The Untouchable President Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Although Tang Yixi was only on kindergarten, he can already notice a lot of things. Everytime his mommy picked him up a little later, he keep on hearing children talking proudly about their father. Once, someone asked him, “When will your father pick you up?” Those hurt the little guy’s delicate heart and made his desire for a father stronger.

That’s why, how could Xing Liehan not made him happy? He can now tell the children in his school that he also has a Dad.
In this way, Tang Yixi was taken away by Xing Liehan.

Three black cars drove on the  street and head straight to the most prime location of the city centre.

Tang Siyu stayed at the new home until about 4:10, and she was ready to go downstairs. The house was only a  ten minute walk away from the school and belonged to the best high-end neighborhood around the school.

Tang Siyu thought about taking her son out to eat something at night and imagining how happy the little guy would be after he knew about their new home and new piano.

While thinking about it, Tang Siya saw luxurious cars outside the school. The parent’s who will fetch their children arrived in advance, an in here, Tang Siyu often see the love the parents had on their children. These succesful people, their love for their child, is also strong.

Tang Siyu swiped her card as she entered the school. When she walked to the direction of Tang Yixi’s cla.s.sroom, the headmistress stopped her path.

“Miss Tang, please stay.”

When Tang Siyu recognised teh headmitress she was quite surprised, but she held her cool. “Headmistress, is it that my family’s Xiaoxi did something in the school?”

The headmistress shook her head. “No, actually, there’s something I have to tell you. Your child, Tang Yixi, was picked up by his biological father at around three o’clock”

Tang Siyu was petrified, her brain stopped working for a while. “What? What biological father? My son only had me, his mother. He has no father!”

"What? Miss Tang, don't you know that your son's father is Mr. Xing Liehan.” The headmistress was also surprised.

Although Tang Siyu was very angry, her concern about her son still dominated her mind, but she didn’t know who this Xing Liehan was.

“Where did he took my son?” The headmistress immediately took out the business card that Xing Liehan handed to her. “Mr. Xing told me to hand this to you. I am really sorry. I thought you knew that he is the father of your child.”

Tang Siyu has no time to blame the school. She took the business card and asked the headmistress, “Is his address on this business card?”

“Yes, Mr. Xing wanted you to go to him personally.”

While rus.h.i.+ng out of the school gate, Tang Siyu took a glimpse on the business card. A company name written in gold, Xing Group was printed on it. And there was a string of address written below, but she can’t find a name on it.
d.a.m.n, this man, how can he pick her son without her permission? Tang Siyu almost had a heart attack. She first thought that her son was kidnapped!

Tang Siyu stopped a taxi at the school gate. After the driver saw the business card, the driver immediately sent her there.

Tang Siyu’s nerve was tene all along the duration of the whole drive. After turning on a certain boulevard the driver pointed his finger towards the building in front of them. “Miss, that’s Xing’s Building!”

Tang Siyu immediately looked up into the distance and saw a group of skysc.r.a.pers. The towering buildings that looked like it was touching the clouds is like a boulder connecting the heaven and the earth.

She bowed her head and carefully determined the Xing’s Building on the business card. She nodded. “Yes, that’s it.”

The Untouchable President Chapter 24

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