The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 677

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Chapter 677
Chapter 677: Impregnable Stronghold

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"d.a.m.n, it’s cold." Sheyan s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably. His drenched hair and clammy underclothes were rapidly sucking away his bodily heat.


As the most common airborne virus, the flu bacteria travels out from channels like the mouth and nose of patients, before proliferating into the surrounding air. Finally, Sheyan would inhale the bacteria into his lungs.


However, whether the flu bug could breakthrough his immunity, thereby smoothly propagating throughout his body and stirring up havoc within, was up to personal luck.


Meanwhile, Brother Black was guarding Sheyan from afar, while his two capable a.s.sistants had occupied vantage points, and vigilantly surveying for any possible threat.


Time swiftly trickled away. Sheyan sat absent-mindedly on a stool. On his left, a row of feverish patients queuing up for the consulting room. To his right, several drowsy patients on IV drips were seated, weak and not sharing a single word with each other.


Sheyan desperately wished to fall sick, thus he repeatedly inhaled deeply, as though this would help him suck in more bacteria virus.


After sitting for quite some time, Sheyan begun feeling rather exhausted. A slight fuzziness started creeping into his senses and his body. At this moment, he immediately recalled; if adding the time spent during the dangerous expedition in the Resident Evil world (real world timing), it had been nearly 40 hours of being awake.


With his digitized enhanced body, the exhaustion wasn’t vivid. But now as an ordinary human and with a relaxed state of mind, he could no longer resist the urge to sleep....




Such a tremendous sneeze immediately startled Sheyan out of his deep slumbering dream world. Upon waking up, he felt a top-heavy sensation throughout his body, and nostrils emitting scalding breath. With each faint movement, a throbbing ache feedbacked into his mind. Breathing became difficult and was coupled with a wheezing sound in his nasal cavity.


"Finally caught a cold….."


That phrase floated up in Sheyan’s sea of consciousness. Following closely, was a notification transmitted by his nightmare imprint.


[ A-Virus has detected a flu virus infiltrated the host body ]


[ A-Virus system of devouring, duplicating and optimizing is already activated ]


[ For A-Virus to devour, duplicate and optimize virus in accordance to contestant’s evolution, during this process, the flu virus will be enhanced greatly; resulting in fiercer and additionally severe symptoms ]


[ A-Virus has started catalyzing the nucleus code of the flu virus. In an expected 20 minutes, virus symptoms will reach its peak. That will be the most critical phase and the most life threatening to the host. Duration of virus flare phase: 420 minutes….. ]


[ Experiencing data conflict and disorder…..recalculating ]


[ Innate ability ‘Stronghold’ is effective. Duration of negative effects weakened by 25% ]


[ Duration of virus flare phase decreased to 315 minutes. Your life will still be in critical danger during this phase, please make the appropriate emergency measures! ]


"My innate ‘Stronghold’ can take effect even in this state???" Although Sheyan was experiencing a splitting headache, he still managed to capture this good news with great elation!


One must understand, the curren

t Sheyan had been completely reduced to the state prior to joining the realm! Moreover, this effect took the highest form of precedence – Domain Authority Precedence! Even such a formidable and perverse rank S ‘Pestilence Monarch’ ability couldn’t negate the resistance of Sheyan’s ‘Stronghold’! How unbeatably impregnable it was!!!


That undoubtedly was like a tranquilizer boost to Sheyan. 25% was absolutely a substantial speed upgrade to Sheyan’s rate of learning virus abilities. As the saying goes, the final mile is harder than 99 miles of the journey. Many a time, individuals falter right at the very last moments, equivalent to the final 25% duration of the virus flare phase!


Previously, considering that Brother Black and his lackeys may encounter local communication issues, Sheyan also brought Sanzi along with him; informing Sanzi that he felt unwell and wanted to go for a medical checkup.


By now, Sheyan’s headache had deteriorated acutely, while his throat became inflamed with sharp pain. His nose transformed into a clogged swamp.


Having felt the initial symptoms of flu, Sheyan hastily called Sanzi over and instructed him to contact the doctor, concurrently stas.h.i.+ng a pouch of money into Sanzi’s hand to open the way ahead.


With money paving the way, the doctors portrayed immaculate professionalism, ethics and terrific service to Sheyan; admitting him into an emergency ward at once. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, there weren’t specific instant cure for flu viruses. All the doctors could do were to alleviate the symptoms, a.s.sisting one’s bodily immune to exterminate the virus itself.


