The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 762

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Facing Zi's signature move, Metals Professor Fu Lyanna revealed a sneer instead. A split second later, the incoming six-edged javelins unexpectedly ignited with white flames.

With the protection of the white flames, those six-edged javelins punctured through the 'Force Wall' discourteously, and like five venomous white serpents, they spearted for their target with unwavering momentum.

"In order to counter your 'Force Wall', I didn't hesitate to redraw my ability five times, and finally drew the rare 'Magic breaker' property! It can penetrate through all magic abilities. Zi! This is my first gift to you, how'd you like it?"

Metals Professor Fu Lynna smiled icily with her pearly white teeth.

Meanwhile, Sable was being utterly shaken by Zi's bearing.

"She's still wielding that crescent dagger and wearing that archaic egyptian robe!!"

"How can that be....."

"How is that possible!!!!"

Sable couldn't believe his own eyes.

He was the only one who understood Zi the most. In her current ordinary state, she mostly employed her 'Force Collision Walls' to supplement aid to her party; for example, smacking beasts or rivals away from certain long-range combatants or etcetera.

The Zi of that state didn't really possess invincible killing might. Only after awakening her 'Dragonforce Bloodline' would she transform into a destructive demoness.

Yet right now....the cruel reality was this - a support mode Zi had actually destroyed a Growth-Hunter!

Sable was presently on the verge of tears, if he knew Zi could exhibit such indomitable might from the start, how would he have dared to be disloyal??

Reflecting on that, Sable couldn't help but shiver; yes, shiver from the fear of an unthinkable future.

At this moment, the wildly dashing Sable suddenly felt a discomfort in his throat. Unable to bear any longer, he started to cough violently as his movement staggered to a slow.

Concurrently, Fu Lyanna's bewitching eyes were brimming with vengeance, ruthlessness and ecstacy. She already calculated that Zi would surely evade the five 'Magic Breaker' javelins, and thus, be incapable of continuing her chanting ability. With that buffer time, Zi would undoubtedly be drawn into the range of her ultimate killer move!

Therefore, Fu Lyanna commenced her activation of two abilities. The first ability came from her dark-gold long robe, an ability called 'Movement Sorcery', and the other, her signature move 'Metallic Corrugation'. In the past, when she was just a Reserve-duty Growth-Hunter, she relied on this ability to eliminate six enemies in one battlefield; of which, were two Reserve-duty Growth-Hunters!

Yet in the next second, Fu Lyanna immediately realized her thinking was flawed!

Zi's long hair fluttered upwards as she gazed in with eyes of mockery. She unexpectedly maintained her chanting posture and allowed the five 'Magic Breaker' javelins to pierce in.

All of a sudden, a green radiance shimmered forth from her mask and gloves. A second later, a massive and abstruse mirage of a tribal mask floated in front of Zi. This was indeed the activation of the 'Massive Ndipaya Augustmask'!!!

Increasing frontal defense by 100% and creating a 60% chance of reducing incoming damage by half!

Moreover, after adorning the Ndipaya set, her physique was enhanced by 13 points. In addition to the level 8 'Asylum' party skill which boosted her HP and MP by 560 points, those five 'Magic Breaker' javelins may be considered a deadly threat to the former Zi, but right now, they were almost insignificant existences!

Of the five incoming javelins, two of them were effortlessly deflected away by Zi's revolving rhombus mana crystals. Of course, the deflection caused those mana crystals to lose a portion of MP but wasn't that much to Zi.

The two other struck past Zi's body and only one struck her directly, before turning into metallic crumbles that fell to the ground. Zi's complexion turned slightly pale.

Although those five 'Magic Breaker' javelins were incredibly deadly, after a series of weakening, the damage dealt to Zi was vastly fell short of her expectation.

Indeed, due to this wrong miscalculation, Zi managed to complete her chant. Her silver crescent that swiftly and mysteriously carved around the air, thereby activating 'Force Suffocation' once again!

The terrifying claws of a Sith demon viciously gripped onto Fu Lyanna's neck. Her face instantly inflated with redness as her spell chanting was delayed.

Zeus's earlier plan was a total failure.

