The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 599

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Chapter 599: Rooting out in reverse

Sheyan ceased his footsteps, appearing like a towering dam in the darkness of night, barring his opponents on the spot. With his sudden swing around, the few foremost thugs immediately halted.

They were all drug peddlers or adept swindlers but weren’t bold enough to toy with their own lives. Despite so, some brainless hooligans took the initiative as they pushed through the crowd and charged forth.

Sheyan stooped his waist and picked up a random wall brick stuck in the mud. Without even batting an eyelid or moving his feet, he bluntly smashed the few thugs till blood flowed from their heads.

The most gravely wounded thug lost half of his teeth, and even bit off half of his tongue before that as blood welled up in his mouth. His choking wails sounded muffled and he spoke like he had a lisp.

A long time ago, he had resented himself for being an idiotic fool. At the time, if he had managed to claim this brat Yan’s head, he could’ve received the bounty from Huashan Fei. Yet only now did he discover, he wasn’t unlucky that day but exceedingly fortunate!

The muddy floor was blended with brick fragments and fresh blood. Blood slowly trickled down Sheyan’s fingers and continuously dripped onto the ground. The icy cold showers continued pouring from the sky, rapaciously sucking away all bodily warmth from the humans.

With every gesture, Sheyan struck four, people toppling everywhere. He was as peaceful as chasing away four houseflies. Then, he slowly demanded.

"Where’s Huashan Fei?"

Nobody answered him. 7-8 thugs formed into a fan-shaped encirclement against him, while 4 other thugs were groaning by his feet; having no strength to stand back up.

The human wall before Sheyan abruptly opened up a crevice and allowed two rather lean males to march out. Their legs were dressed in old military camouflage trousers, and even in this alienating downpour at 8 in the night, they were unexpectedly wearing shades.

"Do you think wearing shades makes you look cool?" Sheyan suddenly mocked the two.

Those two thugs disregarded him. But they didn’t expect that Sheyan’s next phrase would be a rampantly provocative vulgarity.

"F**** your mother."

The two thugs then expressionlessly reached towards their feet and pulled out a black, long and incisive knife from their army boots. The audience didn’t require much effort to realize those were specially modified military bayonets!

Back before Huashan Fei monopolized the underground markets of Fang Cheng Gang, those second rate retailers were definitely unwilling for Huashan Fei to rob them of their rice bowls.

As the saying goes, destroying one’s livelihood is akin to killing one’s parents. Thus, an urban blood war inevitably happened.

As for those two thugs, they were retired soldiers sent from Vietnam. During a crucial battle, then wielded those lethal bayonets and slaughtered consecutively, not even sparing those that attempted to flee in a sports car!

During that time, eyewitnesses accounted that though they couldn’t see the outcome of those victims in the car, blood gushed out through every punctured hole in the car. These horrendous scene dyed the streets red, and one could imagine the terrifying capabilities of those bayonets drawing blood.

Only later did those thugs realise these saw-tooth bayonets were truly procured from the military. Stabbing and retracting with these bayonets was easy, but would leave wounds that were tough to stitch. Its blade surface was large and couldn’t be snapped off easily. Moreover, these bayonets were even heavily coated with hard metal.

Hence, this bayonet didn’t emit a shade of stainless steel or normal steel, but a variant of aluminium alloy that was dullish black. Under normal circumstances, n

ot many could survive in the face of those two bayonets. Without needing to stab the heart, any lacerated area could rip apart arteries resulting in widespread loss of blood. Stabbing one’s innards would result in fatal internal hemorrhage, while the chest would cause the flattening of one’s lungs. It wouldn’t take much as well to pierce through one’s skull!

Brandishing their bayonets, the two Viets inched closer. The surface of their bayonets reflecting the dull streetlights; appearing like two vicious snakes slithering in with breakneck pace!

Sheyan’s face was shaded by the darkness, and his lips curled into a distinctive sneer.

"You dare to kill me? Do you not want Huashan Fei’s goods?"

The two Viets had already made their moves. Spearing towards Sheyan like a gust of wind, their vicious nature determined that their first move would be a fatal one.

Yet after hearing Sheyan’s words, their firm hands shuddered slightly! This wasn’t fear but the allure of money. The two military bayonets instantly deviated away from Sheyan’s chest.

Yet hesitating while assaulting Sheyan was practically asking for a death wish. Stretching his hand out, Sheyan easily wedged one of the bayonets between his armpit; while following up with a knee towards the Viet’s chest. 5-6 of the Vietnam thug’s ribs immediately released fracturing cracks and snapped, before piercing into his lungs.

Meanwhile, his body was flung up half a metre high where he coughed out a mouthful of blood; his penetrative gaze turned dim and was now brimming with appall!

