The Trembling World Chapter 465

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Chapter 465 - All Prepared

TL: LifeisaJourney


So the million dollar question was, how could he bait the monster into the wall of malice?

How could he entice it to jump off the cliff?

It wasn't going to go in willingly, that was certain.

Even if it had jumped off the cliff, there were still over a hundred meters from the base of the cliff to the wall of malice hovering above the seawater. If it jumped straight down without taking a running head start, then there was enough room for it to safely avoid hitting the wall of malice.

That was when Liu Gan had a sudden thought...

If this Moonlight Gulf Theme Park instance was completely surrounded by the wall of malice, which was an oval shape, then there would be a point where the malice and seash.o.r.e intersected. Two points to be exact; one on the left, and one on the right of his current position.

Ideally, he would prefer a situation where the cliffs reached the seash.o.r.e and the wall of malice was immediately below. Then even a simple push could inflict ma.s.sive damage. If the King Crocodile got stuck, then even if it was minute damage, it would still acc.u.mulate.

Liu Gan needed to time it correctly. After the Black Fog s.h.i.+eld was completely shattered, Liu Gan would use his Enhanced Crescent Blade to claim credit for the kill. After all, in this situation, only the contribution matters.

The question was if it was possible to find such a junction...

Liu Gan looked left and right, unable to decide which side would have the higher chance of finding such ideal conditions. Instead of wasting more time, Liu Gan chose one of the two directions and started walking.


Over half an hour later, he stopped. He had reached the junction and was thoroughly disappointed by what he had discovered. The geography of the land had tapered right down to sea level from a cliff's height. There was nothing here that could provide the geographic advantage he was hoping for.

Specifically, Liu Gan was looking for a narrow crevice to pin the King Crocodile down. If the other side of the island didn't have anything similar, then he would have to come up with an alternative plan…


After another half an hour of walking along the beach, Liu Gan walked past the way he had originally came from and headed to the other end of the seash.o.r.e.

To his surprise, he was able to find what he was looking for. This dungeon instance had a wide variety of geography, and this cage suddenly became a blessing for him. If all pieces fell into place, then the King Crocodile would die!

The seash.o.r.e was meandering, with the wall of malice running parallel alongside the sh.o.r.e. There were still four meters of water between the wall of malice and the land. The wall of malice formed a narrow elongated shape on the beach that was no more than eight meters long.

Right above this natural entrapment was the cliff. If by chance the King Crocodile fell into the crevice, then it would be trapped between the cliff wall and wall of malice. Slowly, but surely the wall would damage the Black Fog s.h.i.+eld.

Liu Gan focused on the possible outcomes based on his observations of the cliff above and the layout of the land below. Slowly, he was able to come up with a detailed plan.

It seemed like the secret store would prove to be useful! In the end, he still had to gather more tokens. With the aid of the map, they could cut down the time needed to search for the regular Crocodiles.

Liu Gan brought his team out to the narrow junction to explain his plan as well as to hear the collective thoughts of the others. With the refined plan, most of the small details were hammered out, which raised the troop morale as well as the success rate of the plan.

The following days were preparation for the final battle. Liu Gan and others were able to locate and kill off Crocodiles more quickly. Their efficiency for farming tokens was three times faster with the PDA's map detection function.


Over half a month later, on a particular day they had been waiting for...

While Liu Gan was in the middle of farming the regular Crocodile creatures for the loot, he noticed the slight change in breeze. At first the wind blew in a new direction weakly, but it started to gain force. The wind was blowing in the direction of the narrow junction! A smile formed on Liu Gan's face.

He had the preparations already set up, all he was waiting on was the weather to be in his favor.

Now that the wind was blowing in the right direction, he could execute his plan.

If everything went accordingly to plan, then the King Crocodile would fall. Then the reward and experience would go to him.

The first crucial step was to lure the King Crocodile all the way over to the narrow junction. There were at least several kilometers of distance from the nest to the destination. If Liu Gan had to play the role of being bait, it would be the equivalent of a suicide mission. His Mist Armor couldn't withstand the endless attacks over such a long distance. It would be destroyed by the time he made it halfway.

To force the King Crocodile closer to the narrow junction, the group thought about it for a long time. They came up with the strategy half a month ago.

It was a strategy based off the Battle of the Red Cliffs, when strategist Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu had to cut down the enemy forces. They borrowed the natural elements of the wind to burn up the enemy. Liu Gan's tactic was to use fire!

Liu Gan a.s.signed a location to everyone. To ensure their safety, he kept tabs on the current location of the King Crocodile. Everyone held a torch as they dispersed to their designated area. The mountain forest had a lot of dry wood, which made it perfect for starting a forest fire. Once the twigs and branches ignited, the gusts of wind fanned the flames until it was an uncontrollable wildfire. The smoke covered the horizon downwind, which smoked out the creatures and primed the woods for burning.

It didn't take long for the gust to blow the smoke over to the King Crocodile's nest. It abruptly woke up from inhaling thick smoke. It reacted based on instinct and charged downwind of the fire.

It wasn't afraid of the flames, but bathing in an inferno would wither down the Black Fog Armor. So it wasn't a surprise when it decided to retreat to an area without any flames.

Since the fire was ignited at multiple points surrounding it, the King Crocodile had one direction it could escape to for fresh air. It was running right towards the narrow junction.

Even though the King Crocodile escaped out of the wildfire, there was still a distance of a few hundred meters of open s.p.a.ce until the cliff. The King Crocodile glanced at the wall of malice and came to an abrupt halt. It turned around to look back at the wildfire behind it.

The Trembling World Chapter 465

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