The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 705

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The 'Mage-Nemesis' in Aldaris's hands was practically like gods appearing and devils vanishing; utterly impossible to defend against!

Despite being stabbed by the 'Mage-Nemesis' dagger, Yuan Zhan laughed hysterically.

"Aldaris, don't think that all is well just because your blasted dagger managed to injure me. As a mighty Growth-Hunter summoner master, Zi has channeled countless of party resources to me. The reserves of magic power in my deposit are something you can very well imagine! So what if your 'Mage-Nemesis' possesses the ability of endless mana combustion, and cannot be plucked out?

"How long will you have to wait before all my MP is sucked dry? My children will have long shredded you to pieces by then!"

Following Yuan Zhan's crazed laughter, numerous crimson glows of transportation arrays projected out around Aldaris's front and back. Closely after, several powerful strange beasts crawled out from those transportation arrays while baring fangs and brandishing claws, and entrapped Aldaris within their formation.

His current position was already in the building's perimeter. As such, Aldaris was totally surrounded that not even one drop could trickle through! Observing the might of those strange beasts, they were actually tier-4 or tier-5 legendary creature existences!

In this battle, this was the first time Yuan Zhan's main summoned creatures appeared!

Initially, this was the evil arrangement he planned to use against Zi, but didn't expect having to employ it on Aldaris instead! With the combination of Yuan Zhan's Growth-Hunter prowess, the matchmade dark-gold grade '+6 Chieftain's Hobby', and certain snares he had painstakingly and sneakily set up, he immediately launched a full force counterattack!

Within a flash, this dreadfully lethal setup mercilessly devoured Aldaris in!

The situation, was unexpectedly reversed in an instant!

"Never would I expect that in the end, it was Aldaris who rescued Zi." Sheyan was deeply moved as he uttered while seated in a bumpy off-road military truck.

The trio had long departed from the base station. Since they had gotten Zi's location, they naturally didn't tarry further; honoring their cash promises at once, binding those that needed to be bound up. Meanwhile, those that needed to flee the country, fled as well.

Something worthy to note, the trio truly kept their promises. They didn't silence those engineers, but instead awarded them with loose cash of several tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, the trio didn't simply dump the cash on them, but instead helped them to bury the cash nearby where they could retrieve when everything was done and dusted.

After a brief discussion, those engineers felt that though they suffered a traumatic experience, they still managed to earn a cash bonus which amounted to a few years of their salary. Hence, they agreed and built a makeshift tracker device for the trio as well.

This tracker device was created with an IPAD, and utilized the civilian network system but of course, encoded with many underlying military authority codings. The satellite network system wasn't solely used by the military. When the government became aware of the benefits involved in allowing underground syndicates to hunt for dino-crystals, they similarly created a civilian wave band for such network tracking.

When the trio acquired this tracking device, it was equivalent to possessing a civilian wave band of the highest authority privilege, which ensured the priority speed of their signal. Of course, it wasn't as fast as the military one, while also lacking in many other functions. Nevertheless to Sheyan and gang, this was considered a surprising reward.

"Aldaris was saved by Zi before." Reef refuted Sheyan.

To pick someone in Party Ace that was most familiar with Aldaris, it would obviously be Reef. Besides, the both of them would frequently swap pointers and wager with each other.

Upon hearing Reef's words, Sheyan's heart stirred.

"Oh? Such a thing happened?"

Reef nodded and replied.

"Aldaris is a rather arrogant individual who prefers the thrill of risking alone. As such, he frequently takes comparatively larger risks, but similarly reaps bountiful harvests; thus accelerating his growth. Of course, the dangers he encounters multiplies accordingly."

"Back then, Aldaris nearly died while attempting to acquire the 'Mage-Nemesis' dagger. It was Zi who offered him a lifeline, and even recruited him into the Illume-union."

In this precise second, Mogensha abruptly opened fire!

DA! DA! DA! A cloud of dust formed instantaneously on the road ahead. From the ground, a gravel gray lizard leapt out. One of its eye had been struck blind as turbid blood oozed out. It roared anguishly in mid air while grimacing with threat.

Yet in response to it, was more intense strafing gunfire! Striking the poor fella riddled with blood wounds as it tumbled to the ground.

"That lizard must've been genetically contaminated by those dinosaurs as well, thus leading to such a mutation. Its forte should be camping in disguise along the roads before mounting a sudden sneak attack, using that sharp row of bone spur of its vertebra to impale enemies to death. It should be the reason why almost 56% of vehicles have their tyres punctured. Furthermore, the awful stench of these gravel lizards makes their meat inedible, and rarely produces dinocrystals as well. They are one of the most unwelcomed creature of the wasteland."

