The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 37

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The situation lasted until he heard a loud clang.

Finally, the last disciple successfully knocked four bells and pa.s.sed this a.s.sessment.

"The next one, Qin Shou."

A far louder clang than the first sound rang, and then Kong Ji's eyes lit up.

When Kong Ji heard the seventh bell sound, he had a completely new appraisal of Qin Shou. This guy had a good savvy. He could realize seven overlapping strengths in such a short time. Not bad.

The crowd has already burst into the discussion. Seven rings meant Qin Shou had a chance to wors.h.i.+p the sect leader as a teacher.

Qin Shou could felt that everyone looked at him with different look, and the hot eyes on him made him feel like stepping on the cotton.

Qin Shou thought that it was meaningless to taunt Wan Di and w.a.n.g Manyun. He kept his way to Lin Xiao and stopped, "Lin Xiao, you don't have talent. And it doesn't have to say that you must have a poor savvy. I have hit seven bells, and I will certainly become a disciple the sect leader. If you now call me grandfather, even though you can't pa.s.s the examination, I can also let you enter the sect."

"Next one, Lin Xiao."

Lin Xiao didn't speak, and Kong Ji's voice sounded.

Lin Xiao leisurely walked to the nine bells. He did not give punch, instead, he closed his eyes.

Kong Ji's punch appeared in Lin Xiao's mind, and then his punch flashed across. For a moment, he opened his eyes with a confident smile.

He took a deep breath, and slowly gave a punch.


The first bell rang, but the sound was not loud and clear, as if Lin Xiao used a little less strength, the bell would not ring.

Qin Shou laughed at Lin Xiao. This kind of savvy was simply disgraceful. He thought it was good enough for Lin Xiao to ring one bell.

But suddenly Qin Shou heard the second ring which was nothing different from the first one, the same volume and the same rhythm.

Qin Shou wrinkled his eyebrows and scolded Lin Xiao in his heart. This guy was very lucky. I wanted to see how you ring the next bell.

But then he heard third ring, still not loud enough.


The surprise flashed across Qin Shou's eyes. He had just struck seven bells, so he knew the difficulty of hitting those bells. Though they looked similar, if you didn't have strong enough overlapping strength, you couldn't strike the following bells.

Before he could understand it, the fourth sound rang again, and then the fifth ring, the sixth ring, and the seventh ring…

Qin Shou was totally dull. His head was like filled with paste. Seven rings were exactly the same rhythm. How did this work?

Kong Ji stared at Lin Xiao in the field. His eyes were filled with scorching heat. He was more knowledgeable than Qin Shou, so he knew that Lin Xiao's action was absolute the control of power.

From the first ring to the seventh ring, though the sounds were not loud enough, Lin Xiao's aim was to prepare for the following bells and preserve his strength. The following bells were more difficult to ring, and the power needed to hit the bells was different. But Lin Xiao could make them ring the same sound, which meant that Lin Xiao has skillfully controlled his strength.

But I didn't know how many overlapping strength Lin Xiao realized? Seven, eight, or... Kong Ji asked a question in his heart.

At the next moment, Lin told him the answer.


It was a clang again.

"Eight rings! How could it be, how could he surpa.s.s me?! "Qin Shou did not believe what he heard. His eyes were unbelievable.

However, this was not the end, because soon he heard the ninth ring.

The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 37

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