The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 799

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Sheyan was particularly intrigued by this delirious elf. Yer after pondering briefly, he quickly understood.

As it turns out, this elf had all along been conflicted over his treachery, the painful dishonor nibbling away at his conscience. When the 'Stairway of the Sun' was unleashed, the corrupt nature of the plant flooded out incited his negative emotions. Naturally, such an event then transpired.

Melody's sigh could be heard as the mystic oaken tree Sindalor waved its branches. A thin, light-green radiance developed the elf and rejuvenated his heartache; allowing him to gradually recover from the internal agony.

Melody then issued.

"Obeying me or heeding Sir Glorfindel's command will not be counted as treachery. Alas, there are some conflicts between our ideologies. You can tell him anything about me, but I hope you will keep the appearance of my protector as a secret. In my heart, his safety is paramount. This is my only request as a twilight elf, do you understand?"

Tears covered the elf's face as he abruptly sliced off a portion of his hair, before kneeling and offering it to the oaken tree. This signified utmost subserviency. This was true subserviency, if she were to ask him to act like a dog, he would do it. Ask him to traverse to the treacherous wilderness of the earth, he would do it. Ask him for s.e.x, and he will do it...…

At present, after displaying his 'Pestilence Monarch' ability, this 'protector' was even more mysterious and terrifying to the elves. If they were merely respectful to Sheyan due to Melody prior to this, then right now their respect was utterly genuine!

This originated from the fear of the unknown. Sheyan's ability surpa.s.sed all logic and do could not understand how a human could unleash a nature energy that was so mystifying yet horrifying. Such power.....that could distort their senses!

Furthermore, it seemed as though the elves who experienced the 'Pestilence Monarch' ability had gained a new level of understanding towards nature. Their willpower and mental fort.i.tude seemed to have greatly increased in the realms of elves.

Sheyan then commanded them to leave. After regaining the serenity of their alone time, Melody hastily inquired before he could speak.

"The ability you just displayed, why do I feel such tyranny and frenzy from it? The aura, though weak, seemed to possess its own soul and will grow alongside you. Perhaps, it may devour your soul in the end!"

Sheyan had long contemplated over his 'Pestilence Monarch' ability. This secret and evolvable rank 9 ability was still given only an 'S' evaluation. Therefore, it was confirm that its evolving process would present myriads of obstructions or even some negative effects. Furthermore, the deadly viruses of the latter stages may even require accomplis.h.i.+ng solo missions to proceed.

Sheyan didn't conceal anything regarding Melody's inquiry. He explained the process and method of how he obtained the 'Pestilence Monarch' ability to Melody, and even allowed her to personally witness the virus system within him.

After observing it, Melody swiftly understood and said.

"I got it. The consciousness of that diabolical plant in you hasn't diminished. A fragment of its spirit is still hidden inside and will grow continuously. More importantly, all plants require sunlight but because it cannot obtain sunlight in your body, that plant will gradually present various sorts of negative influences."

Sheyan smiled and replied.

"Since my Melody understands all these, then she surely has a method to resolve this."

When Melody heard him addressing her as 'my Melody', her cheeks blushed slightly and she murmured with a gentle voice.

"Extracting that fragment of soul isn't difficult. After all, us elves possesses a natural disposition in sensing and interacting with nature. Therefore, although you couldn't sense it, I could easily."

"As for the problem of sunlight, that is rather problematic. I only have one way of treating it. That is by using Sin'dorei's curse arts to directly infuse sunlight into your body, thereby attaining the same results as sunlight s.h.i.+ning on the plant. However, that is not a full cure and it will only last for a single month. The plant must interact with sunlight to flourish."

Sheyan smiled faintly and replied.

"That means I do have a way to cure this. As long as you stay beside me forever, then I am cured."

Melody released a gentle snort which sounded adorable and enchanting.

Sheyan enjoyed her intent and suddenly remembered something.