Mogensha narrated the series of description from the tracking device.

"Oh right, we will soon enter the central district of the dinosaur disaster zone. According to the device's suggestion, its best we smear dinosaur dung on ourselves to prevent attracting unwanted attention. Should we do it?"

Sheyan rolled his eyes in response.

"I don't mind smearing our ride with dung, but to mear on ourselves....each of us will have to start travelling with a large plastic bag."

Following the acceleration of the military truck, tiny regiments of flames was suddenly sighted right ahead.

As their truck drove nearer, those tiny regiments flames appeared increasingly larger. Eventually, the contestants could spectate a combusting wreckage of several vehicles that were haphazardly congregated throughout the road.

An enormous pack of Deinonychus were currently vehemently ravaging a squad of hunters.

Amongst those Deinonychus, a boss tier could be noticeably seen. That Deinonychus head was especially larger and a shade of queer maroon coated its body. Moreover, it was roaring and gesturing its head to rally its dinosaur underlings in assault, while it silently observed atop a rock. This Boss Deinonychus unexpectedly appeared to possess some fundamental battle tactic capabilities.

Before the trio's truck pulled over, thunderous roars abruptly resounded from all four corners of the darkness.

A minimum of ten plus Deinonychus speared out and lunged towards the trio with brandishing claws.

"These guys actually know the tactic of annihilating the enemy's reinforcements while besieging the stronghold? That's simply too ridiculous!" Sheyan mused to himself.

In an instant, Mogensha shot down a single Deinonychus and immediately yelled out.

"Boss, these brats are already injured! What kind of evil practices have been done to these wretched green lizards, to possess such admirable intelligence? The heck, employing the wounded as reserved intercepting forces?"

By now, Sheyan was clearly aware of the current predicament that hunting squad was in. Evidently, the wreckage pile of vehicles were ignited by themselves and employed as a sheltering bunker, thus allowing them to focus on dealing with the Deinonychus from a single direction.

Though that was so, they were still in imminent crisis. Perhaps within a minute or two, those savage beast would break through, before cleaving apart their preys with vicious claws and devouring them after.

Witnessing that the pack of sieging Deinonychus about to break through, a herculean looking chap suddenly stepped forward as he hauled along a mechanical cannon like weapon by his feet.

The weapon's mouth was shaped like a trumpet, and its barrel slenderly binded downwards. From afar, it looked like an orchestra tuba. Yet going closer, it appeared like a heavy machine gun with a modified muzzle.

Then, this brutish chap howled energetically as he pointed the trumpet like muzzle towards the nearby pack of Deinonychus. Instantly, it echoed with an unforgettable sound!

This sound was peculiar and piercing to the ears. Like the screeching sound of fingernails scratching against glass, or chainsaw cutting through a steel pipe!

Even Sheyan's pupils shrunk, because within a heartbeat, a congested cluster of ten over sprinting Deinonychus were obliterated instantaneously!

PA! PA! PA! PA! PA! Consecutive sounds of windscreen shattering and screws unhinging resounded from some cars caught in the assailing wave released by the weapon.

Such was the massive devastating force of those vibrating shrapnels, that even some individuals caught in the friendly fire were wailing agonizingly.

It was as though time had froze for several seconds for that onrushing pack of Deinonychus. After the successive eruptions of 'PA PA PA', they were thoroughly torn apart and transformed into insipid blood mist wafting through the air; the blood mist comprising of grinded flesh, bones, hair and other bodily substances.

The trio could even whiff the rich aroma of reeking blood.

"COME ON! Abominable freaks who ought to be in hell! Curse it, resorting to that move withered away a quarter of our profits! And we've yet to count in our ruined vehicles!" The herculean chap laughed wildly but furiously scolded at the same time.

"This 'Concussion Gun' is bloody amazing, a pity its power is too destructive. Even the dinocrystals aren't spared. Ah, what a bloody waste!"

That single attack instantly caused the pack of Deinonychus to feel a humongous threat. Such ghastly casualties caused them to crumble internally as they instinctively fled with utmost speed in all directions!

Yet coincidentally or not, that maroon Boss Deinonychus actually fled towards the direction of the trio.

At present, Sheyan decided to test the two weapons they purchased from the underground market. He first retrieved the 'Shamier Jolting Gun' and took aim before pressing the trigger.

A forceful sonic wave directly penetrated through the tough and solid epidermis of the Deinonychus, and resonated through its head.

Instantly, the menacing beast tumbled to the ground. Although the dinosaur immediately scrambled back up, it continued spinning around in confusion where it stood.

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 705

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