He originally thought that Zi had sufficient reason to deal with Sable first. Yet now, one could tell Zi was obviously planning for a blitzkrieg strategy to deal with Fu Lyanna first!

Zeus's thought process wasn't wrong but he neglected one fact.

Indeed, as much as Sable was exceedingly familiar with Zi, she similarly understood Sable like the back of her palm.

Bear this in mind, a 25% deduction in attributes wasn't merely a theoretical figure but contained an expansive implication as well. It was like a massage parlor in the red light district; when a gorgeous female in a miniskirt calls one in for a 'massage', the word massage actually includes implications such as bodily fluids, fire and ice, money, regulations, ethics, diseases, hospital, pleasure and other phrases along the same lines.

To Zi's knowledge, his attributes plunging by 25% indicated that he could no longer wield at least two of his crucial silver storyline grade equipment. This further implied he was only relying on his vertebrae bone saber, and also implied a deficiency of MP within a short span of time. That implied his explosive might had fallen by minimally 50%.....

Fy Lyanna's eyes were bloodshot as she screamed and charged towards Zi. As she resumed her spell cast, one could watch as the chains around her clinked clamorously, before breaking down into tiny razor blades. The razor blades were the size of fingernails that revolved speedily around her, like a ring around a planet. One could fathom a death by a thousand cuts upon touching Fu Lyanna's ring of razors.

In a flash, three metallic rings circled around the Metals Professor as an incomparably sharp screeching filled the air. Once Zi enters her casting range, she would be assaulted by waves of this 'Metallic Corrugation'.

"The deadliest range of her 'metallic Corrugation' is 25 meters!" Zeus indifferently announced. "Another three meters, and Zi will be in her casting range and be totally suppressed."

"The situation isn't good, ah….*cough* *cough* *cough*." The pale faced Finarsih exclaimed to Zeus. "Haven't you realize that Zi hasn't transformed?"

Zeus frowned and abruptly exclaimed.

"Something's wrong! Why are there so many individuals coughing??"

Finarsih was about to answer but his focus was involuntarily attracted to the battle!

Just three meters from her optimal spot, Fu Lyanna received Zi's most severe retaliation.

Her azure egyptian robe started fluttering turbulently; it was as though a massive gale had just swept past, and the fullness of her figure could be faintly discerned.

She sliced her silver crescent dagger through the air; during this process, obscure letters that emanated cosmic mysteries flew out and whizzed towards Fu Lyanna.

Those were interstellar characters of the Sith Empire of the Star Wars World. Upon nearing the Metals Professor, the characters materialized irregularly into acute thorns!!!

Black acute thorns that exuded a metallic luster!

Witnessing that ability, Zeus's countenance sank as he yelled out.

"How is that possible....that's the next branch ability of her rank 6 ability!! 'Force Starthorns'! How can she suddenly unlock that while battling? Didn't Yuan Zhan mention she poured all the party's resources into him?"

Finarsih frowned and replied.

"We cannot exclude that possibility. I've seen Sable's accepted main mission, its mission difficulty is ridiculously high but so is its reward generous. Perhaps, after accomplishing her mission, she at least acquired 7 achievement points, and....don't forget, she just slew a member of Skull Party! That guy is a Growth-Hunter, with 10 official achievement points, crossing a threshold may not be unattainable."

Whenever a 'Force Starthorn' touches the enemy, a powerful mini-explosion will occur that blows the enemy away.

Amidst the chaos of unending mini-explosion, Fu Lyanna still attempted to charge forward. Alas, cruel reality served her with a mouthful of blood as she was repeatedly pounded back by the mini-explosions!

When she noticed Zi's look of ridicule, like a cat clutching a mouse, she screamed ludicrously and shifted all her metallic razor blades to her back. The blades combined into a incredibly spectacular pair of metallic wings, as the Metals Professor shockingly flew in to take Zi down with her; burning both jade and the common stone!

Yet in this instant, her gloves exuded out a green resplendence and following that, an eccentric and fluffy crow image with bloodshot eyes soared out. In a flash, it penetrated Fu Lyanna's body.

The swiftness of this one attack, could only be described as a bolt of lightning!

'Spirit Marshcrow' ability released.

Simultaneously, that Sith demon claw gripping Fu Lyanna's neck tightened once again!

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 762

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