"Oh right. My G.o.d has the ability to scry the path of your world. According to what I know, Elrond and Glorfindel should be obediently staying in Rivendell, and not plot to return to the Undying Lands. Yet the opposite happened, what exactly happened? Do you know?"

Melody answered without hesitation.

"They are anxious to return to the Undying Lands because Lord Elrond may perish soon."

"What?!" Sheyan exclaimed in shock. "How can that be? Although Lord Elrond is a half-elf without immortality, his lifespan shouldn't be so short!"

Melody replied.

"During the days after your departure, Lord Elrond suffered a fatal ambush outside. The ones that ambushed him were also believers of your high-G.o.d. They allied with the Witch-King of Angmar to steal the Vilya. During that battle, they even managed to suppress some of the excellent Vilya's might. Although Lord Elrond managed to withdraw from their a.s.sault, he was gravely wounded and his vitality nearly exhausted. Without returning to the Undying Lands, he can at most live for another five years."

When Sheyan heard that, his heart was filled with waves of shock.

Evidently, the storyline was modified ma.s.sively again. A group of powerful contestants could actually challenge an invincible storyline character like Lord Elrond. Although they failed in the end, based on the fact they could gain the a.s.sistance of the Witch-King of Angmar, they definitely weren't ordinary contestants.

Sheyan swiftly reflected on the contestants he interacted with, yet none of them seemed to possess such power. Therefore, only one logical explanation remained - there was another group of contestants that entered this world. Most likely, those contestants would on the opposing end of their mission.

For example, the realm now requested Sheyan's group to acquire adequate qualifications before a.s.sembling at The Prancing Pony or the dwarven outpost at the outskirts of Angmar. Perhaps, the main mission of the other group would be to slay individuals there or obstruct Sheyan's group!

"If that's the case...…" Sheyan solemnly mused. "We can't afford to spare those dumba.s.sess, I must a.s.semble them! At worst, they can be employed as cannon fodder!"

Melody spoke once again.

"Actually, Glorfindel detests the Undying Lands. He is more interested in remaining in Middle-earth. However, Lord Elrond managed to allure him with the position of Lord of Rivendell and the Ring of Air, Vilya. He succeeded in acquiring the full support of Glorfindel, that explains my present state of misery."

After a brief conversation, Melody was about to exhaust all her magic powers to sustain the spirit link.

At this moment, Sheyan urgently asked an extremely crucial question.

"Do you still have the adamantium and mithril we plundered from the White Wizard Saruman?"

"Ah, yes I do." Melody felt rather awkward upon hearing that.

Sheyan smiled and said.

"You've really matured. You didn't tell others. How much adamantium and mithril do we have left?"

Melody bashfully answered.

" much we obtained then, is how much is left. Don't scold me!! But I did plan to tell some other elves."

Sheyan answered speechlessly.

"Then.....why didn't you?"

Melody answered weakly.

"Because…...uh, someone forgot where she buried it."

Sheyan immediately felt a headache…..coupled with grief and indignation.

"What! How can you forget that?!"

The two conversed until Melody exhausted all her magic power before bidding farewell.

Several notions swam within Sheyan's mind as he turned to face the other elves.

"A twilight elf facing such miserable humiliation, losing all her freedom and authority in Rivendell. Don't you feel ashamed?"

The elves did feel rather ashamed and sat around dejectedly.

Sheyan noticed their expressions and revealed a satisfied countenance. He then issued.

"Very well, as the protector of Melody Sunstrider, I will definitely rescue her from this adversity. This will be an arduous process filled with sacrifices. Nevertheless, I shall advance courageously! My strength alone isn't sufficient to vanquish the shadows around Melody Sunstrider, therefore, can I trust you lot? Will you lend me your strength?"

The elves simultaneously cast reverential gazes at Sheyan. They quickly half-knelt and declared unanimously.

"For the glory of Sin'dorei!"

Sheyan nodded with satisfaction and announced.

"Thus, I shall need your a.s.sistance with some matters...…."

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 799

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