw that Lin was looking around and marveled at some of the strange rocks, he had a bright light in his eyes. Perhaps the second one would appear today.

"Examiner, what if I can hit nine bells?" Suddenly, the speaker was a little girl who looked soft and weak.

Kong Ji's eyes suddenly showed admiration, and after a long time, he answered, "Nine bells are hit simultaneously. A hundred years ago, only one person made it. Five hundred years ago, no one could strike nine bells at the same time."

The surrounding candidates stood gazing at one another, and then they saw Kong Ji's face becoming solemn and he said seriously, "Next I want to teach you a basic martial skill of Tai Xaun Sect, it is called 'ambus.h.i.+ng on all sides'. You can use it to hit the bell. I'll first demonstrate it, you must watch it carefully, and your mind don't wander. You only have one opportunity!"

Martial skill, when hearing these two words, not only the other candidates, but also Lin Xiao's eyes sparkled, and they fixed their eyes on Kong Ji.

In the Cloud Dream Mountain, the old man Chi Yan didn't teach Lin Xiao his martial arts. He also held that the real martial skills must be acquired in the battle. As a result, Lin Xiao, who didn't have any martial arts, had suffered a lot.

In the field, Kong Ji calmed his breath and concentrated his attention, and then he gave a punch. After that, nothing happened.

Lin Xiao face was full of astonishment, what, finish?

At this point, a loud noise of "bang" sounded, and then sand flew sand and pebbles rolled, making people cannot open their eyes. When Lin Xiao opened his eyes, he was stunned.

He saw a big hole with one man's height on the rock face not far away.

What a horrible punch!

Oh my G.o.d! No! Lin Xiao's eyes glared.

At this time, Kong Ji's voice sounded lightly, "This is the 'ambus.h.i.+ng on all sides'. You can comprehend it by yourself, and the a.s.sessment will start in an hour."

Lin Xiao frowned. He stared the big hole carefully. At this time, his eyes glared, and he saw that at the top of the big hole, which had just been hit by Kong Ji, there were small stones falling down. That was... the power of the wind.

Lin Xiao's eyes lit up, then he closed his eyes immediately and began to recollect the punch of Kong Ji just now.

As soon as Lin Xiao gave a punch, the wind blew and the storm agitated the ocean. The hole was the control of the power. The strength was like waves, and it was stacked up layer upon layer, leading to this result.

Lin Xiao raised his eyebrows. In the past, no matter fighting with the fire rain magical ape or the violent bear, he played his hard strength to the extreme. But now he realized it was not necessary right that exerting more strength could produce greater power and it was important to couple hardness with softness.

Lin Xiao, who closed his eyes and meditated, began to unconsciously punch in the air.

Lin Xiao carefully controlled his strength and speed, from fast to slow, then from slow to fast.

Gradually, Lin Xiao seemed to come to the boundless sea, and his fist came out with the waves. Unconsciously, he became more skilled in controlling strength.

"Time's up, let's start the second pa.s.s now!"

Kong Ji's voice pulled Lin Xiao back to reality. He opened his eyes and saw that the first candidate walking towards a bell.

The man punched the bell and he only let the bell buzz, but it did not ring.

"Unqualified, next one."

Kong Ji was expressionless. Soon, he has eliminated more than ten people, but even the first bell did not ring.

An hour pa.s.sed quickly. During this period, only one person hit three bells, and others were unqualified.

Kong Ji was more and more disappointed.

The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 35

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