The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 598

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Chapter 598: Bumping against the gun’s muzzle on one’s own acco

When Sheyan caught sight of an old-fashioned and filthy building, like a crane amidst the flock of chickens, he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been afraid this symbolic building from his memories had also been demolished.

The Piggery Roll was a three-storey building. Its outer walls were devoid of ceramic tiles or plaster and were decorated with pure concrete. Of course, the cement had been eroded by the wind, as they were slowly peeled away to reveal motley red bricks behind. The cultural revolution style of its surface could be vaguely identified.

On the worn out door, was a crooked woven basket that was slightly damaged. The words ‘Roll, dry’ were written on it…..while the other words had faded from the winds and the battering rains.

The exterior of the Piggery Roll was bustling with activities. One could observe the stark contrast of a BMW730 and tattered bicycles parked together, like shiny polished leather boots and filthy stained fishermen’s boots placed together on a stool. Occasionally, laughter could be heard, before reddened faces full of vigor would come sauntering out of the place. In response, other queuing customers would stream in.

After queuing for 5 minutes, Sheyan felt as though someone was spying on him, but he saw no one upon glancing around.

Upon entering, he saw a house full of people with heads buried in bowls, as they wheezed its contents. A rich aroma of scallion lingered within the place.

The floor was mushy and released a misconception of stepping on a football turf field. In actual fact, this was due to the reckless littering of used tissues, forming into a thin layer on the ground; alongside bones, chopsticks and other litters. Probably due to their busy schedule, the bosses of this place couldn’t care about the hygiene of the area.

"What’re you having?" A waitress impatiently asked. Sheyan raised his head before the familiar face of the lady boss greeted him.

She was thin and almost all her hair had turned white. Her lips were thin yet stubbornly pursued, while her dressing was simple and plain with an apron wrapped around her. It was washed clean while he cuffs and trousers were folded up. She emanated an astute and capable impression, being exceedingly efficient.

"Oh, I’m here for some dishes." Sheyan scratched his head and answered.

"Wait here." The lady boss practically sounded like a robot, shooting her words rapidly. She then directed her attention to the next person. "What’re you having?"

After approximately half an hour, Sheyan finally received the qualification of proceeding to the upper floor. He sat at a table filled with cold leftovers.

After waiting for 10 minutes, someone finally came and roughly tidied up the table. Sheyan could still notice greasy congealed oil being smeared around into an arc by the cleaning rag. He truly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Following that, nobody attended to him to take his orders. A waiter then carried over a piping hot pot and put it gracefully over a portable kerosene stove, which was combusting with lively blue flames. Peals of white steam emitted from the pot, alongside bubbling sounds and an exceptionally enticing aroma.

Sheyan picked up a tiny bowl and filled half of it with a ladle. The snow-white scallions bobbled back and forth in the maroon colored pig’s blood soup, while beads of oil floated atop the broth. The strong fragrance of onions assailed his nose and seemingly eliminated all traces of cold in him.

Sheyan drank a mouthful. Instantaneously, a chunk of pig’s blood followed the broth and poured into his mouth. As his teeth lightly set into motion, he could feel the lump of tender pig’s blood bouncing about, before disintegrating into many pieces; leisurely supplying added tenderness along the blade of his to

ngue. Within a short minute, this little pot of soup was consumed cleanly by Sheyan, where the pig’s blood was devoured cleanly.

Proceeding from that, was another long wait which was additionally excruciating for individuals with rumbling stomachs. Actually, he only had to wait another ten or so minutes, before two waiters strenuously heaved a large wooden platter over; where vegetables and meats were placed on it.

To Sheyan’s astoundment, the surrounding customers all charged forth ferociously with the speed of Liu Xiang fighting for the world champion.

After snatching plates of ingredients, they took off! Within the twinkling of an eye, even those tiny plates of cole slaw or pickled cabbage weren’t spared.

"What the hell! The waiters don’t serve you here, this place is a bloody food fight!"

Sheyan could finally perceive that within this Piggery Roll, manners and being polite would only cause one to be disadvantaged and famished. Hence, he knew what he had to do.

When the next wave of ingredients arrived, Sheyan no longer bothered about courtesy. Relying on his freakish nightmare realm strength, when the waiters arrived with the platters of ingredients, Sheyan bluntly squeezed in before taking immensely drastic measures. He snatched the entire platter and prepared to take flight.

At this moment, he noticed a vulture in the form of an old man by the side, attempting to cut him off. In view of his respect for the elderly, Sheyan employed a civilized approach with lightning pace – he spat into every corner of the platter. This instantly caused that old man and other bandits to resentfully leave him.

