The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 433

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Who knew that? Jin Da Zhong's tiny eyes blinked for a moment before he revealed his yellow teeth, "Who are you trying to bluff, Young Master Ya? Young Master Ya had never stepped into Surging Wave Academia recently, are you trying to scare this teacher with the name of Young Master Ya? Let me tell you kid, if you want her to live, you should just let this teacher search your soul! If not, humph, a demon man is known to die easily during treatment, you should understand…"

Huan Qing Yan was struggling while being held by Jin Da Zhong, she was silly laughing earlier on, but upon experiencing pain, she started crying.

Her mouth mumbled, "Kill you, kill you, go away, go away…"

Bai Chen Feng was filled with heartache when he saw her liked this, he gritted his teeth, "Fine, I will let you Soul Search, but let her go first."

"Kid, are you trying to negotiate with this old man? Do you think you have the ability to negotiate the terms now?" As Jin Da Zhong spoke, he hesitated for a moment, it was still better to let Huan Qing Yan go first. Since they were in this building, the two of them would absolutely have no way out, they were just meat waiting to be slaughtered.

Bai Chen Feng stepped forward and pulled Huan Qing Yan to him, he properly looked at her and found no obvious injuries.

He sighed a breath of relief in his heart.

After that, he pulled her behind him and sighed, "Teacher Jin, as a teacher of the academia, why must you cripple and harm a student in the shadows? Aren't you afraid the consequences if this matter was to get out?"

A flash of unease went through Jin Da Zhong's eyes for a moment before he coldly replied, "If this old man is to rank up and become King Spirit Master, who can stop me?"

Other than those old fellas within the Holy Court, a King Spirit Master was an entity that stood at the very top of humanity, it was simply a case of a few students lost and hurt; it would likely not be a big matter. If he really cannot deal with it, he could just admit his mistake and let this matter slide away after some time.

In addition, would these students in front of him have the chance to spread anything?

"I am the Crown Prince of Hanging Cloud Empire." Bai Chen Feng continued.

Jin Da Zhong was startled for a moment before he replied with a vicious gaze, "So what?" as he spoke, he walked up and stretched his hand towards Bai Chen Feng.

Bai Chen Feng silently sighed, he did not know how effective his words would be.

However, he was out of ideas at the moment, he could only try to drag this out as much as possible.

As he saw Jin Da Zhong's fat hand reaching towards him, he subconsciously retreated a few steps.

But he was facing a Mystic Spirit Master, no matter how much he retreated; he would still be unable to escape.

He could not help but feel flustered, as large beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

In this emergency situation, he suddenly remembered the small box that his lord father has handed to him before he left, saying it could be used to protect his life.

There was no time for him to think in detail, he immediately took out the small box and opened it, a dark marble shot out from within and headed towards Jin Da Zhong.

"Old Scum! Look at this!" since negotiations have broken, there was no need for him to hold back.

Jin Da Zhong sneered in disdain, "A small Star Spirit Master still dare to play tricks in front of this old man…"

Before he could finish, he noticed the black marble and exclaimed, "Thunderbolt Seed! You…"

Thunderbolt Seed was a rarely seen item that possessed a great reputation.

Each marble was formed from made from refining an entire demon's mental energy, without the need to use any further resources, it was able to release a powerful shocking blow upon use.

The power of the blow was roughly equivalent to an all-out attack of the refined demon used.

Jin Da Zhong was unable to determine the power of this Thunderbolt Seed.

However, as the Crown Prince, an item used by Bai Chen Feng was likely not of low quality.

Therefore, Jin Da Zhong immediately decided to evade while changing his grabbing hand into a palm strike and send it towards Bai Chen Feng.

The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 433

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