Citing the Gulf war as an a.n.a.logy, the virus is equivalent to the United States, and the human body, Iraq. Now, if China played the role as the doctors, China definitely couldn’t do anything to the United States, and truthfully couldn’t destroy them. Moreover, it would be impossible to go into head on conflict against them within a short time as well.


Nevertheless, China could a.s.sist Iraq in sending ammunitions, international vocal support, donations, medical supplies, or selling goods at a cheaper rate to Iraq. These would help lessen the pressure on Iraq, allowing them to focus on dealing with the United States; thereby concentrating military forces to exterminate the invading american forces and achieve victory.


Even though Sheyan was credited with excellent medical facilities and treatment, the optimizing and duplicating process of the virus still inflicted him with grievous troubles and anguish. Honestly speaking, Sheyan felt his mental fort.i.tude similarly rising as his strength increased in the realm. Yet now that all his strength had been depleted till his primitive state, his soul weakening to its feeblest state as well!


With the ailment terrorizing him during his feeblest state, most patients would crumble both physically and mentally; every second felt additionally and excruciatingly long.


In spite of that, Sheyan held a tremendous superiority in his heart. Indeed, it was due to his innate ability – ‘Stronghold’ !


A sense of superiority born from knowing it could even suppress 25% of the virus’ plaguing duration! This was akin to walking in the darkness and seeing a dawn of light ahead. Of course, he would be invigorated with additional courage and willpower!


Approximately 5-6 hours later, Sheyan’s condition started attracting serious attention within the hospital. They felt that Sheyan’s symptoms was truly dreadfully grave. Even after loading him with the best medicines, his condition unexpectedly turned for the worst instead of becoming better.


However, this ailment was frankly extremely basic, it was just a flu! A flu that could increasingly torment a 20 plus year old lad, who theoretically should be at the peak of his immunity, instantly attracted their serious attention. Besides, cases like the bird flu and SARs had long been deeply lodged within their hearts. If they didn’t report it to superiors at once, who would shoulder the burden of responsibility should an outbreak happen in this district?!


Yet while the doctors were urgently reporting to superiors and defending themselves, a young nurse hastily raced over and offered them an utmost astonis.h.i.+ng news.


"That patient, suspected to have contracted the bird flu, has left."


"He wants to leave then let him, inform security if he hasn’t paid…...WHAT!!?! HE LEFT?"


"Yes…...yes he did…"


"Where did he go? Transferred to another hospital?"


"No, he directly stood up, ripped off his IV drip and breathing a.s.sistant, and departed."


"Impossible!! His pulse rate had soared to 170! That’s double that of an ordinary human! His breathing was 100 times a minute, an ordinary person is merely 70 times! His blood pressure has overshot indicators crazily as well. Don’t talk about walking, even crawling on the floor would be difficult!"


"But….but he truly sat up and left! Moreover, large black men left beside him, I couldn’t even hope to stall him."


" isn’t April’s fool, I’m not in the mood to joke with you."


"Supervisor, I too am not in a mood to joke, if you don’t believe me, go see for yourself!"



By now, Sheyan was already riding a rental car. He released a long sigh as he enjoyed the comfort of his healthy body.


The notification from his nightmare imprint was distinctly floating before his eyes.


[ A-Virus duplication has succeeded! ]


[ You successfully stimulated a branch ability: Flu lvl 1! ]


[ Branch ability: Flu lvl 1 – Upon activating this ability, enemies within a 50 metres (strengthened by the relevant ‘Pestilence Monarch’ ability, ‘Disseminate’) will be contaminated with the Flu virus. Outbreak period of 10 minutes (takes 10 minutes for virus to take effect) ]


[ Effect: Within intervals of 10 seconds, there is a 5% chance of sneezing (disrupts ordinary attack/ability casting movement), s.h.i.+ver (movement speed drop by 50% for 3 seconds) and headache (amplifies MP consumption in casting abilities) ]


[ You can choose to activate or seal off this branch ability at anytime. Requires 2 potential points and 1,000 utility points to activate/seal ability ]


[ This branch ability can coexist with certain other virus types ]


[ Please quickly invest more achievement points to evolve this branch ability, which will subsequently unlock higher tiers in the innate skill tree! ]


At present, Sheyan still possessed an excess of 8 achievement points. When he attempted to upgrade his ‘Flu lvl 1’, he realized each upgrade required a fee of 2 achievement points. Fortunately, his virus system from the ‘Stairway of the Sun’ allowed him to save on 1 achievement point. Hence, it wasn’t that bad of a heartache for him. Nevertheless, a hefty fee of utility points was also demanded

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 677

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