Twenty minutes later, Sheyan finally achieved his five years long wish. He finally treated himself to a sumptuous meal in the Piggery Roll. As mentioned above, every dish in the Piggery Roll was associated with Pig Blood. The three plates of ingredients he had snatched earlier were as follows – Red white beancurd that was cooked with three raw ingredients. The main ingredient was high quality grinded tofu, blended with pig’s spine and brains, and finally pig’s blood. The three ingredients were all tender, slippery, and would melt in one’s mouth.

Next was a cold plate of blood sausage. Filling up the pig’s small intestines with pig’s blood and added with condiments, it would then be boiled thoroughly and sliced. Chewing it unleashed both a sweet yet ice-cold flavor, which slightly resembled a cute ice-cream cone. It was crispy to chew and the pig’s red inside was tender and satisfactory, melting in one’s mouth.

Next was a bowl of pure pig’s blood. This was pig’s blood flushed with boiling water, along with bean sprouts, tender white scallions, radish, chili oil, other hot pot ingredients, and wide vermicelli. Looking down, the broth’s surface was laced with a layer of red oil, which would induce an involuntary sense of spiciness on one’s tongue. For individuals who loved spice, this would be perfect.

With this combination of dishes, Sheyan wolfed down three bowls of rice consecutively. After patting his belly and exhaling in satisfaction, he called the boss for the bill.

Eventually, he received a shocking bill. These three dishes and rice added up short of 20 dollars. Such a price-quality ratio even surpassed that of Volkswagen and Audi, it was no wonder the shop’s front yard was as busy as a marketplace.

After paying his bill, Sheyan strode out of the entrance, where he was welcomed with chilling winds and cold showers. Fortunately, the spicy dishes he had earlier seemingly forced the chill away, it was an exceptionally pleasing sensation.

After advancing several steps, Sheyan abruptly halted.

He could suddenly see a flock of people streaming towards him. Furthermore, amidst the crowd, was that timid guy, Huozi, and Felixis whom he had spared a long time ago*. Although Huozi’s face was flushed with fear and horror, Felixis’s eyes were glistening with venom. When he noticed Sheyan, he immediately pointed towards him and exclaimed!

(TN:*This happened in v2ch35)

"That’s him!!! Bro Fei’s goods are on him!"

Sheyan instantly understood. As it turns out, Fang Cheng Gang was Huashan Fei’s territory. The series of serial murders that he brought about that time, had probably been deemed as a feud between members of the black society. As it caused such a horrific uproar to the public and the higher ups, Siqiao town was demolished.

Nevertheless, Huashan Fei’s energy wasn’t affected. His nest had always been in Fang Cheng Gang. As for his status, he had managed to convert his former illicit drug dealings into a wholesale retailing emporium now.

With his appearance in Fang Cheng Gang, people that recognized him definitely weren’t a few. In addition to this place being Huashan Fei’s territory, the possibility of identifying him was immensely substantial.

More crucially, Sheyan had totally forgotten he was still holding onto a batch of Huashan Fei’s goods. Except to Sheyan who possessed the might of a contestant, he could ignore that batch of money. Yet to an enterprise capitalist like Huashan Fei, that sum would make a tremendous investment capital.

When Sheyan rode his motorbike through the city and even had a meal here, he most likely had drawn in attention already. However, the black society wasn't like the 110 hotline where they could arrive anytime and anywhere. They required a period of time to muster manpower. Seeing that they had gathered such a huge flock of individuals, the time was now ripe.

Sheyan was one who had seemingly experienced a hundred battles. His kill tally definitely surmounted the kill tally of those brats ahead of him. He was no longer than small fry who just entered the realm.

Still, he fled without hesitation upon encountering such a commotion, because he was exceedingly clear that only if need be, he wouldn’t want to cause such a freakish ruckus of ‘one knight resisting thousands’ in the open streets. Incurring the attention of the nation wouldn’t be wise at all.

Evidently, the crowd of thugs had already been notified of Sheyan’s freakish strength by Felixis and Huozi. However, many times, people would only believe their own eyes. To them, Sheyan’s fleeing reaction was normal, and it would be weird if he didn’t run! Hence, they became incomparably excited, as they pursued ferociously while thinking of their Bro Fei’s commendation.

With Sheyan’s current speed, shrugging them off would be overly easy. In spite of that, he had no plans to shrug them off.

Instead, he jogged leisurely and slowly dangled with these unlucky brats. Although Fang Cheng Gang was a bustling city, its areas were still separated into modernized and run-down districts.

After a leisure jog of 1-2 kilometres, he turned into a blind alley filled with old-fashioned and dim streetlights. Then, he turned around and inclined his head down; allowing the tidal wave of thugs to swarm him.

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 598

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