Instead, the other Vietnam thug’s bayonet stabbed into Sheyan’s other arm, but unexpectedly felt as though he was stabbing something solid and slippery; directly directing his bayonet to slip to the side! His attack scraped out a trifling cut on Sheyan’s arm. Sheyan didn’t show courtesy in response, as he smashed in with a fist.

Nevertheless, this Vietnamese thug was relatively agile. Of course, it was also because Sheyan was restraining his strength, to avoid any absurd scenario of sending someone flying dozens of metres away with his fist. Hence, that Vietnamese thug managed to shift away his vital spots, but was still struck on the shoulder. That Vietnam thug instantly issued a blood-curdling scream, as he clearly noticed his shoulder blade caving in gruesomely!

Sheyan unhurriedly flicked his hands as he probed around the mud beneath, and finally grabbed the other thug’s bayonet. He then signaled towards the nearest thug with his fingers with a contemptuous hooking gesture.

"Come on!"

That thug felt as though he had suffered tremendous humiliation but he couldn’t stop his legs from shivering. Still, he was no fool and immediately pulled out a kitchen knife, before commanding three underlings beside him.

"Go attack!"

Frankly speaking, that ‘go attack’ command was sounded with defeated morale. Despite that, the three underlings were rash-headed youths who exchanged glances before charging forward with poles/knives. That larger hooligan who was provoked similarly charge forward behind them, with eyes that flashed ominously.

At this moment, Sheyan advanced instead of retreating, as he lunged towards the three underlings with added speed. Before contacting the three underlings, he swiftly bent himself and lowered his center of gravity. Instantly, those three underlings felt as though their target had suddenly vanished.

Despite that, the three underlings swung their poles/knives with great inertia, which pounded heftily against Sheyan’s back! At this instant, for Sheyan to kill them, it would be as easy as snapping his fingers. However, the three underlings looked as if they still possessed the innocence of childhood, and even tiny baby hairs around their mouth were still present. One look and he could tell they were still immature youths. Sheyan subconsciously thought about Sanzi, and reckoned they were not wicked beyond redemption. Thus, he spared them, thinking that today’s experience of bloodshed cruelty would stir them emotionally.

Sheyan effortlessly endured their assaults without sprawling to the ground, then he burst forth with swiftness and pierced through the obstructing underlings. Holding a bayonet, his hand shot forth with lightning speed and thrust it into the chest of their thug boss!

This thrust was practically like poking dofu. The sharp bayonet pierced out from his back without even carrying a trace of blood yet. Instead, the thug boss’s expression turned lifeless. He couldn’t feel a tinge of pain but shifted his trembling hands to caress the bayonet, that was thrust deep into his chest. Sheyan then mercilessly and slowly retracted the bayonet.

The jagged sawtooths of the bayonet hooked inwards from the thug boss’s back, before being pulled out from his chest. The thug boss instantly lost his supporting pillar, as his body slumped cumbersomely to the ground; limpidly slouching against the muddy ground.

Blood and rainwater slowly dyed the turbid mud red.


As the thug boss convulsed on the muddy ground, two words drifted out from his mouth…...perhaps he was cursing at Sheyan with a ‘Damn you’, or perhaps he was calling out for his lover ‘Jenny’, or perhaps calling out for his brother ‘Danny’. But that wasn’t important for his convulsions soon turned into his final breath, and he passed away. Not a single soul, would ever know the true meaning of his final words….

Though Sheyan showed mercy to the youths, he was absolutely ruthless towards the backbone thugs of Huashan Fei! Every thrust of the bayonet resulted into a gruesome bloody hole! Though some may not be fatal, the blood loss still dwindled their vitality.

Ultimately, those thugs weren’t trained soldiers. Once they witnessed Sheyan stabbing down several in nonchalant fashion and feeling the ghastly terrifying aura he exuberated, they knew they had encountered a frenetic cornered beast! Thus, they scattered like the birds and the beasts at once.

Don’t look at the sheer quantity of hooligans, many were here just for the thrill of rowdy jeering. After the few mainstays of Huashan Fei were dispatched of, the rest rapidly disappeared to wherever the winds blew.

As Sheyan observed the fleeing hooligans, he trampled his feet down onto the back of that Viet whose shoulder had caved in. Sheyan then pulled his head and whispered into his ears.

"Where’s Huashan Fei?"

That Viet clenched his teeth tightly as though blood was about to be squeezed out from his gums. He remained resolute in silence and probably had gone through interrogation torture drills before.

Sheyan ignored him and nailed him into the mud with one thrust. Then, he strolled to another survivor.

In the face of a blood dripping bayonet, that anguished and horrified brat confessed everything cleanly, to the extent of revealing that his wife’s buttocks had a hemorrhoid. Therefore, the whereabouts of his boss, Huashan Fei, was also cleanly engraved into Sheyan’s mind.

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 599

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